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Chapter 23

Handicapped Driver

With the afternoon sun starting to hug the towers on Twin Peaks and the gentle breeze touching the bay, the three of them boarded S’s sailboat. It was about seventy-two feet long and gorgeous inside, including a fireplace next to the galley. S had invited Linda, one of his sailing companions, for this dinner trip. He gave his crew the night off except for two who would serve the guest. He felt it would be nice if they captained the boat for this evening cruise. Kyle and Yvonne were busy checking out the boat and the great hors d’oeuvres. The large shrimp were plentiful along with the best tasting caviar. They both just wanted to eat all the goodies and forget about dinner. Kyle continued to tour the boat with YL, being it was new to her, but she was enjoying so much. Kyle had been on the boat before in LA, as S took the helm and motored them out to the bay. Yvonne asked S how long he had been sailing being he looked so good holding on to the wheel. S told her that he grew up on the water, his parents had sailboats as they grew up in the Pacific Northwest. “Come over her Yvonne, I want you to take the wheel and help us get out of this side of the bay.” “Okay I would love to, but don’t let me run into anything,” she said. With a big smile on her face and the wind blowing her blonde hair, she looked great.

“Hey, S, now that you relieved the crew for the night, who is going to get me my TNT?” Yvonne looked right at Kyle.

“I can’t believe you spoke to Mr. S that way, Kyle.”

“I was just kidding. He knows it. Relax, what do you want? I am heading that way.” S, “Yvonne please drop the MR. you make me feel so old.” “I am so sorry; it just is a habit and out of my respect for you. I will try to remember to do so,” YL said smiling. With a smile on S’s face and the late afternoon upon them, they decided not to put up the sails and just enjoy a leisurely ride enjoying their favorite alcohol. Yvonne was in seventh heaven any time she was cruising on the bay and enjoying all the great sights of the city and Alcatraz, and do not forget all the other boats out enjoying an afternoon of winds, sun, and sailing. It took them about an hour and a half to get to the restaurant next to the dock. They all gathered their things and walked over to the restaurant. The patrons were all breaking their necks to see S walking in and going into a private dining room with large windows overlooking the docks and the gorgeous boats. Kyle was pleased because they were serving petrale sole; it was Yvonne’s favorite dish. Kyle would have swordfish, the closest thing to a good steak. The conversation went on for hours with Yvonne asking most of the questions and S being so cordial. The conversation turned to the white candle when Yvonne brought it up in explaining how they met. It was an intriguing conversation the two of them were having. Kyle decided to stay out of it and let Yvonne explain how the white candle exploded at the sound of a name and exploded hot wax to cover the blood-written message on the wall, and after the explosion, the candle was still lit. Nobody could explain what had happened, and all were in awe of the story. Kyle just listened again to a story that was so far out there, but he lived it with her. Kyle looking out the window, “Yvonne can we change the story, it makes me uneasy, I don’t know why but it does. So if you do not mind can we move on?”

Yvonne said, “You know, Kyle, when you talked about the light you saw under the water and then the jet of water that saved you, kind of made me think about the candle, just saying.”

Kyle quickly changed the conversation, thinking of all that had been said, and wanting S to explain more of the workings of the Family to help Yvonne understand. S went ahead and explained his understanding of the Family and how women of lieutenants and captains exist in this man’s world. S explained that most women were very happy being a part of something so inclusive, and they were given most of what they wanted for themselves and their families. They did this so that the women would be happy and not pressure the men to tell them where they were going and when they would be home. The men in the Family answered to the Family and not their wives or lovers. They were also to respect their wives, and any harassment or abuse was not tolerated, any guy caught who disrespected them would have to answer to their immediate supervisor or to Woody in Las Vegas. Yvonne was interested in what S was saying but did not want to seem too anxious being her and Kyle had just started seeing each other. What she was hearing though, if she and Kyle got serious with each other, she could not ask him about where he was going or what he had been up to. She wondered if she could do that in a relationship. It seemed so different from everything she had learned about being with someone and sharing all that they do with each other. She would have to give it a lot of thought if this were going to be their future. Those women who could wrap their head around this type of relationship would enjoy a want-for-nothing existence as they were treated like princesses. The only bad part of it all was when their man wanted anything, including sex, it was to be given immediately, and one better act like one was loving it, and he was the best lover one ever had. If they could do that, then they were golden. As the day turned to dark and the diners with their stomachs full, it was time to make the trip back to the mother ship, Camellia. With S at the helm, they motored out into the bay, and the others enjoyed the view of the Berkeley Hills to the left of them, and the Oakland Bay Bridge in front of them. It was hard to see because there were no lights on it for some reason, but the beautiful city was gleaming on the hill. Now into the deep waters, S yelled at Kyle to come to the bridge.

S said, “Hey, I am in the mood for love. Why don’t you take the wheel and take us home? I will be downstairs in my cabin.” With that, he took off, and Kyle grabbed the wheel, knowing he had not enough experience to do what S wanted him to. It would have been nice if he had asked if Kyle first if he could do it safely. Darkness was now upon them, and Kyle was feeling stressed about his new responsibility of getting them all safely to the dock at the estuary. “Hey Yvonne come on over here and take the wheel, I think you should take us home tonight.” YL knowing it was a joke just laughed and kept on smiling.
was feeling his stress because Kyle was not shy of sharing it. With a tequila and tonic in his left hand, he tried very hard to see whom he was sharing the bay with. It was really dark now. There was no moon or stars to light the way. Clouds had come over the Golden Gate Bridge, bringing rougher seas to navigate through. S seemed to have no stress about the situation that was about to get even worse with the weather changing the way it was. Alcatraz, now on their port side, was even getting hard to see, and Yvonne was holding on to Kyle’s arm, helping him see what was in front of them as they moved through the darkness.

Yvonne said, “This is getting a little scary, Kyle. Should we get S to come up and take over?”

“No, not yet just help me pick out the boats that are in our way. I am contending with the currents and rough water.” About that time, a huge wave hit their starboard side, pushing the vessel hard, as Kyle grabbed the wheel harder. They were now approaching the Oakland Bay Bridge. Kyle thought that was what it was considering there were no lights on it. As he looked hard at the bridge, a huge barge, the size of an aircraft carrier, passed right in front of them, causing Kyle to take a hard right on the wheel. Kyle was genuinely concerned.

“Holy shit, Yvonne, did you see that come out of nowhere? We just about hit her straight on.”

“You better believe it. I saw it but was so scared I could not say anything. My words froze in my mouth.”

Kyle said, “Well, you are a lot of help. Don’t worry, we are just about to go under the bridge, and then it is an easy sail to Camellia.” About that time, S came up from the cabin below and asked how things were going with a smile on his face.

Kyle said, “Well, things are simply fine now. Where were you a few minutes ago when I just about put your boat into the middle of an exceptionally large barge that only had one light in the stern? Things are good now. We are just about to put this baby to bed. I imagine you were consumed in lust down there, being you never checked in with the bridge.”

S said, “I had all the confidence in you so that I could enjoy this beautiful woman who shared my cabin and a few other things.”

“I am glad you enjoyed yourself while Yvonne and I risked our lives sailing back to Camellia.”

“Look at it this way, Kyle. You are now more experienced in sailing. You can use all that new talent on your next excursion,” said S.

Kyle said, “Thank you so much for your undivided attention while you were mastering my skills.”

The joking continued as they put the sailboat to bed and walked over to the limousine.

“Yvonne and I are going to call it a night. I am going to take her to her apartment.”

Mr. S said, “Sounds good, I enjoyed our time tonight. You are such a lovely lady, Yvonne, and I look forward to seeing you again. I am going to camp out on Camellia tonight. Kyle, I will catch up with you later.”

They gave each other hugs, and the limo drove away, headed back to San Francisco and that beautiful apartment overlooking the bay.

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