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Chapter 24


Kyle woke up, overlooking the bay with a hot cup of coffee with some Baileys in it, as he read the San Francisco Chronicle. It was the time of Mayor Diane Feinstein’s administration while they saw a development boom referred to as “Manhattanizing.” Many large skyscrapers were being built -primarily in the Financial District. Along with the skyscrapers, large and tall residential high-rise condominiums. A fight was going on as to who would get the best view when they were done building these buildings that obstructed the famous views. As Kyle kept reading, the City was getting ready for the 1984 Democratic National Convention, during a particularly uneasy populist. The growth of the homelessness was causing a huge problem as they decided how they could hide this large group of down and out people. There was no way they wanted the cameras showing this during a time of electing the next best leader.

It was a breezy morning as he watched the boats taking the wind into their sails. Yvonne came out to the patio where Kyle was sitting and brought him a warm-up for his coffee. What a beautiful woman to wake up to. His driver, who was down below in the parking area, came up to tell Kyle that Woody was on the phone and wanted to talk to him. They both walked back down to the car, and Kyle got into the back seat where the phone was.

“Woody, how are you this beautiful morning, and how can I help you?”

“I am doing fine, thanks, but I can’t see the ocean. Listen, I have another mission for you.”

Kyle said, “I have the time. Where do I need to go?”

“It is right there in San Francisco. We have a county commissioner who is also a land developer and has been in the news lately because he developed subpar housing, and because of that, he has had tenants go to the hospital so far, and one died due to his shoddy wiring, electrocuted the fella. Well, he is now sponsoring legislation that would allow him to develop in the earthquake zone, putting so many families at risk. We want you to pay him a visit and convince him to drop the legislation and resign his position. My office will contact you with all the details. As usual and what we have started to expect from you, do a professional, clean job. It is always appreciated.”

Kyle said, “I am glad you have been happy with my work. This sounds like something right down my pike. I will let you know when I wrap it up, and let you know the results.”

“Thanks, Kyle, I look forward to hearing back from you.” It was time to wrap it up with Yvonne. They both needed to get to work. It was a great weekend, and both of them left feeling a little closer, and the tug on the heart just got a little stronger. The research had been done, and Kyle found that the commissioner had a place near Coit Tower, overlooking the piers. It was time to put a plan together, and how could he, with the power he has, change this man’s mind? What would make him cave in totally? He decided to head over to the Cannery and have one of his favorites while he pondered his next job. Sitting outside the commissioner’s house early Tuesday morning, Kyle waited for him to leave, enjoying a great cup of coffee and a pastry. The wait was not very long, with the commissioner backing out of his garage. One knew he was important. He had a garage, Kyle thought. With camera in hand, he went up to the front window to spy in on his wife who was wearing pink slippers with white ears, a T-shirt with a picture of the family on it. That makes it easy, though Kyle. He headed outside to the side yard and in the flower patch where he could look into the dining room window to see his daughter and her terrier dog playing together and noticed her baby-blue shirt with silver sequins on it. That should be enough, Kyle thought as he headed back to his limo. Having all his ammunition in hand, he headed to the county courthouse where this gentleman had an office. Kyle waited outside of his office, waiting for his secretary to come out and to make sure that there was not anyone else in there. It took a while for her to come out. Kyle was happy though. It gave him a chance to catch up on his local news with the San Francisco Chronicle lying next to him on the coffee table.

When the lovely lady appeared, she asked Kyle, “Oh, I did not know you were out here. How can I help you?”

Kyle said, “No, I have a meeting with the commissioner,” getting up out of his chair.

“Well, that must be a mistake. He does not have any meetings scheduled.” Kyle headed to his door.

“This meeting, I guess he did not tell you about. Why don’t you hold his calls and his coffee? Thank you.” Kyle went right past her and into his office, closing the doors behind him. The commissioner saw Kyle approach his desk, and he got out of his chair with his hands on his hips.

“Who the hell are you, and why did you just walk in here?” Kyle smiled.

“Let’s do the first question first. My name is of no concern to you, and the answer to the second question, I am here to convince you to cancel the vote on allowing new substandard developments in earthquake zones in the city.”

“I am going to ask you one more time what your name is, and then I am calling security.”

“Why don’t you take a seat first and put the phone down, and I will explain my need to be here with you at this time.” The commissioner, a large man, looked at Kyle in the eyes as he was putting the phone down. Kyle was always in control.

“You see, Commissioner, you have pushed some people the wrong way, and we have to fix that. The way we fix that is to have you stop the vote. Quiet, I am talking. Perhaps my card will help.” Kyle handed his card to him.

The commissioner took a look at it and then threw it on his desk. “You think that this little card will make me change my mind?”

“No, well, yes, for some people, but that is a different story. In your situation, I think there needs to be more. I was fortunate to be able to have a cup of coffee outside your house this morning. Your view is to die for.” The commissioner was getting very upset.

“What the hell are you doing around my house? If you mess with my family—”

“You’ll do what? Shut up and listen. I am trying to talk about your wife and how cute I thought her pink slippers were and especially with the white ears, and you are taking all the fun out of it. Fun, now that is what your daughter was having with her terrier. We can do this the easy way or the way you and I don’t want to, you see,” Kyle said, now getting his mean look on.

“You messed up and pissed off some very bad people. By showing you those pictures should point to this as a very serious situation. Let me make it clearer. You do as I say from here on out, or you will not see your family again. Now you take my card and those pictures, and hopefully, you will see it my way. Now, what is more important? Your family or the silly vote? Commissioner, I forgot to give you one more picture. Here, this is the guys waiting for my call outside your house. So do I make the call, or do you? You are not looking so good, Commissioner.”

The big man, now sweat on his brow, was staring at the card when Kyle took it from him.

“What will it be? Tear up this card, and your family disappears, or you will pick up the phone now and cancel the vote. The clock is ticking.” The commissioner looked at Kyle, knowing he had lost this one, picked up the phone, and made the call that ended the vote. He picked up his briefcase and walked out of the office. He later resigned from his position. Kyle, now outside the office, called his guy at the house.

“This is Kyle. Go ahead and pay the two homeless guys, and thank them for helping us out,” Kyle said, heading down the escalator with a big smile on his face. Mission accomplished. Kyle was happy to be able to solve the commissioner problem and needed to check in with Woody and give him the information and results.

From back in the limo, Kyle dialed up Woody. “Hi, boss, the job with the commissioner has been handled, and he has seen it our way and has canceled the vote.”

Woody said, “That is amazing. You are really impressing me, Kyle. These jobs usually take weeks to close, and you have been doing it in a matter of days. You are going to have to hang there in the city. I did not expect you to be available so soon. I will be back in touch. Have a good time. You have earned it.”

“Thanks, Woody. I will wait to hear from you. Take care.”

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