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Chapter 26

Upside Down

They all left Kyle’s room genuinely concerned about him and how this could have happened. Yvonne was on the phone with her office, and in the corner were S and the driver in a serious discussion.

Mr. S said, “We need to get to the bottom of how and who did this. I do not want Woody to hear about this. He would go crazy with an army of men ready to do some serious damage. The best way to handle it with Woody is to handle the problem before you tell him about the problem.”

Driver looked out the window. “Well, I think that we have a good lead with the commissioner. There is no other person that I know of who would try to kill Kyle. I also think that you should not get any more involved being the press will get a hold of this. They seem to know everything you do.”

“I would have to agree with you. Do you know who to get to help you? I don’t want you to do this by yourself, and I don’t think Kyle would either.”

“Yes, I do have someone who has worked with us before and can be totally trusted. We will have to pay him though.”

“Not a problem, I will handle it. You just tell me how much.”

“I will. Let me set up a meeting this afternoon, and I will be in touch with you afterward.”

“Sounds good. Let us get on this right away and determine if the commissioner was the one involved, or if not, then who?”

Yvonne walked up to the two men, and their discussion came to an end. “Don’t let me stop you boys from planning whatever you are planning.”

“It’s okay. We are done. How about I take you to lunch?” Mr. S said

“I would love that. I am so worried about Kyle.”

“I know, and we all are.” Driver wasted no time in setting a meeting up with Stan Walker, whom he had worked together on projects. Stan agreed to work with Driver, and they discussed a plan, but it would be based on getting the truth from the commissioner. About the time they were talking about when to do this, Driver got a call from S.

“Hey, can you get back to the hospital? Kyle is awake, and he wants to talk to you.”

“Sure, not a problem. Be there in twenty.” Driver wrapped up his meeting, and they agreed to meet again after seeing Kyle. Kyle had a lot of sleep and was not drugged with meds, so he wanted to know what was going on with this boulder coming through his window. Driver walked through the hospital door as Kyle was getting ready to have this discussion. When Driver came into Kyle’s room, they were the only two in the room, and that was what Kyle wanted.

“Shut the door please, and thanks for coming back to talk with me,” Kyle said as he sat up in his bed. Driver sat next to the bed.

“How are you feeling? Are you getting better?”

“Yes, I am, thanks for asking. I have some internal injuries, and as soon as they are better, I will get out of here.”

“Good news. What did you want to discuss this morning?”

“I have been lying here, trying to think who would want me dead and who would know that I was going to go through the tunnel at that time. The only one I can think of would be the commissioner whom I just met. So here is what I want you to do for me. Pick him up outside his office or home and take him to the tunnel. I want you to ask him if he did this and stay with it until he confesses. Then here is what I want you to do.” Kyle instructed him

Driver got his orders and met up with his associate Stan and started to put their plan into action. They had staked out the Comish’s house as he had quit his job with the county. Behind his house near Coit Tower was an alley, so they waited for him to drive into his garage where they were going to grab him with a bag over his head and a 9-millimeter in his side. After a little investigative work, it was determined that he would be home around two thirty that afternoon, and it would be a good time to grab him. Driver waited in the limo with the back door open, and Stan hid in the garage, waiting to pick up the package. As predetermined, the Comish pulled up at the exact time, got out of his car, and Stan was right there, with a gun to his side.

Stan said, “Now take it easy, and all will be okay. I am going to put this bag over your head, and if you do not do anything silly, my gun will go back in its holster. Got it? Slow down, dog. Don’t make me use it.”

“Okay, okay, what do you want?”

“Just follow me. There is a car in the alley waiting for us.” Stan put him in the back seat as Driver pulled out of the alley. “Leave the bag on his head until we get there.”

“Get where?”

“You shut up. We will tell you what we want you to know.” Driver proceeded to go back to the Sausalito tunnel and park where he had before when he first came up there to see if there was any evidence of anyone being up there.

“Okay, Stan, I will get the pulleys out of the trunk, grab him, and let’s see what he knows.”

“Sure thing, leave the bag on?”

“Where are you taking me?” Stan pushed the pistol into his side again.

“All you do is what I tell you. Now get out of the car and follow me up the hill, or we can leave you right here.”

Driver from the back of the car said, “Yes, leave the bag on, and I will meet you up there.” The three of them walked up the left side of the tunnel. A slight path seemed to be visible. At the top, Stan and Driver looked down to see all the traffic going by.

“Go ahead and take the bag off his head. I want him to see all the traffic moving by so fast down below.” Stan did as he was told.

The Comish said, “What the fuck are we doing up here?”

Driver replied, “Well, we were going to ask you that question. Do you know of any reason we should be up here? And let me warn you, you might not want to lie to me, and that is a stern warning you need to heed, if you know what is good for you. Stan, give me the gun and get the pulley system on the ground and let’s get that set up.”

“Sure, thing, boss.” The Comish, a large man, looked around at all that was going on and saw all the traffic below.

“What is it you want from me? Damn it!”

“What’s the matter? Are you getting scared? Stan, do you have the pulleys up yet?”

“Just finishing them, not sure it can hold his weight though.”

The Comish looked up at Stan with these big eyes. “Okay, you guys are scaring the hell out of me. Tell me what you want. I want to get out of here please.”

“Well, it is like this,” Driver said.

“You, or someone you ordered, threw a boulder off this very spot onto my limousine with my boss in it, and now you must pay, or tell us the true story and all those involved.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. You have the wrong guy. I swear it, I’ve never even met you.”

“Well, Comish, I am not in the mood for games, so here is what is going to happen. Stan is going to tie your hands behind your back, and we are also going to tie your legs together. Then, my friend, we are going to lower you headfirst into the tunnel; that one down there, got it?”

“You are fucking crazy. Do you know who I am?”

Driver and Stan both started cracking up. “Listen, you fucking idiot, do you know who we are?” Stan retorted.

“Listen, Stan, let’s get going. He wants to be an asshole. Let’s let him be an upside-down asshole.” Stan tied his legs and hands and then asked, “Should I put the bag back on him?”

Driver said, “Yes, let us do that so he cannot see what is coming to hit him. Also gag him but wait first. Dickhead, you ready to tell me who threw the boulder off this cliff?”

“Fuck you, guys.”

“Okay, let us do this. Gag him, and then let’s lower him down.” With hands and legs tied, the two men lowered this poor bastard over the cliff so that he was hanging headfirst. “Be careful, Stan. Let’s not kill him yet. We have to have some fun first.” The Comish was hanging as to not interfere with the vehicles passing underneath, and they kept lowering him so that he could hear and feel the air as the cars and trucks flew by.

“Okay, Stan, let’s bring him up and see what he has to say. Hopefully, he will be very talkative.” Both of them pulled up the ropes. He was heavy, and both of them had to get involved to do it. Once on top, they took the bag off his face and his gag off.

“Holy shit, what happened to you?” Driver asked. The Comish looked like death ran over him, so pale even though he was upside down, eyes large, like he had the hell scared out of him.

“Okay, let us try this again. Did you or someone you ordered throw the boulder off the cliff?”

“Yes, I did it. I am so sorry. Please believe me, please. I have a family. I promise to never do anything like that again. Really, really, I am sorry.”

“That is enough. If you only would have told us earlier, we could have not had to go through all this. So now, you have confessed to doing the deed and just about killing my boss, but I still have a problem though.”

“I told you what you wanted to know. Just please let me go.” He pleaded

Driver looked at Stan. “You see, someone had to tell you that my limo was leaving Scoma’s so that you would be ready to do your deed and try to kill my boss. So, you see, I need some more information from you. Who called you from the restaurant? Tell me now.”

“I said I have already told you everything.”

“Damn, this is a stubborn son of a bitch. Okay, let us do it differently this time. We are going to let him see the cars and big trucks coming at him as we lower him up and down.” They grabbed the ropes and lowered him down again. Driver held the rope and had a big smile on his face.

“Well, how is it down there? Do you see the cars and trucks? Well, maybe we can help you and lower you a little closer. Down, Stan. Wouldn’t it be funny if a truck took his head off, and all we do is pull up a body and no head? That’s funny.”

The Comish was dangling and floundering like a fish out of water and, of course, yelling his ass off as the vehicles sped by.

Stan said, “Look, Driver, he is giving the cars a car wash.” Driver looked down to see what Stan was talking about, and the Comish had peed his pants, and it was trickling down on the traffic. Driver still watched him.

“Okay, down some more, and then pull it up quickly when I say so.” He watched carefully so that he did not get a headless body.

“Okay, now pull him up.” As Stan did that, Driver watched a truck just misses the hands and head of their guest.

“Okay, Stan, bring him up. I am sure he is ready to tell all we want to know. Have you ever seen a grown man cry and weep, totally spent? Take the bag off. Comish, that was awful, wasn’t it? I am sure you don’t want to do that again, do you?”

“No, no, I don’t. Please untie me, and I will tell you what you want to know.”

“Stan, go ahead and untie him. I think we have him.” They untied the Comish with his pants stained in piss, and his cheeks were red from crying, and they put him in the limo. He could hardly walk; he was so shaking up.

“Now that you are safe and sound, tell me who at the restaurant told you I was leaving in the limo?” The Comish, totally beaten as a man, said, “It was one of the busboys. I paid him to call me when your party left the restaurant. What are you going to do to him? Please don’t hurt him.”

“Give me the name of the lad. I need to pay him a visit. Now, Comish, what I do to him is none of your business. What is your business? We will drop you off, and you will never speak about this to anyone. I mean anyone, you got it. If you do, you will think what just happened to you was like a walk in the park, do you believe?”

“Yes, I believe, please let me go, please. I won’t say anything.” Driver took the limo back to the hospital after they dropped the Comish off.

“Okay, get out here. It has been fun, and if you want more of this fun, do not be a believer, and we will be back. Do you believe? Tell me, Comish, do you believe?”

“Yes, yes, I am a believer,” he said as he started crying.

“Okay, Stan, let him out.” Now, they moved down the highway to the hospital.

“Driver, that was crazy. Who came up with this punishment to get to the truth? It was unbelievable,” Stan said.

“When I went back to the hospital and met with Kyle, he is the one who came up with this plan. It was insane, wasn’t it?”

“Insane, yes, it was. What a great plan. I do not know if I could have ever thought of that. I guess that is why he is your boss. My hat is off to him.”

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