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Chapter 28

Russians on Russian Hill

It had been about a week now since Kyle was discharged from the hospital and was feeling rather good. They all seemed to think that he was pretty lucky not to have had more serious problems. He was looking forward to meeting up with YL later that afternoon. They were going to have a light dinner in the Marina District at Perry’s and then go to her place for some cocktails and quiet time. He was looking forward to some downtime, not counting the hospital. Just spending time loving Yvonne sounded like all he wanted to do. However, Woody had another idea. He called Kyle and explained that there were some problems with some Russians who owned a large apartment complex on Russian Hill. Kyle thought with a smile that maybe the Russians thought the only place they could live was Russian Hill. Woody had been contacted by NY, and one of the executives had a sister living in this complex, and there had been some weird things going on, and he wanted it investigated before she got hurt or anyone else.

“Now remember, Kyle, discretion is the law here. Don’t do anything that would cause the cops to respond.”

Kyle said, “Always understood, Woody. Let me look into it and get some idea of what is going on and then let you know so you can report back to NY.”

“Thanks, so far you have made it easy working with you. How are you doing today? Those internal problems getting better?”

“Yeah, but still sore and still having headaches.”

“Well, don’t do anything until you feel up to it. I will wait to hear from you.”

“Sounds good, I am going to crash at Yvonne’s tonight. I want to just curl up and be loved. That is what sounds good to me. I will then probably go back to the boat if that is alright with you?”

Woody said, “Kyle, you are certainly welcome to stay there, but if you want something nicer, check into the Mark Hopkins or Ritz-Carlton.”

“Your generosity is noted.” Driver had dropped Kyle and Yvonne off in front of Perry’s and drove around to find a place to park and wait for them to need a ride back to her place. Kyle walked in the door and looked down at the bar.

“Why don’t we move over there to the bar, in the corner by the window?”

“That sounds fine. We can watch all the people going by.” Perry’s was crowded as usual. That was why Kyle had Driver get them there a little earlier so they could enjoy a good drink, good food, and of course, good conversation. There were tables in the back of the restaurant, but the bar looked good that day. Kyle had started to become aware of maybe some people not liking him in the future if the Comish had been an example of what could happen. However, the thought of his people having his back made him feel safer as he looked out the bar window and saw Driver parked across the street, watching out for him and Yvonne. The conversation at the bar was great and gave Kyle more time to get to know Yvonne. Driver picked them up after a few drinks and some light dinner and drove them up the hill to Yvonne’s apartment. Kyle did not know why he was so tired after lying in a hospital bed for days, but he only wanted to curl up with YL on the couch and enjoy the view of the city, shutting down for another day. A lot had to be said for peace, Kyle thought as he woke up to the quiet of the house and a beautiful lady lying next to him. The only other thing he wanted was his cup of coffee. He found a robe in her closet, wondering whose it might be, as he put it on and headed to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. What a nice place she had, he thought, as he looked out the big kitchen window, showing a part of the bay and the Berkeley Hills. He fumbled around, trying to be quiet, not knowing her kitchen until he found the coffee. Sitting next to the coffee pot was a bottle of Baileys, a fine addition to a hot cup of coffee. He poured himself one and sat down at the kitchen table, again with a view. He was starting to really like her place. The sun was shining with a blue sky and no clouds this morning. It was so beautiful. He thought about giving Driver the day off, and he and Yvonne could walk down to Union Street for some lunch and shopping. Kyle thought they could just walk down Broderick Street to Union, and then, it was all there. It was not long until Yvonne came out to the kitchen with a big smile on her face as she leaned over to kiss Kyle.

Kyle said with a smile, “I made some coffee. It took a while, but I found where you keep most of the things. I must share with you that I am really enjoying your place, feeling very peaceful, and I can tell you that it is a good feeling. Believe me, I know.”

“I am glad, Kyle. It seems like your life has been changing every day. That must be crazy.”

“I don’t even want to stop and think about it. It would probably give me a heart attack to relive it all again. I thought that we could, later this morning, take a walk down to Union Street for some lunch, and then we could do some shopping, maybe a cocktail or two.”

“I would love that. It looks like a beautiful day.”

“It does. I was going to give Driver the day off. He has been with me from the beginning. I’m sure he could use a break.”

“Does he have a family around here? I really don’t know much about him.”

“I know what you mean. There has been so much going on with me, I have not spent much downtime with him. I am sure he will find something to do with his time today.”

After some coffee and good talk, Yvonne went to take a shower before they left for a late breakfast. Kyle looked for her keys to her place and then took the key off and put it under her mat outside her front door. He gave Driver a call and let him know that he had the morning off, and he would need him to let some folks in YL’s house later this afternoon. The keys would be under the mat. When they were all dressed and ready, the two of them ventured out into the city. As they walked down the hill, the sight of the Palace of Fine Arts was gorgeous with the sun bouncing off the dome roof. To the left, the Presidio was sprawled out for miles as it emptied its green hills into the bay. They walked along Union Street for a while, looking at the shops and the people who were out to enjoy this sunny day. With some shopping bags from several stores, they both decided to go to Buena Vista for a late breakfast. Kyle hailed them a cab and down Lombard Street, they went. It was crowded as usual. The bar was packed with patrons with white mustaches, sipping down the Irish whiskeys with cream, which made them all look like Santa with the mustaches. Kyle found them a seat next to a couple from Wisconsin. Everybody spoke to everyone as they also watched the barkeep line up ten empty glasses to make some more Irish coffee. He put a cube of sugar in each one, filled them three-fourths full of coffee, and passed a bottle of Jameson’s Irish whiskey over each until just about filled. He then topped them off with rich cream, and there you have it, the famous Buena Vista Irish coffee. A gorgeous day full of sunshine and a great cup of coffee to wash down a plate of eggs Benedict, country potatoes, and sourdough bread, what more would the two of them want? Maybe a level walks home, but that was not going to happen. The walk was serious uphill, thus the great views, but they were both feeling it in their legs as they reached her street.

When they got close, Yvonne saw someone on her porch. “Kyle, do you see someone at my house, or is it just me?”

“Let’s get closer, and then we can have a better judgment. I would not worry about it.”

“I don’t know what to worry about or not lately. I sure was not worrying about our dinner at Scoma’s the other night, and then look at what happened.”

“That was a fluke. Look, it is Driver. Told you nothing to worry about.”

“Oh no, does he have bad news for you or something?”

“I don’t think so. Let’s find out. Driver, what is going on? You have Yvonne worried something is wrong.” Driver handed the keys to her apartment to Kyle.

“On the contrary, you both have a good time and relax while enjoying the massages.”

“Massages, what is he talking about?”

“Take a look inside your front room. They are all set up for us.”

“What, you did this while we were out? That is why Driver was here, wasn’t it? Kyle, you are sneaky, in a good way.” They both fell into their massage tables and let the two masseurs rub all their sore muscles into relaxation, as they look over the bay on this pretty day.

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