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Chapter 31

Time to Get Serious

The morning sunshine was so warm and inviting, great to be sitting on the deck for a meeting. The ship steward approached Kyle.

“Would you like more coffee, Mr. Stone?”

“I think I have had enough coffee, Jimmy. Could you bring me one of your spicy Bloody Mary’s? Also, I will be expecting Driver. Have him come up and out here.”

There was an area that was set up on the bow of the ship. It had tables and chairs under a cover with a bamboo rug, good enough to relax under or have a meeting. Being the ship was an old one did not bother anyone because the service was five stars, and that was what really mattered, Kyle thought as he waited for Driver.

“Sir, Driver is here. Should I send him over?”

“Yes, Jimmy, could be the reason I told you he was coming,” Kyle said, smiling.

Kyle was in a good mood and looking forward to an extended stay in the city. “Good morning, Mr. Stone. Had a good night’s sleep?”

“Yes, Driver, and good morning to you. Do you want Jimmy to bring you anything?”

“I already took care of it. I am all yours.” Kyle took a sip of his Bloody Mary.

“There seems to be trouble in a complex on Russian Hill. One of our execs has a family member; I do not think it is his sister or mother, probably more like his aunt. I can check my notes, but it does not matter. The problem is there is a problem over there.”

“Do we know who is causing it or what it is?”

“Yes, it seems that there are two Russian brothers who own the complex, and they are treating everyone with disdain and contempt. If anyone complains about a problem with their unit, they will send the super over, and I guess he will disrespect the tenant and make them sorry that they had complained.”

“Okay, there are some rotten attitudes on Russian Hill then.”

“Yes, there is, but that is not all. A couple of them have disappeared, I am being told, possibly foul play. Anyway, I am being asked to look into it and report back with the problem and the fix. That is where you come in. I want you to go over there and snoop around. Be discreet as usual, but get me how many live there, how many total units in the building, and get me the layout of the building also. See if you can find the original plans. Also, see if there is any chatter among the residents about something that is not right.”

“I will go over there today and start putting together a report for you.”

“Yes, thanks, remember, we have no idea what is wrong. Do not rule out anything. Get a hold of me when you have it all. I will then initiate a plan to take care of those involved.” Yvonne was busy at work after a great weekend with Kyle, who she was starting to really like. She was not sure about his job ever since they had their little talk. Yvonne was in her condo on the couch, in a conversation with Kyle.

“It is apparent that we are starting to like each other. Is that right, or am I being too presumptuous?” Kyle asked.

“No, I don’t think you are. Why are you asking?”

“Well, it is not a secret that I now have a new job, and this one is a little different, to say the least.” Yvonne listened carefully.

“Let us address the elephant in the room. I will not be able to confirm my whereabouts or when I get back or when I leave anywhere. Knowing this going in, and if you still want to see me, I do not want to be questioned. It will be a given that I will see you when I see you, not to put it too strictly.”

Yvonne said, “Kyle, I understand what you are saying. I have already dealt with this in my mind, and yes, I still want to see you.” Kyle with a smile on his face opened up his arms for a big hug and kiss. Yvonne had to move her new office, after taking over for Kyle while he had to smooth things out with his new employer, after the fire and David leaving in such a dramatic way. She set up shop just west of Lombard Street on Francisco Street, near the Marina District. She had a nice view of the bay and the large park out of her office window. The office was a little pricey, but Kyle said okay. They were making so much money before all this trouble started to take place. Kyle said she would not even believe the attorney’s fees he had to pay. Yvonne spent her days supporting the staff that was still there, keeping up on the business relationships, taking care of customers, and selling to new customers. She was a very busy person, and she loved it. Especially with Kyle’s new job, it was good now that he was in the city working, but that was not going to be the case in the future. She thought she would deal with all that later. Besides her business keeping her busy, she had her girlfriends, all professional women that had stayed in contact with each other through the years. And that is what makes for good friends, Yvonne thought. One of her friends was her roommate before getting her place. She never had her place. She needed roommates to help with the rent. This time, because of the money Kyle was paying her, she could afford her own place and she liked it. She knew Kyle had no choice. What would he do with his business if it were not for her? And it was a great opportunity for a young single woman. YL had dated quite a few men before dating Kyle, and she often thought if she wanted to date someone else in addition to Kyle, but she felt that she was pretty busy with work and did not feel a need to go out with anyone else for the time being. She and her girlfriends had talked about the whole dating idea and it was agreed to that not all guys were good dates and sometimes a complete waste of time. How much time do you want to spend chasing someone who would make you happy and checks all the boxes, and how many do you have to go through to find the right one? Kyle was safe for the time being, but if one does not treat her right, she was way too pretty to sit on the sidelines.

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