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Chapter 32

The Russians Did It

Kyle had been on the boat for a day while he caught up on some expense reports he needed to get in. They had been so good to him; he did not want them to think he was taking any type of advantage of them. After all, they were the Family. He had talked with Driver, and he was on his way over this morning with the information Kyle had asked for.

“Jimmy, Driver is on the way over to meet with me. Allow him to board, and then send him up here.”

Kyle was sitting on the bow of the boat where he was set up for having meetings. He liked having meetings here because he had the five-star crew of the vessel to serve whatever the guest would want. A nice touch.

“Good morning, Driver. Have a seat. How are you today?”

“Just fine, Kyle. The weather is great today. It is beautiful up here.”

“It is. I never get tired of the view, plus, it is always changing. How good is that?” Jimmy approached.

“Another one for you, Mr. Stone?” Kyle nodded.

“And you, Mr. Driver?”

“Jimmy, I would like a vanilla latte, thank you. I have what you asked for. I must say they are not nice people. They have everyone scared to death. It seems they manage by fear, and if you say something, you might not be there the next day.” Kyle sipped on his coffee.

“That bad, huh?”

“Well, that is not the worst. It seems, Kyle, that these guys, three of them, are from Russia, and they are arms dealers working out of that apartment building as a front for the gun-running business.”

“Well, that is worse than stealing from a lemonade stand now, isn’t it?” Kyle joked.

“I thought that they were going to be some mean bastards from my conversation with Woody. It will take some doing, but I think it is necessary to bring some big-time fear into their world, give them a little bit of their own medicine. I am hoping that this will change their mind about owning this apartment building, knowing that someone knows what they are really doing. Maybe they will go back to Russia. Either way, we will have solved the problem. I want you to give this envelope to Stan. We might want to use him again, and you have already been taken care of.”

“Yes, I have. Thank you.” Kyle and Driver spent time going over Kyle’s plan, taking care of the details, never wanting something to go wrong because of sloppy work.

Kyle always said, “Okay, Driver, we are going to start with one incident. It will be followed by one more and then the last time. This should do it, but if not, we will reevaluate the situation.”

“Sounds good. What will be the first event for them?”

“I want you to watch them and find out which of the cars belong to them. Get some help, and then I want you to set it up so that we blow up one of their cars, only after we slip them a written message to stop dealing in fear with the tenants, or fear will be on their back door. I want you to wait ten minutes from the time they read the note and then blow up one of the cars. Make sure they can see it.”

Driver had his notepad out. “What about the second incident? When do we do that?”

“It will probably be right after; I mean the next day. We will hit them again. This time, I want you to set the car up so that when the key is turned, there will be an explosion in the car, and that will consist of smoke mainly and a loud sound. I want them to think that the car is blowing up after starting it, but not this time, only smoke.”

“Got it, boss. When do you want me to start?”

“Get on it now. It will take you time to get the supplies you will need.” Kyle was beginning to like his lieutenant status. It was just like in the army, commanding men to complete a mission, and especially this job, which came with all the perks. Driver was busy getting all the necessary tools to complete this mission and also hooking up with Stan. He had an envelope for him, and they needed to go over all the details and execution. It was necessary to scout them out first, see what habits they had about the cars they use. Was there a certain time any one of them leaves? Driver sat down with Stan at the Washington Bar and Grill at Washington Square.

“It is important, Stan, that they see the car explosion. Kyle wants it to go off five minutes after the note is read. That is something else we need to make sure of, that they read the note.”

Stan with a large beer in his hand said, “It seems this job has a lot to do with timing. I totally understand, Driver. Let us get going, and when you see Kyle, tell him thanks, and I appreciate his generosity.”

The two sat for a while longer, putting all the finishing touches on the job, and then left the Washbag to finish up getting the supplies. It took three days for Driver and Stan to come up with a schedule that they could use for the bombing. They decided to call the Russians—Russian #1, and #2, and #3—for the sake of simplicity.

Driver said, “Boss, Russian #2 left the apartments at eight forty-five on each of the three days we watched and always took the same car. That makes it easier.”

Kyle said with a serious expression, “That will work for the first bombing to take place. You will have to do the very same for the second bombing, but no C-4, and you will wait again till morning but still dark. But on this first bombing, place the C-4 in the car, and use only enough to do the job. Don’t blow up any other cars nor Russian #2.”

“Don’t worry, boss. We will be careful, but the hard part is the timing of the note being read and the bombing, but we can do it. I will let you know when it is done.”

“Thanks, Driver, I await your call.” Kyle blessed it, and the boys went to work. It would all go down tomorrow morning. Making sure that the note was read before the bombing was the tricky part, but they said they had it handled. Kyle was fine with that. He always believed that if you give someone a job to do, let them do it, and then you can criticize if necessary, or praise is also good.

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