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Chapter 33

Wolfgang Puck’s

Kyle was still staying on the boat. The comforts were incredible, and the chef was out of this world with his cuisine. He had not contacted Yvonne. He did not like to mix pleasure with business, and especially when he was new and being watched. Right now, he had a job to do, and doing it well was the only way. Kyle received a phone call from Yvonne. He could not take it. He was in the middle of dealing with some gun-running Russians. She would understand. He felt that she got this gig and would be able to deal with it. As he waited, he spoke with his children to see if they were all right and if they needed anything. One would never know with the mother they had what could take place at any time. Kyle just hoped that she did not do anything stupid as she had in the past, not now that he was with the Family. They do not play. She better keep it real. A quiet night went by, and Kyle was up early as now was the time to execute the first bombing. He would not get involved, but he would be ready for anything that came. “Good morning, Mr. Stone. I know it is early, but did you want any breakfast or just coffee?” Kyle sat in the main cabin.

“Good morning, Jimmy. No breakfast, but I would like some orange juice with my coffee.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Stone, be right back with it.” Being up so early gave him time to call New York and check in. It was always good to keep in touch with the big, big boss. As eight-thirty approached, Kyle knew they were getting close. If the same pattern was kept, it all should go down at eight forty-seven.

“Hey, Jimmy, I am tired of this coffee. Bring me one of your special Bloody Mary’s.” Jimmy shuffled over to the kitchen to get Kyle what he wanted. Kyle was ready, and at eight forty-nine, his phone rang.

“Boss, the first bombing is done, and it went just as you wanted it to.” Kyle had a smile on his face.

“That is good news. Good job. Tell me how it went down.”

“Stan had the hard part. He waited just until Russian #2 was ready to leave, and he slipped the note under the door. The Russian picked it up and then looked around cautiously, seeing nothing out of place, he crumpled it up and threw it on the floor. He proceeded to walk outside just before eight forty-five. I hit the button to blow up his car when he was in full view of it. The explosion was loud and took the car out.”

“Great, what about the Russian’s reaction?”

“He just about jumped out of his shoes, fell to the ground, and looked around to see who did this, and then quickly went back into his apartment.” Kyle was ready with the next note.

“Write this note this time: ‘How does fear feel? If you did not feel fear like you are spreading to the tenants, we will wait next time until you are in the car. We are telling you again, vacate the premises, or this will happen again.’ Do you have that Driver? Read it back to me. Here is the deal, Driver, what we just did will make no difference to them. We will hit them again in two days. Just like I said, smoke and explosion but no C-4.”

Driver was glad that Kyle was pleased. “Did you need me to come over to the boat?”

“Yes, I do. I want to go out to see my kids. See you in a little bit.” A day had gone by, and Kyle was back from visiting the children. He really loved seeing them. He hoped they knew how much he loved them. It was time for the second bombing. This time just smoke and explosion, but the kicker was that it would go off when someone turned the key, just like the note said. Same as the first one, Kyle was ready to hear from Driver. This time, it was Russian #3. He had a van he used, and they were ready for him to turn the key. They had delivered the note a day before, so they would know what was coming if they did not leave. Create fear was what Kyle told them. Around the time expected, Driver called with his report of how things went.

Kyle said, “Let me know, how did it go?”

“We know that they read the second note, and Russian #3 got into his van, turned the key, and we could hear the sound effects and the smoke-filled van. He got out of the van and ran into the house. He was visibly shaken.”

“Good to hear, Driver. I will let you know about the third one. You and Stan take some time off. You deserve it.”

“Thanks, boss, we both appreciate it.” Kyle felt good about giving them some time off. The way they executed his plans, no complaints, no mistakes, just the way he liked it.

Kyle felt that he needed to spend some time with Yvonne while he thought about the third bombing or something similar. He needed to give the Russians the time to evaluate their situation, especially after two attacks. Are they prepared for another? Did they think it was coming, or had Kyle gotten through to them? Kyle would give them some more time before he decided to act again or not. Kyle had called Yvonne back and explained that he was in the middle of something, and they discussed getting back together and going to dinner. Kyle told her that he would go for the restaurant, and he would pick her up at seven-thirty. Yvonne was looking forward to seeing Kyle again. She was feeling happy these days, with a good job, great apartment looking over the bay, and a great boyfriend who had a limousine, a private jet at his disposal, a lot of money to spend on her, and of course, being good-looking. What could be better? Driver went to the door to get her; Kyle was in the back on the phone. Yvonne was so pretty. She had on a gold lame jacket with a satin pantsuit. She really looked good, thought Kyle as he watched as she walked to the limousine. Driver opened the door and let her in.

“Hi, Kyle, good to see you. I have missed you.”

“Yvonne, you are looking very fashionista this evening. I love your jacket.”

“Thank you, Kyle. You are as handsome as ever.”

“Thanks. Have you wondered where we are going tonight?”

“I have given some thought. Yes.”

“We are going over to the Asian buffet. They have some new entrées.” Yvonne smiled.

“Well, I am glad I dressed up then.”

“No, we are going to go to Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant, Postrio, as his guest. He said he will have something made special for us. I am excited.”

“That sounds so good. I am glad I dressed up, really this time. I read about his restaurant in the Chronicle. They say it is going to be a big hit, and that reservations were hard to come by. Well, for some people,” she said as she smiled at him.

“Well, there have to be some perks for this job, and tonight, you get to share those with me.” Driver pulled the limo up to Posterior’s, and they walked in for a night of great cuisine.

“Good evening, welcome to Postrio. Do you have a reservation?” Kyle stood next to Yvonne.

“Good evening. Yes, we do. It is under Kyle Stone.” The maître d’ smiled at Kyle.

“Mr. Stone, we were told to expect you. I think Wolfgang has prepared something just for you. Please follow me to your table.” Yvonne walked with Kyle.

“I have never been with anyone who is recognized as he walks in. Kyle, this is crazy, the respect you get wherever you go.” Kyle smiled back at her as they walked toward their table.

“I know, YL. It is still a surprise to me, but I will say that I kind of like it.”

“This table was reserved for you, Mr. Stone. Is it to your liking? Please enjoy your dinner. I think Wolfgang will be out to see you soon.”

“Thank you. We look forward to a nice experience tonight,” Kyle responded. The waiter was there in no time.

“Welcome to Postrio. May I get you a cocktail?”

Kyle asked, “What are you in the mood for?” YL looked over the drink menu.

“I can’t decide between a cocktail or champagne.” Kyle looked at the waiter.

“Bring us a bottle of a new champagne, Veuve Cloquet Brut please, and anything else you wanted, Yvonne?”

“No, the champagne will be great. Thanks.”

“What are you in the mood for? Maybe you want to wait until we get a special visit?”

“You are right. I will wait. It is so nice in here. I am so glad you chose this restaurant.”

After a couple of sips of the champagne, Wolfgang walked up to the table. “Mr. Stone, I am so happy that you decided to try out my newest restaurant. May I be introduced to this beautiful woman you brought with you? You must be Yvonne?” Yvonne looked over at Kyle with a puzzled face. Kyle just shrugged his shoulders.

“Yes, I am,” she said.

“I am very happy to meet you, Mr. Puck.”

“Call me Wolfgang, and I will cook you a very nice meal.”

“You have it, Wolfgang. I look forward to whatever you create.”

Wolfgang said, “I am pleased. I will be back with your dinner. Relax and enjoy the ambiance.” Yvonne sat there with a big smile on her face.

“I am so excited. This is so special tonight.” Kyle said with his glass in the air, “I toast you, YL, for what you have done for me in my business. You have done such a good job of keeping it going and with a nice profit. I could not have done it without you. Cheers.”

“Thank you, Kyle. It has been quite a ride since I was hired on a few months ago. A lot has happened. Who would have known?” It was not long until the waiter approached the table with a lobster bisque to start with. He then followed it up with a baked Maine lobster, and to finish, crème Brule for dessert. A wonderful night was had in the city, the city by the bay. Until Kyle had to get serious at the table.

“Did you enjoy your evening; I know I enjoyed being around you?” Kyle asked softly.

“I have to thank you, it has been very relaxing and enjoyable, did you?”

“Of course, but I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Yvonne asked with concern in her voice.

Kyle replied, “I have discussed with my business and how I cannot speak to you of things. Well, I have been given my next assignment and I will say it is a mountain to climb. I want you to take this,” he hands her a brown envelope, there is enough money in there to sustain you for a while and here is a number to call in the event I do not come back.”

Yvonne pail in the face, “you are really scaring me Kyle, I don’t like this at all.”

“I know, but it is necessary. Not to worry, I will be back, but just in case do as I say, and take the money, we will get through this.” They both leaned over the table and hugged each other, expressing their love and concern for each other, not knowing what the future was bringing.

Early the next morning, Kyle got a phone call from Driver. “Here is the latest on the Russians. There has been a lot of activity that has previously not taken place, but they have not vacated, nor have I seen any trucks.”

“That is what I was expecting. I did not think the two incidents would move them to leave. So let us initiate the third one.” Kyle said

“What is it you would like to do this time?” Driver asked

“Well, Driver, I think until there is imminent danger, they won’t be pushed over the cliff, sort of speaking. How many cars or trucks are left at the place?”

“They have two vehicles left. They have moved them to another location in the complex, and they use the other van most.”

“Can you still get to them?”

“Yes, we will take care of it.”

“Okay, I want you to cut the brake lines so that they lose their brakes on the downhill of where they live. I want it to be so damn scary to them. We do not have to do anything else to get rid of them. If there is a good crash, the better. I just don’t want anyone else hurt.”

“You got it, boss. When do you want this to go down, and is there a third note?”

“We will wait a day after the third note. The note will read, ’We have asked twice for you to vacate. We will ask only one more time, and if you have not left, it will not be the three of you leaving. One will have left earlier, and not on their own. Vacate now!”

A couple of days passed, and Driver was on the boat. “I have the newest news for you, boss.”

“Have a seat. I will be right with you. I need to finish this.” Driver walked over to the galley and got himself a cold Heineken. Kyle was now through with his morning task.

“Driver, come on over. No, wait, that beer looks awful good. Get me one please.”

“Sure, boss.” They both sat down and started to discuss the mission they had been on and how it stood today.

“I am anxious to hear how our friends are doing on Russian Hill after the third incident.”

“We did as you asked, and we cut the line so that it would happen after they left the complex and where there were not a lot of pedestrians around. We also took care of it when they were going to use the van at a time that they would not run into anyone.”

Kyle looked intently. “That sounds great. How did it go?”

“We got lucky. All three got into the van we fixed, and they drove it out of the complex and onto the main road. We followed them to see what happened, and when they made the last turn before the on-ramp, they lost their brakes on the downhill. We could tell they were struggling with the van, a lot of movement inside. As they tried to make that last turn, they ran through the street sign, over the median, and over into a drainage area. The van hit hard. The speed was pretty good. We could see the two front-seat Russians were draped over the dash, and we could not see the third one.”

“Did they move?”

“Yes, it took a minute, but both in front sat back, shaking their heads. The third got off the floor onto the seat.”

“Good, let me know how the activity is at the complex, so I can plan my next move, if I have to.”

“Will do, boss. I will let you know as soon as I have something to report to you.” It took a couple of days, but Driver was back at the boat.

“Boss, I think we got them this time. There are two moving vans there now, and they are at the Russians’ apartment and the office. We are watching them closely, but I think it is them that are moving out.” Kyle sat at his desk in the main cabin.

“Good news, Driver. Let me know when you can confirm. I will let Woody know when I hear from you, so make sure you are sure that they have left.”

“There is one more thing. They left a note in an envelope. Here it is.”

“Thanks, let me have it.” He opened the envelope and read the note.

“You are right. We got to them. They are moving out and selling the apartment complex, but they also want us to know that they will find those responsible and will cause bodily harm. I do not think that they know it is us but let us watch our backs. We know they are out there and looking.”

Kyle had gotten the confirmation he was waiting for and was ready to call Woody and report not only the progress they made on the problem, but that they had successfully completed the mission and it was a big mistake. The Russians came there to run guns, and in doing so, they hurt a lot of people who lived at the complex and kept the rest in fear. Now the problematic Russians had left, and the complex was up for sale. It was time to call Woody, Kyle decided.

“Hello, Woody. How are things in Las Vegas?”

“Doing well, Kyle. How are things in San Francisco, more directly, Russian Hill?”

“I must say, Woody, this was a tough one, dealing with Russians. However, I was able to determine the problem. They were running guns and treating everyone around them like shit and threatening them all. Well, it took a while, but we were able to get them to vacate and put the complex up for sale. You can let those affected by them know that things will be different there, and they can start to enjoy their lives again.”

Woody smiled like a proud papa. “Kyle, I would have to say that you have done it again. This time, you did not ask me how to exterminate the problem. You just took care of it and then came back to me with success. I can now let my people know that it is handled.”

“Yes, Woody, but there is a note to deal with also, they left a note after they left. It is a warning that they will find out who did this, and they will pay.”

Woody said, “That is not good but sometimes part of the business. I would caution you to not be too visible out there. Use your people to watch your back.”

“That is a good idea. I was wondering what might happen next after the last attempt on my life. I will be careful and let me say; the work of Driver and Stan on this has been great. I really appreciate what they have done.”

“That is great. From my perspective, you were given the problem. You solved it. Good job again, Kyle.”

“Thanks, Woody. What do you have next?” Woody smiled.

“I am running out of problems. You solve them so fast. Hang there in the city, and I will be back with you.” Kyle said with a smile.

“Thanks, Woody. Let me know when you need me. Take care.”

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