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Chapter 1

A Story Like No Other

It was a beautiful San Francisco night. The stars were bright, with ships on the bay—sparkling as the lights shimmered and bounced off the dark water, flowing under the glowing Golden Gate Bridge. The hot tub was bubbling along with the champagne, as the gentlemen sat near the pool. The wives were inside with the children. David, Kyle, Ron, and Cliff sat around the pool, conversing about life and politics at Ron’s home. Ron was a heart surgeon and Kyle’s neighbor. David was VP of Kyle’s company and Cliff was Kyle’s attorney. As the men sat by the pool, laughing and having a great time, David’s wife stared out through the window, longingly at Kyle. Kyle was a stallion, an Adonis by most women’s standards. He was rich, powerful, and charming. He could sweep any woman from her feet without much effort. The surgeon’s wife Donna was also in hot pursuit of Kyle, but neither was aware of the other’s intentions.

They were celebrating the tremendous success of Kyle’s business. He now has 26 offices, and each was producing $175,000 a week. He just signed a few franchise agreements, hoping to double his gains. Money was pouring in and there were smiles all around. Kyle looked at the window and saw his wife, Suzette, talking with David’s wife, Linda. Suzette was with Kyle when he built his empire, but the only thing she seemed to have an affinity for was his riches. She had abhorrence for Kyle, which he tolerated only for the love of his daughters. It was time for good thoughts now and tipping back the champagne glass; Kyle watched the three men laughing and smoking big cigars.

Linda, with a sly smile, turned to the women, and convinced them to join their husbands outside. They quickly changed into their bathing suits and headed out the door. Unbeknownst to Suzette, Linda cooked up a little plan to seduce Kyle. Linda jumped into the water, strategically splashing Kyle, as he was the closest to her entry point.

She apologized and added. “I’m so sorry Kyle, but you’re already wet, so…” Kyle jumped in next to Linda with Suzette right across from him. It was larger than the average jacuzzi and Suzette, though close, had an obstructed view of her husband. David preferred the dryness of the patio, sitting obliviously behind Linda. Linda gasped and moved closer to Kyle.

“Look how beautiful the bridge is from here,” Linda whispered to Kyle, as she attempted to put her hand under his swim trunks.

Kyle quickly thwarted her. She kept trying, harder, and harder. He finally had enough and turned to face her. “Linda, you have to stop. I know what you want, but you have to realize that you must behave yourself.”

Linda still tried to touch him. “Come on, Kyle. My hand is under the water. Nobody will notice, and I promise you will like it.” She persisted

“How would you like it if I was trying to put my hand under your suit while your husband was three feet away?”

“Are you kidding me?” Linda inquired. “Please put your hand inside my bathing suit. I am wet for you here!” Kyle was losing his patience.

“Okay, Linda, that’s enough. Put your hand in your own lap,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling it away from his crotch.

David’s wife was relentless. She whispered in Kyle’s ear as she continued to try and get her hand under his trunks. “Kyle, come on, no one can see what I’m doing. I just want to touch it, that’s all.” Kyle pushed her hand away again.

“No, we don’t want to do that. Your husband is sitting right behind you. What do you think he would say if he saw what you’re trying to do?”

“He won’t see. Just let me touch it.”

Kyle, knowing he was not going to win this fight, said, “David, the water is great. Why don’t you slip right down here with Linda and me and enjoy the tub?”

Just as Kyle was about to exit the Jacuzzi, the surgeon’s wife stood up and asked: “Who wants to meet me in the deep end?”

Donna took off her top and threw it at her husband. Linda accepted the challenge and ripped her top off, racing to the deep end. Everyone except Suzette laughed and drank. Kyle watched as she got out of the jacuzzi and headed for the door of the house. She was always very insecure and jealous. Once Kyle had taken one of his sales agents out to lunch to discuss a large account she was working on. While he was at lunch, his wife came to the office and was told that Kyle was at lunch with Maryann, and that was enough to set her off. She became extremely jealous, so when he pulled up to the office, there was a large crowd in front of the sidewalk and his wife in the middle.

“Listen, I want you to get out and go around the crowd, straight into the office. I will see what this is all about.” Kyle said.

“Okay.” Maryann replied tersely.

As soon as he got out of the car, Suzette came after her like a bear to honey. The crowd, mostly black, was cheering her on. She went for Maryann’s long hair and pulled her to the ground. While on the ground, Maryann grabbed Suzette’s pants and pulled her on top herself.

Kyle got to them and pulled his wife off Maryann, and she ran to the office as the crowd again cheered, “look at these crazy white bitches!” on the great spectacle that was taking place. Kyle stepped in to stop Suzette from hurting Maryann.

“What the hell are you doing here, and why are you outside causing this spectacle?” Kyle asked.

“I came to have lunch with you, and when I got here, they said you were out with Maryann, and that just ticked me off so bad.” Suzette retorted viciously

“I was training her, and then we had a business lunch with two others. Nothing is going on. I cannot have you coming to my business and causing this kind of trouble….” With that, Suzette swung her fists at Kyle’s face, trying to hurt him and showing off to the crowd. In complete surprise of what she just tried to do, he caught her fist and then had no choice but to take her down by pulling her hair until he could grab both of her arms, as they are now on the asphalt , as the crowd cheers them on. The increasing crowd that kept gathering for the free entertainment seemed to love every bit of the fracas. Two white people going at it in the street while they all laughed and cheered.

Once the debacle was over, he went into his office after he had his wife leave, and to his surprise, she had cleared all the desks and thrown everything on the floor—pictures off the wall, coffee cups smashed against the walls. It was a sad experience for all, especially Kyle and his staff, a big embarrassment to the company.

He was somewhat used to this type of behavior and never knew when she would go off the rails and cause trouble for the family and business. Kyle had spent so many years supporting his family; financially, big houses, swimming pools, tennis courts, horse corrals, new cars, etc. They did not want for much.

Suzette brought Kyle back to the present by taking both of his girls by the hand and walking them right through the screen door, to the amazement of everyone in the pool.

“Girls, I want you to see your father, look at him with those women! I am taking the girls and going home.” She roared with a deadpan expression.

Kyle, still in the hot tub, just looked around at the others and only shook his head. Here is another get together with our friends and she spoils it like this.

As he got ready to go out of the gate, Kyle said, “David, I will meet you tomorrow morning at the Bank. Don’t forget we have a meeting with Bill at 9:30.”

“Don’t worry Boss, I will be there at eight. Bill and I are having breakfast before our meeting.” As he started to walk home, the surgeon stopped him.

“Hey Kyle, don’t forget you owe me a new screen door,” Doc said smiling.

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