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Chapter 36

The End and The Beginning

He was ready to check out of his room, and he thought he should run by Yvonne’s and let her know that he was going to leave for a short while.

He walked into her office. “Is Yvonne in? Tell her Kyle is here, please.”

The receptionist spoke to Yvonne. “Mr. Stone, please go in.”

Yvonne got up from her desk with a smile on her face. “Kyle, I was not expecting to see you today.”

“Well, that is correct. I thought it was necessary to let you know that I will be leaving for a short period of time. All I can tell you is that someone tried to kill me again. I won’t go into any details, but I can say that this is very serious and probably not over. My company will handle the problem or problems. That is why they need me out of the way. I will be back as soon as it is safe for all.”

Yvonne said with a concerned face, “This sounds serious. Is there anything I can do?”

“No, just go along with your daily business. Take care of things with Maryanne and Cathy. I will contact you when I return. It has to be done this way. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

With a sad expression, Yvonne said, “I will miss you so much. How long will it be, or can you tell me that?”

“I do not know, but I am thinking it will not be that long, but I want you to know Yvonne, you have brought me love again in my heart. You have stood by me in the most difficult time in my life, yes worse than war. You don’t know how much that means to me. You taught me that I could trust someone I choose to get so close to and sharing what life surprises come along. So during my absence my heart will be full of love for you and Stay safe, and I will call you. I will miss you too.”

With that, there was a big hug and kiss as tears ran down YL’s face, and they then part their ways for now. Yvonne stood by the door and watched the man she was falling in love with, she then walked away whipping her tears off her cheek. Certainly not liking this part of the job, the one she loves is the target of someone who wanted to kill him. This was something she could not fathom. He had never met a man like Kyle, he was so special and so kind and full of the truth. All she could do was stand there and wave goodbye, while she broke out crying, wiping her tears as she went back into her office. Kyle walked back to the limousine.

“Driver, take me out to my children. I have to let them know I won’t be around for a little while.”

Driver steered the car toward the suburbs. “I meant to ask you about the other night. I wish I were on board that night.”

“I am glad you weren’t there. You might not be here now.” Kyle said. Driver with a smirk on his face, “It sounds to me that you got lucky. What woke you up, the Russians?”

“I don’t know about being lucky, but it was a weird thing. Jimmy had put a candle on my nightstand so I could read, and later that night, it fell off and crashed on the floor, that is what woke me up. It is several times now since a candle was present and remember me telling you about Howard, who came into my company and acted like he was going to be a franchisor, but only wanted to gain enough information to initiate a takeover? Well, he died in his apartment when a candle by his bed fell on the floor and burned his apartment down, burning him to death, where here the candle on the nightstand falls on the floor, but it wakes me up, not burn me up. Weird.”

Driver listened prudently. “Did you not see a candle or flame, or was it a light when you were under S?”

“Yes, I did, and it sent me to the surface, but remember that David, my old VP, had us meet with a witch and get these candles, four black ones and one white one, put them in our offices. And you know, Driver, ever since, everyone there has been affected adversely by what took place afterward, except me. It seems to be there whenever I needed help, over and over again, and now if it had not fallen off the table and crashed, like the others, the Russians would have been able to sneak into my cabin, and that would have been the end of my time here. I think that is what they were counting on, but it was not to be the case, and now there is one dead Russian and two shot-up Russians.”

Driver said, “Well, boss, I will say it again. You got lucky!”

“Okay, you are right. I got lucky.”

On their way to his kids’ house, Driver asked a question, “Did you call your wife and let her know that you are on your way there?”

“Yes, I did, but no one answered, so I have no choice but to go there and try and see my kids. You have met my wife, so you know what we can be into.”

“Yeah, I met her, boss, a very difficult woman to live with. Aren’t you separated now?”

“We are, but it is still difficult to watch your past fade away and new relationships made. The problem is with the kids. If you do not do it right, it can affect them for the rest of their life. I am one who knows. Are you going to be involved in the Russian caper, or is that altogether a different segment of the Family?”

“No, I am not involved. I will be going back to Las Vegas until I hear from you that you are back, and then I will be back.”

“Okay, I do not know how long I will be gone, depending on the situation with the Russians and how long it takes to get to the bottom of who tried to kill me and how long to eradicate the poison. I am not letting anyone know where I am going for security reasons, but I know I will be anxious to get back.”

As they drove up to the house, there was a cop car in front, and Kyle hesitated to go to the door, but maybe he needed to see what was going on, hoping it was not the kids in trouble or worst yet, hurt. Kyle got out and walked up to the door and knocked, then waited. The door opened, and it was a black cop with only his pants on.

“What do you want?” he asked. Kyle stepped back for a moment and did not expect this.

“I’ll tell you what I want. I want to see my kids.”

“They are up the street.”

“Great, is Suzette around, or have you taken over the house?”

“What are you a wise guy? Why don’t you tell me who you are?”

“Kyle, well, when I asked for my kids, I thought that might be a giveaway.” The cop turned around and started to walk to the bedroom.

“I will get Suzette.”

Suzette laying in her bed, “Who was that?”

“Some guy in a limousine who says he is your husband. He left and got back in the limo. I thought you were divorced, and he was not around?”

Suzette, irritated now, said, “We are getting a divorce, and he should have called first. I am sorry, you forgive me?” “I don’t know, why don’t we go back to bed and then we both can receive forgiveness.

Kyle got back in and told Driver that it was not worth the fight and had him take him up the street to see his kids. Kyle felt guilty that he must leave his children. He did not know that she was dating and bringing in strange men into the house. Kind of hard to take, when you think that some other man will be influencing them or, even worse, having a continual flow of different men coming out of their mother’s bedroom. Nothing he could do about it now. It would have to wait until he got back, and then he would have a discussion with Suzette on how to date and still be a good mother. It was funny he said that because he got a call from her just about that. Still upset that he had shown up at her house unexpectedly, but she needed a favor, so she decided to play nicely. She asked Kyle to watch the kids this weekend. He felt that it was strange as she had never asked before. Instead, she did all she could to keep them away from him. As it turned out, this was to be the first time she was going to be out of town with a boyfriend. She said they were going to go skiing in Tahoe. Kyle did not care. It was an opportunity to be with his kids without her being around. He decided to take them to Disneyland. How special, he and his two girls all to himself. Kyle was happy. They started out in Oakland, where he boarded his girls onto the private jet waiting to take them to Los Angeles. This was the first time for the girls to be on a plane. He hoped he did not ruin it for later years when they would have to fly coach. It was a short flight, but they loved it all the same as they took off over the ocean and took a steep bank to the west, then south, as they headed for Disneyland. This was starting out to be something special for the three of them. Upon landing at LAX, the limo was waiting, and shortly they were off to the Disneyland Hotel, where magic was waiting. The girls waited on a couch in the lobby while their dad took care of the room. They noticed that he was in a very serious conversation with the hotel clerk or manager. They could not tell, but it was serious, and the two gave all their attention to the counter. The conversation was over. The clerk or manager put his hand on their dad’s shoulder and said something to him, and they saw their dad with his head down, as if in shock or something. It was deadly serious. Kyle’s mind was spinning. How could he tell the kids? How would he say this? They were only a foot away. He needed time. So many thoughts were going through his head and heart. He had the room key in his hand. He looked down at it and decided to take them to the room and not to say anything yet. Once in the room, he introduced them to the minibar, and as they were going through the goodies, the hotel phone rang. Kyle answered the phone, and it was Suzette’s parents. They wanted to know if he had heard yet that Suzette is dead. She had been in a car crash. Kyle gave his condolences and said that he had just found out in the Disneyland Hotel lobby, checking in for a fabulous fun weekend. They asked if the girls knew yet, and he told them, no, but he was just about to tell them if he could find a way to do it. They all decided that maybe it would be better if they were there when they were told. Kyle agreed and said that he would fly the girls up to Napa, where they lived, and then they could altogether deliver the devastating news. They were on the way to the airport, after telling the kids that they had to leave after just getting there. That was not easy. Kyle told Driver to find out how Suzette was killed and let him know. The kids did not seem to mind if they could get back on that jet and have more flying fun. Once in the air, his driver called and explained that Suzette was driving her boyfriend’s Porsche, and while speeding through the windy country road, they came upon a sharp curve, and an older man was standing by his truck, which was parked on the side of the road. He was trying to clean up the boxes that fell off of the back of his truck.

The driver with a strange smile on his face, and Kyle could hear in his voice that something was strange, “Boss, you won’t believe this, the contents of the boxes were white candles.”

Kyle upon hearing this, his jaw dropped open in disbelief.

“When Suzette came around the corner, she pulled the car to the right to avoid the candles, she lost control, and they went over a seventy-five-foot cliff. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.”

Kyle still in disbelief about the candles in the road, thanked the driver for the information, as he looked over at the girls with big smiles on their faces. How could he ruin all that was good with them and deliver such horrible news? Thank God for grandparents, was all Kyle could say. He did not know what he would have done without them helping the children get through what probably would be the worst news they ever got. Kyle certainly hoped so. The grandparents would take care of the kids for a little while, and then Kyle was going to fly them down to Mexico where he would be staying for a while. Kyle, still feeling sad over his ex’s death, headed straight for the airport, where his plane was gassed up and ready to go. Puerto Vallarta was the destination. There in the sun, he would rest. Kyle looked out the window as the jet thundered down the runway with wheels up. The sunset appeared in the window, and he wondered what would tomorrow bring. He was so ready for tomorrow, he thought, as he was given his tequila and tonic. Kyle took a sip of it and thought back at what had just happened in his life that changed everything and everyone. He wondered if the witch stuff had anything to do with all the crazy things that had happened. David was now divorced and in jail at San Quentin for fraud. Howard had an accident in his room and burned to death in a fire. Suzette, the third person to betray him, drove off a 75-foot cliff to her death. There was only one person who came out of the madness okay, and that was Yvonne, and she deserved all the good that had come her way. The financial corporation went from a multimillion-dollar enterprise to a small insurance boutique that Yvonne now ran. This was part of the story that bothered Kyle a lot. He built something that no one else had thought of. He made it huge, giving so many the sort of lifestyle they only dreamed of. He knew he had helped so many families make it in this world. He could not help feeling so sad on how it all went down, with greedy people and selfish, stupid ones taking it all apart, one brick at a time, all the while Kyle was trying to keep it alive and finally giving up when it all caved in on him. With it all being said and done, Kyle felt more protected than he had ever felt in his life. Was he with those who really cared about him, or was he being set up for more falls? He certainly hoped not. He could stand for some happiness and closure. Well, the rest was pretty much how it was told, and now Kyle felt like he had a clean slate to come back and start his new life, one of peace and love. One could only hope.

The Streamline jet was on the way to twenty-five thousand feet, on the way flying over the California coast then the Mexico coast before heading inland reaching their destination while Kyle felt at peace as he looked out the window seeing nothing but storm all around them and smiling to himself over all that had happened.

“Mr. Stone,” the flight attendant called to him.

“Yes,” Kyle answered.

“This fell out of your suitcase in the overhead. I thought you would want it?” She handed Kyle a white candle. Kyle in shock as he grabs the candle, he could not believe what just happened.

He immediately called the flight attendant, “come back please, before handing me this candle, had you seen it before?”

“No, Mr. Stone, I saw it for the first time a few minutes ago. Is there something wrong?”

Kyle still with a blank face, “no, it’s fine, thank you.”

He puts the candle on the seat next to him, as they are pushing through the storm clouds. He sat there trying to figure out how it got here, who knew he was going to fly today, put the candle where he was going to sit, he was totally duped and a little worried. He was remembering all the times the candle had shown up and from where it came from, he could not figure it out.

“Please fasten your seatbelts if not already fastened in, we are passing through some rough weather, it should smooth out soon” said the redheaded flight attendant after talking with the Captain.

The plane was shaking as she spoke. This one was getting nasty quickly, Kyle thought, and he knew because he had been on a lot of flights without smooth air. He looked over at the white candle on the seat next to him and hoped it would make him feel better because he was starting to worry as the plane was really in the heart of a huge storm and it was like it had grabbed the plane and was shaking it.

The pilot’s voice came over the sound system, “I am sorry, but this is pretty bad, I will try, OH Shit, we just lost oil pressure in engine 2.”

Kyle holding on to the seat, now more worried than ever. Everyone had a scared look on their faces as the shaking got worse. As they dropped a couple hundred feet, the candle fell onto the floor.

Hearing the pilot again, “I cannot hold her up, we are dropping too fast, please take emergency procedures,” the Captain said in a profoundly serious voice and the passengers could also hear the fear coming from his message.

Flight Attendants, “go to emergency measures, everyone put your head between your legs, it will be okay but a great time to pray.”

As Kyle was bending over to get the candle before it rolled away, he was taking in the announcements and was now grabbing his ankles, a position no flier ever wanted to do. He was reaching for the candle and just put his fingers on it when the plane took another big bounce and moved sideways, rocking back and forth. The candle rolled to the back of the plane. With his head now between his legs and his eyes closed, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulders. He did not bother to look up, he knew nobody was sitting there, must just be nerves he thought. In a matter of seconds, which felt like an hour, he reached again for the candle as loving thoughts of his family were going through his mind as it might be the last time to have seen them all, sad, sad emotions and thoughts pulling on his heart, as the plane kept going down. He thought about his children, how could they deal with another death, the death of their father after just losing their mother, this cannot happen! It was only days ago that she swerved off the road and plunged down a 75ft ravine. What would the kids do now, as he prayed hard for them to be spared from a life of pain and hurt and having an emotional anchor pulling them down. Kyle knew, he has been living with it for over 30 years, it never ends.

. Kyle had been torn up over losing his Dad, he did not know if he took it harder than his other brothers, it was hard to believe they felt this much pain. Remembering all the times as he grew up that he wished his Dad were there to share it all with him. The birth of his babies to be shared with Grandpa, his marriage, his graduation from Officers Candidate School, so many instances where he had the hell scared out of him that he wished his Dad were there. Speaking of having the hell scared out of you, he knew his Dad would not have approved of him going along with the witch to get revenge, in cases like this one really needs a Dad.

A lot of praying to God was going on in the plane, all were asking for their lives to be spared or for their loved ones as Kyle was doing. Praying for his girls and that Jesus looks after them and protects them. As he prayed, a hand was felt on his shoulder again, it was stronger this time and comforting as he glanced up to see if anyone was there. He glanced out the window all he could see were black clouds streaming by as the plane continued its quick descent. He was only hoping that the pilot was trying like crazy to pull the nose up and he was sure he was. It was YL’s turn to now be in his head as he thought of all he was going to miss, the soft touch, love in her eyes and heart, and an unselfish love and respect for him. He just met her and now it was going to be over, not fair he thought, he needed to find love and peace before it would be his time, he was wishing. A strong emotion of loneliness comes over him as death comes closer. In his deepest time he remembered war and how he was so scared at times, but nothing felt like this, not being able to do anything to stop it. Kyle opened his eyes, he felt he was being lifted up, he looked at the seat, the feeling of someone sitting next to him was so strong and peaceful.

Suddenly, he heard a soothing voice, “You are not alone my Son, you have never been alone,” the voice said calmly.

Kyle, surprised at hearing the voice so clearly and then again it said, “you were not alone when you had to jump out of a burning chopper, I was right there with you, I had you. You were not alone when you were pushed you out the window, I was hanging there with you; I had you. When you found yourself underneath a yacht while saving someone else, I was there in the darkness and pushed you up to the surface, I had you. You were not alone in the limousine when the rock came through the roof; I had you. You were not alone when you were attacked on the ship, it was me who knocked the candle over so that you would wake up; I had you. You see Son, I have always protected you and always loved and cherished you. Kyle was so full of emotion, hearing all that was being said, tears filling his eyes with a hand on his shoulder.

As Kyle wiped the tears from his eyes, the plane continued speeding down to a fiery grave, he turned and looked at the seat next to him, he saw the indentation on the seat as if someone was sitting there, and this time he was there as he felt this tremendous warmth in his heart. Sitting there looking as young as when he took his life, but now with an aura around him, it was his Dad!! In total surprise with a smile as wide as his face. It was his Dad saying all those things, his Dad who saved his life. So much love took him over, his heart was starting to overflow.

His Dad smiled at him, “I want you to know how much I love you and know you are not alone and will never be, know that you are loved and keep on loving others, we will be together again, and most importantly son, I am sorry for what I did and how much I hurt you. I am sorry Son with all my heart, I will make it up to you soon, stay blessed.” With that his Dad faded away and the plane’s nose continued it’s fast decent and Kyle could tell it was way too fast. The pilot was steering the plane over the desolate valley heading to a hill with the airport still miles away.

The passengers with their heads down, had no idea what was happening in the cockpit and how fear was taking over the pilot and co-pilot. Not being able to pull aircraft over the hill, inside the shaking was something no one on the plane experienced before. Kyle, scared to death, suddenly thinking of all of his love ones, thoughts going through his mind so fast, his daughters who just lost their mother, Kyle had no control of his life, emotions of fear, sorrow, and then the plane hit the hill, taking the right wing off as the plane flings sideways throwing passengers about inside, bones being broken, blood on the seats, luggage everywhere, and so much crying and screaming. As Kyle was holding his ankles, head down, he is thrown out of his seat as the plane goes upside down as it continues to crash into the hill. Now after being thrown several rows he looks up from the floor between the seats, smoke has filled the plane with flames in the back as the plane breaks apart. Kyle checks his legs and realizes he had broken his neck or injured it seriously, the pain was unbearable. He stands up but the pain is something he had not felt before in his life. A lady and her 7-year-old daughter were between the seats across the aisle crying in fear, Kyle knew he had to get them out or they would burn to death. Not able to hold his neck up, pain burning through his body, he clutches the daughter with one hand and grabs the jacket of the mother with his other hand, and pulls them as hard as he can to release them from the seat on top of them. Once up Kyle could see the forward exit lights, he moves them through the smoke, getting them as close as he can, not being able to move forward, dizziness taking him over, he pushes them forward out of the smoke into the doorway to exit, as he falls on the floor holding his neck. Now left only with his mind and soul, consumed in his love for his daughters and those who loved him, so confused as he hears the so many sirens coming closer as the firemen grab their hoses and run to the plane on fire in the cockpit and also the back of the plane with other parts scattered over the hill. Upon the impact of the plane into the hill, the two pilots were thrown out of the cockpit and would land on the hill, both did not make it as first responders approach the plane as it continues to explode and burn. Sirens blaring, voices screaming and yelling, and smoke so thick you could slice it, as he lies on the floor gasping for air. Now knowing he is not going to make it, he puts his head down in his weakness, cannot breathe anymore, chest burning so hot. In his defeat of life, the pain and smoke too much to deal with, it is over he thinks as he looks up at the flames and heat coming so close. Ready to give up and except death, Kyle Stone, deep inside the smoke he sees a large figure reaching for him, his hand extended to Kyle, “come to me Kyle, I said I would always be here for you.” With all he has left, he reaches for the hand and feels the extended fingers as he looks him straight in the eyes, something happens, Love over comes Kyle Stone, as the plane explodes again, shaking the ground, taking so many from those who love them, it is their final curtain call.

The End

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