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Chapter 3

You have Been Served

With lunch getting closer, Howard was in the office, while Kyle and David were away. He was on the phone with his partner, Peter. Unbeknownst to anyone, these two were busy putting together a takeover of Kyle’s business.

“Listen, Peter, all is going as planned here. I think we have Kyle on the ropes.” Howard said.

Peter looked out the window of his sixty-fifth-floor office, overlooking Navy Pier. “Howard, you need to be careful. Kyle is smart. You must ensure he does not find out what we’re doing or else it would screw things up on this end.”

“I know what you’re saying. That is why I will be leaving here after this phone call. I do not want Kyle to see me here. As far as I know, he thinks we are going to wait the full sixty days as the court order stipulates. We will start taking people from him and secretly acquire his offices. I must admit, it is difficult to watch Kyle and his family and all who work here who were so nice to me knowing I am going to financially ruin them all. Kyle has worked so hard in building this incredible company.” Howard spoke softly so that Connie would not hear him.

“Yes, that’s the plan. We must talk to all his managers before he does and do not go soft on us,” Peter said. “This is huge, and the millions we can make will make up for destroying all of them. Do not leave out the possibility of having to take someone out. Remember, this is business. Only the strong survive.”

“I got it and don’t want to talk about that, but I have been watching David, the VP and Kyle’s right-hand man. I think he’s up to something.”

“You keep an eye on him. I don’t want to have any complications.”

“I will. It is all good. I will take down Kyle, and it won’t take much longer,” Howard said. “You know the sad part of all this, I won’t be able to play tennis with Kyle. I have really enjoyed it.” Peter, “You can buy your own tennis court, see you don’t need Kyle. Now get serious and let us get this done for all our sakes.”

Connie had her antennas up, trying to catch anything Howard was supposed to report back to Kyle. After about an hour, Howard was off the phone and telling Connie he would be out for the rest of the day. She knew he was up to something, but what was it?

Howard knew what he wanted the whole time he was in the corporate office and having dinner with Kyle and his family. He had a group of businessmen working with him to facilitate this takeover. He was as nice as he could be with everyone, and soon, he was fitting right in. Kyle had no idea that there was a thief amongst them, and his name was Howard. Howard would make his phone calls to his people after work, reporting all that he had found out during the day, putting a large file together for when he was ready to strike.

The time had come, and Howard had all his ducks in a row and proceeded to start the takeover of Kyle’s company. Kyle and his VP and attorneys were working hard on this case and hoping to have it dismissed, being a fraud had taken place against them. There were never any laws broken, Kyle was sure of that.

He had done his due diligence in packaging this franchise opportunity, sparing no cost of legal advice, knowing there was no crime there. The attorneys countered the lawsuit with one of their own, and this should have enough teeth to have all this dismissed once and for all, and then they could get rid of Howard. They were all anxious for the court date to come so that they could put an end to the coup.

Kyle was aware that being the largest producer of financial plans, had its difficulties. Once you are on top, there are so many who would want to take you out and steal what you have built. They felt they were entitled to take over Kyle’s business. Howard was in Kyle’s office for a month, learning the business so that he could buy a franchise for his office in Chicago. Well, this was what Kyle and David thought was going on; however, they had been duped. Howard was gathering all the info he could to start a takeover of the company that Kyle had built.

A lawsuit had been filed against Kyle for allegedly breaking franchise laws. This was a bogus lawsuit from the beginning and part of the plan for Howard and his partner Peter, who seemed to have a long reach, to take over the financial corporation and all the offices nationwide. So much was happening daily, and it was hard to keep up with it all. How many more players are involved in this plot? Kyle was having a hard time wrestling with this and only wanted to talk to Connie; he knew this burned her so much. She was there from the beginning and knew how hard Kyle worked to build his company and how generous he was with Howard, thinking they were on the same page.

Howard and the Chicago bunch were busy contacting all the satellite offices, informing them that they would be taking over as managing partners and what all that entailed to them and their employees, all in violation of the court order. Kyle was busy contacting the same offices and seeing how many he could save under the new business climate they were in. Kyle was counting on his past relationships with his managers in convincing them to stay with his company and reminding them how he had always been upfront and honest in all their business dealings and not to forget all the money they had made with him. Normally, this would be enough for a company to expend all their energy on, but not for Kyle. It was so much more complicated and seemingly difficult.

The flag was waving softly in the wind over the manicured lawn rolling up to a very tall federal courthouse. Kyle and David, with their attorney Ron, went through the metal detectors before entering the courtroom.

“Just put your belongings in the bins please,” said the guard standing at the entrance. David and Kyle were feeling rather good and especially because their attorneys were feeling confident about the case. They both emptied their pockets and put their briefcases on the scanner.

Kyle had worked long hours with Ron to be prepared for today and they felt they had a strong case and should win easily. Howard and Peter were the two who wanted what Kyle had built and were bound and determined to take it. Kyle could not fathom such an action against another businessman just because you want what he has. An all-out assault of destruction until you get what you want and do not take any prisoners. This seemed to be the plan that has been placed to ouster him. What a shock to Kyle, not to Connie, she had tried to warn him, when it all washed out and it was found that Howard was there under false pretense this whole time, gathering information he could use against Kyle. Kyle’s attorney Ron kept saying, “don’t take this so personal, you will let it cloudy your judgement.” Well easy for him to say, it was not his livelihood and family on the line. Kyle had to suck it up and prepare himself so that he could put down this coup.

“All rise,” was heard as the Judge entered the courtroom, a large man in his black robe approached the bench, “be seated,” it was time to begin. Ron, Kyle’s attorney started laying out their case and their opening arguments. Howard was being sued for corporate fraud and signing false documents and Kyle was seeking damages of $4,000,000.

David smiled over at Kyle, as to say, “Not to worry, we have this.” There was a bigger smile from Kyle as his attorney finished with the fraud and embezzlement charges and then took his seat. It was the plaintiff’s turn to explain their actions of the last four months, this ought to be good.

The plaintiff’s attorney was no one other than Kyle’s first lover, Allison Perry. Her maiden name was Parcens and she lived up to the girl next door fantasy. She was older than Kyle, and just turned eighteen then, and was starting to bud in the right places. They created their own love game of Kick the Can. As soon as the game would get going, Allison and Kyle had their secret hiding place. It was a big shrub separating their driveways. He would usually run their first in anticipation of that exciting feeling he had come to love so much. His excitement would grow as he heard her running to their love nest.

“Hurry, don’t let anyone see you,” Kyle whispered.

“I am so excited. Move over, Kyle,” Allison said.

Soon, Kyle could feel her rubbing against him as the darkness fell upon them, and his lips searched for hers. He thought everybody could hear him because of their knees knocking against each other. Kyle kept pushing against her until she was standing against the branches, poking her in the back.

“I am sorry. Twigs are poking you,” Kyle said.

“The only poking I want to feel is you, Kyle,” Allison said, breathing hard.

As they kissed, Kyle let his hand wander down her blouse until he had her little breast in his sweating palm, their secret hidden behind their love bush.

Now several years later, she was still strikingly beautiful and gave Kyle a little wink before she stood. To the surprise of everyone on Kyle’s side, she did not lay out a case, she just got up and said, “your Honor, we were not given the 45 days required before being summoned to court, therefore, we ask that the charges against my client be dropped.”

David nudged Kyle, “we got these bastards now” Kyle smiled back.

However, it was not time for smiles, “Counselor,” the judge said, “upon my review, you are correct, and the said notice must be given before 45 days as stated. Therefore, I am dismissing the charges against your client, Court dismissed.”

Two blank faces could be seen in the pews of the courtroom. Kyle was staring at the front of the room, motionless, then he looked at David, “What the hell just happened?”

“Well I would say we just got royally screwed. The big one, right up the ass” David said looking at Kyle, “How do you feel about that?” Kyle hardly heard the question; he was off to another land where he thought he did not have to go. One of total dismay for justice and what is right. He knew what was wrong; this stupid, bogus decision

Kyle responded after a little hesitation “I feel like Rambo did in his movie when he took out an M-60 and lit up the courtroom.” That is exactly what I want to do. David, I cannot believe what just happened. You cannot count on the court system to be fair. I really do not know what we should do now. The only good thing is they had sixty days before anything happens.” As Allison passed by, Kyle gently stopped her and said.

“You fucked me in there.” He said with a toss of her gorgeous red strands.

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” She replied calmly.

Kyle caught a glimpse of the massive rock on her finger. At this moment, he felt he married the wrong woman. This was another secret exchange between them, as Kyle had come up against Allison before in litigation; everyone assumed they were talking about court cases.

It was a noticeably quiet ride home. Kyle was deep in thought. “It is over. What do we do now?” Kyle asked.

David sat next to him in the car and said, “I have an idea. Let us talk at the office.”

Kyle did not say anything. He drove through the tunnel straight to the office, still in a daze. As they sat in Kyle’s office, Kyle got a couple of cigars and cut them with his cutter, two glasses with a bottle of fifteen-year-old scotch he had been saving for a better moment than this one. That was for sure. He poured one glass and gave it to David, then poured his own as the bottle clicked on the crystal glass. The taste of smooth scotch on his lips, the only thing he thought he could still control.

“So what is your idea, David?” Kyle said, taking a big puff on his cigar.

“Well, you remember all the talk about witches and shit that Howard always talked about?”

“Yes, what does that have to do with anything?” Kyle said.

“My idea is to hit him where he is the weakest, and we know now it is not doing it the legal way. So let us contact a witch. You remember I had once met one at the bar I told you about. I want to talk with her and tell her what happened, and that Howard is susceptible to witchcraft.” Kyle just stared out the window of his office, looking at nothing really, taking in what David was talking about and wondering what witchcraft was. David answered with his definition of witchcraft, and that was the practice of black magic and the summoning of spirits.

The summoning of spirits, Kyle thought. Are they going to be good spirits or bad spirits, and will they go away when the problem is solved? Is this like rent-a-spirit? He thought, smiling to himself.

“David,” Kyle said, turning to him.

“Let’s think about it, and we can discuss it further tomorrow amongst ourselves. I am emotionally drained for one day.”

“You got it,” David said.

The next morning, Kyle decided other matters required his attention, and one was the mess he had on his desk and in his life with the takeover of his company. He put several good hours into salvaging what he could of the morning and then go have a gin and tonic for lunch. David came into his office just as he was deep into sales reports, and he wanted to talk about his idea for revenge against Howard and all those involved in the fiasco in the courtroom.

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