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Chapter 4

An Appointment with a Witch

Kyle looked up from the many files and papers spread out on his desk and said, “What is up? I am really in the middle of all this. Can it wait?”

“Well, it is very important if you want to do something about Howard.” David said.

Kyle was in the mood for anything at this point, so he told David to go ahead and tell him about his idea, again knowing David was not his friend anymore.

David said, “You know about the witch I met in the bar the other night and told you about her the next morning?” Kyle with a blank face, “no I do not remember, you have told me so many things after drinking all night. So now you met a witch?” “Come on, we talked about it the other day, anyway, I first met her after I got back from court. She was full of ideas on how to go after someone who has done you wrong and, more importantly Kyle, susceptible to those things you cannot see. She also said there were different levels of revenge, depending on what you want the outcome to be or how bad you want to hurt someone.” “This all sounds crazy; you can’t come up with any other way to get our revenge?” “No Kyle, this is going to work really good, I just know it.”

“A witch, are you kidding me, David? I will repeat myself, is this the best we can do to get at the bastard? How do we know what is going to happen if we swim in this questionable pond? What if it goes too crazy and a curse is put on you and me and our families? How do you know how this will end? I got to tell you, David, this is making me feel very uneasy. I think we should go another way.”

“Okay, okay, don’t go crazy. What do you think we should do? What the hell is your idea? After what we just went through doing it the right way, yeah, we got screwed badly. We can hire a hitman to take him out.”

“I think it is bad enough that we have had to take a huge financial hit, but we have not broken any laws yet, and I am not sure that I want to.” Kyle said defensively.

“Well, if you change your mind, it will cost around $20,000. I still think that the witch is the best way to go, but if you want to go for the hit, then I have people?” “Where in the hell did you get people who kill other people, you are really starting to lose it David.”

Kyle with a worried look on his face, “I am not on board yet. It scares the hell out of me. I want to sleep on it and will give you my answer in the morning. I am a little amazed that you have no hesitation to bringing a witch into our already existing problems. A witch, hell David you have no idea what could happen, what could be released. I guess I was raised different than you, I do not think I want anything to do with this.

That night, Kyle was uneasy, knowing he had to tell David yes or no about the witch in the morning. It would be nice to be able to talk about these difficult things with your wife. I think that is why people get married, to share their lives. Well Kyle knew better, anything said to his wife would only accelerate into another disagreement and argument. He knew it would be easier not to say anything and knowing he was on his own.

After watching the late news, he called it a day and went to bed and hopefully fall into a deep sleep. With a glass of water on his nightstand, he reached over to turn off the light, bringing darkness to the room. After several hours of restless sleep, Kyle finally fell deep into a dream.

Nighttime had fallen in a bedroom in an apartment in Chicago. A queen-size bed with a blue bedspread on it was in the middle of the room, with dresser drawers in the corner. A door on the left to the bathroom and a light was on in the bathroom, which was on the other side of a window covered with burgundy drapes. The bed had four posts and a marble nightstand next to it. On the nightstand were a lit white candle and a magazine. Kyle could see someone come out of the bathroom, and as he approached the bed, Kyle could see that it was Howard in a dark-blue night robe, wearing a pair of dark blue slippers. He sat on the bed to take off his slippers, and as he reached over, the right sleeve of his robe caught the magazine, which hit the lit white candle and knocked it off the nightstand, rolling it under the window. Howard, now getting concerned as the white candle flame was now touching the bottom of the burgundy drapes, stepped on the floor to go to the bathroom to get some water to put the fire out, but he slipped as he stepped forward on the magazine that had fallen, sending his head into the doorknob of the bathroom door, knocking him out. Kyle, still watching as if he was right there and feeling the fire burning hotter and brighter, moved up the drapes quickly and to Howard’s sleeve on his robe as he lay unconscious on the floor. As the fire burst in hotter yellow flames, taking over the bedroom, Howard woke up and was immersed in the hot red-and-yellow flame and smoke, screaming as he became engulfed in the smothering fire. The screaming was so loud and eerie, and the smell of burning flesh was prominent as it drifted down the corridor of the apartment. Howard burned to death on the floor with the white candle lying next to his charred skeleton of a body.

Waking up in a wet sweat, Kyle had to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom to splash water on his face and then walked over to the window. As he looked across the yard to the neighbor’s house, he could see a candle burning in the window. He wondered if he had ever seen that before. No, he did not think so.

Kyle was not sure why he was seeing so many candles now when he never saw them before David brought up meeting with a witch. What was up with seeing the white candle in my dreams and then next door? He wondered, soaked in his sweat of fear, as he went back to the bathroom to clean his face, and then he went back to bed to get what sleep he could before the early-morning light.

Kyle was standing by his office window with his hot coffee cup in his hand, watching the morning traffic down below moving as if they knew where they were going. He was still shaken up over the dream he had last night and knew that David was coming in to talk about this revenge plan again.

Kyle said, “Come on in, David. Did you get any coffee yet, Connie also brought in some great donuts?”

“Yes, I did, and they were really good, and how are you this morning boss?”

Kyle turned around to face him. “I am having trouble with this plan. I had the craziest dream last night.”

“Yeah, what was it?”

“Howard; I watched as he burned up in his apartment. How is that for a dream?”

“Well, that is exactly what it was, a dream, so let it go.” “I will. It is just still fresh, and you will not believe this. A white candle was on the floor where Howard was lying dead. Isn’t that weird? Hey, that is not all,” he said as he sat down behind his desk.

“I got up after the dream and walked to the window, and there in the neighbor’s window was a lit candle, the candle again.”

“I think you are making too much of it. You saw two different candles, oh my goodness, how scary!” Kyle, not amused, okay knock it off, this is all very uneasy.” “Whatever, have you made a decision yet?”

“No, wait now, I watched as a man who was here for months’ burn up in a fire in his apartment. I heard the screaming, and, David, I could smell the flesh burning. It was that real, David. Now you want me to see a witch and candles of which I have already had a dream about?”

“Okay, I’m sorry for not being sensitive to your witnessing someone burning to death in a dream. Now the present, please. We have to decide on what we are going to do,” David said.

“I want to move forward with the witch. This is starting to take up a lot of my time, and I want to get going.” Kyle said.

“I heard you, but I am still not sure.”

“It was a dream, Kyle. Come on, we all have them.”

“Okay, I will agree, but I still have my doubts and if anything goes wrong, I will hold you personally responsible. You know we are treading in waters we know nothing about. Does that not bother you?”

“Is that a yes?” David asked

“Okay, okay, set it up. I am in for anything, I guess?” Kyle said.

“Let me make a phone call,” David said. “And see what’s up.”

Kyle was thinking that this was out of the box even for him, but he remembered how Howard bragged about his life and how he and his family enjoy sitting around the table for a good ole séance. He had stated that they would go back in time and bring back Grandma Lucy or any other spirit. So if that was what made Howard click, then why not a witch to lead the way to revenge? Kyle thought. If he could take out Howard and his people, then he would only have David to deal with.

“Hey, she will see us now. I will drive.” David said excitedly when he came off the phone

Soon, both were off to a strange way to solve a problem, but Kyle knew he tried the legal way and that was a disaster.

The apartment she lived in was on the first floor in a bad part of town, a subsidized development for those on welfare. Inside the dark apartment were lit candles of different colors with black-and-red curtains on the windows, which were closed. They sat down in the dining room around a small circular table covered with a red-and-yellow cloth with several crystals located around the small room and a large crystal in the middle of the table. David told her what had happened; bringing her up to speed since the last time they had spoken to her. David reiterated who had done this to them and what they wanted from her, along with her suggestions. There was a long pause as she asked questions as to their expectations and desires, and then she went quiet, and her head was tilted down with her eyes closed.

It seemed like the longest time. Finally, with red shot eyes, she got up from the table and walked behind her seat, looking down in thought as the incense burned and the smoke filtered in the nose as smoke rose from the burners, and then she spoke, “Okay, I now know what it is you are asking of me. I know who it is you want to expose. It has all come to me. This is what I have come up with.” She pulled out some small baggies from a leather pouch as she mumbled some incantations and hand motions and then put them on the table. She reached under the table and brought up four black candles and a white candle.

“You are to take both candles to your office and write with a black Sharpie, thirteen bad things you want to happen to this person on the black candles. In this baggy is some grave parts. Sprinkle them on the black candle only and then wait until midnight, and you will light the black candle with a wooden match.

Once you have done this, say repeatedly the thirteen things you want to happen to him. Take the white candle, and put that in your office, Kyle. It is there for the good spirits while the black candle will attract bad spirits.”

She sat back down and asked if they were prepared for what was going to happen and to pay her for this information and, most importantly, the curse. David said yes and proceeded to pay her what she had asked for. Kyle was still stuck on being prepared for what was going to happen.

“No need to piss off a witch,” he said. They both looked at each other because they had never done anything like this, and it was starting to feel a little scary. David said to the witch, “Is there any guarantees that this will work?”

“Well, no, but it is up to the spirits you contact as to what they want to do.”

“So you are saying that we have no control over this, and we are contacting spirits to do our bidding, gee what is the worst that could happen?” Kyle asked in jest.

Both Kyle and David looked at each other again and shrugged their shoulders as if to say, “Okay, let the dice roll,” and with that, the two guys left there loaded with ammunition to get Howard in Chicago as they headed back to the office.

At the office, they went around to find the best place to put the black candle. They had enough candles to put in 5 offices with the one white candle to go into Kyle’s office. With all that done, they waited until the dark of evening with wooden matches in hand and grave parts ready to be sprinkled, and with the stroke of the clock at midnight, David said, “Okay, we want to light this right at midnight. Are you ready to do this, Kyle? I know that this kind of stuff is not your favorite.”

Kyle said, looking a little scared, “not my favorite, that is putting it mildly. “You go ahead and light the candle. I will watch.”

The grave parts were put around the wick, and the wooden match was struck, the black candle was lit. There was immediately a dark black smoke that came off the candle, they both just stared at it and each other. An unnerving feeling came over them both. Not knowing exactly what they had done, they walked out of the office, locking the door behind them, and both headed to their homes, thinking that the fix was in for Howard. Kyle looking at David, “is it too late to stop what we have done, do you think?” “Yes it would be like putting the tooth paste back in the tube, not going to happen.”

Heading down the elevator, David said, “Now remember, we must cuss at the candles when we walk by them, and we need to tell the employees to do the same thing.”

“I hope they all don’t just get up and walk out.” Kyle said.

“Don’t worry, boss. I will handle it all,” David chimed in.

“You will handle it. You are the one who talked me into this. I am very uneasy, David. After listening to the witch, I must admit that I fear what might happen. I have never gone after bad spirits to help me get someone. The thought of doing this is sickening to me.”

David, acting in control, said, “You are letting this all get to you, we haven’t even used the white candle yet, we only talked about it. I am sure it is something simple, and Howard will probably not even know we did this to get him.”

“Well, if you think that this is all for not, then why the hell are we doing this? Maybe we should just put the candles in the trash and forget all about this crazy idea?”

“After all that we have already done, I think you are just overthinking this. We are doing the right thing, I promise,” David said.

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