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Chapter 5

Death to VP

As Kyle drove into the city from his home in the hills, he was thinking of what they had done last night and wondered what was going to happen if anything at all. When he reached his office, some of the employees who were Catholics questioned both David and Kyle about the black candles in the office.

David had already explained to them what the boss and he were doing and why. Well, immediately, several of the religious ones quit and said that they could not be around this type of activity. The rest of them just watched in amusement as David and Kyle would both hiss at the candle and say bad things as they pass it.

A couple of days later, as the late afternoon started to creep into the day, Kyle was working in his office on an exceptionally large contract that he had to bid on in the hope of getting it. Kyle knew that these large contracts were very important to the growth of his company. When Connie said that the gentleman who cleans his offices wanted to speak to him. “Connie not now, I have to get this contract bid in on time. Tell him that he will have to wait,” as he pushes the button on the intercom. It was not a minute after telling her not to bother him, “I am really sorry boss, but he says it cannot wait.” “Alright, I am already mentally off of the figures I needed, send him in.” Manuel Rodriquez was his name, and he seemed to be extremely upset and very anxious to speak with him. Kyle told him to have a seat, “why is it so important to see me immediately. What could be so important, tell me?”

Manuel, now sweat on his brow, said, “What are you doing with the black candle in your different offices, Mr. Stone?”

Before he could answer his question, Manuel interrupted while being very antsy in his seat, said, “Let me tell you, boss, what I am seeing at night when I am cleaning your office, and I say your office because that is where all the activity takes place.”

Kyle gave him a puzzled look, “what do you mean all the activity takes place in my office, what activity?” If there was to be any so-called activity, Kyle thought he would be protected because he had the white candle in his office, that was what the witch told him. All should be good for me, he thought.

“It seems like you have invited a lot of bad spirits to your office, boss, even though you have a white candle in it. I have been cleaning here for a long time, and there never was a problem. I have always been here alone, or I thought I was. Ever since you put the black candle in the office and listed the bad things you want to happen to this man, and then you make it worse by spitting and cussing at it when you walk by it. Last night when I came in, I had a real bad feeling coming up the elevator. Something was telling me not to go here. Turn around, go back down the elevator, and never return was the message I was getting. I went up here anyway because you are paying me to clean. When I opened the door and went to the secretary’s desk, I put a crucifix on it, leaning it up against her books and went into your office. Oh my god, behind your desk, visible from the waist up, was a large spirit, and in slow motion, he opened his mouth and said, ‘Come on in.’ He made no sound, just mouthed the words slowly. Very freaky! As I looked around, there were two others on the couch with your cigars in their mouths. I am sorry, boss. I was so scared; I just about peed in my pants.”

Kyle, with his mouth open, just stared at Manuel and then looked around his office, not wanting to believe him, but it was obvious that he was not making this up.

“Boss, I left quickly and went to the secretary’s desk to get my crucifix and get the hell out of here. My crucifix had been turned upside down while I was in your office. I grabbed it with my shaking hands while making the sign of the cross with the other. I did not even bother with the elevator. I ran down the stairs to the first floor, and, boss, I could not stop shaking. I came here to tell you that I will not be returning to clean, and I must tell you that you have done something awfully bad. I suggest that you contact someone from the church and have them do an exorcism in your office. I am sorry, boss, but I promised my wife that I would not go back in. I have to quit.”

Kyle with a stunned look on his face said, “I am sorry, Manuel. We have never done this before and did not know what to expect. Good luck to you, and may God bless us all.”

Kyle was not sure of all this. He had not seen any ghosts but went ahead with the recommendations from Manuel being he was so adamant about what he had seen.

The next morning, when Kyle arrived after his usual long commute, he saw his office door open and wondered who had been in there.

“Connie, why is my door open? Who has been there? Did you put something in there?” he asked his secretary.

She said, “Just go in. You will see what is there, and the door was open when I got here.”

He walked into his office, and on the far-right wall was written in what looked like blood, “Death to David.”

Kyle could not believe what he was seeing, especially after Manuel was just there with his story of bad spirits. What the hell did he get himself into? He immediately remembered the dream he had the other night and how real it seemed, and now this message to kill on his office wall. God, help us.

There was no reason to call the police; there was no crime yet. The office was all locked up all night, and there was not any cleaning going on. So how the hell did someone or something get into the office overnight to write this on the wall? The other possibility Kyle thought about was someone with a key. How about David? He thought. He might have put this red liquid on the wall to look like blood.

Kyle told his assistant to have someone get some soap and water and get that off the office wall as soon as possible, and he then went to lunch to ponder on the strange activity.

Kyle had a few more than usual cocktails that day and went back to the office with a nice buzz going on.

His assistant could always tell when he had a buzz on, and she knew he would be playful if teased.

However, Kyle had too much on his mind to be playful this afternoon. The witch candles were not sitting right with him, and he was not sure what he had gotten into.

He went into his private bathroom, and as he was washing his hands, his secretary yelled at him, “Kyle, do not forget about David!”

Kyle was in front of the sink. “Yeah, I hear you. Oh my god, holy shit!” he yelled as a loud crashing noise could be heard throughout the office.

Connie asked, “What are you yelling about?”

“Come on in here. You won’t believe what just happened.”

Connie got up from her desk and quickly walked to the private bathroom. “Oh my god, are you okay?” she said.

Kyle was standing on a pile of glass from the mirror that shattered. “You won’t believe this. As soon as you said David, the glass shattered right in front of me, and I was just washing my hands. I am alright, none got on me or in me, it scared the hell out of me.”

Shaken, he came out of his bathroom and headed for his desk to light up a cigar to calm down. Calming down did not last long when he heard from his secretary.

“Kyle, did you see this?” she yelled from her office.

Kyle, trying to calm down at his desk, said, “What did I not see, Connie?”

“You better come in here.”

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