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Chapter 6

They Conspired to Takeover

It had been calculated that every office would bring in an additional $150,000 a month, so he was excited every time an opportunity came up and it was getting him closer to buying his own jet. Kyle was sitting behind his desk, looking out the window at the main boulevard flowing quickly with so many cars and people on the street. He was thinking about inviting Julie from payroll. It was always a good idea to be with the one who produced the checks, and she had been talking a lot with David, another one to keep his eyes on, so he asked her to meet him at the airport so that he could finally put a face to someone who was so important in the everyday operation of the cash flow. Kyle was going to have lunch with Julie before he and David were off to Dallas for a franchise meeting. She had been dropping a lot of hints about wanting to meet him and the huge crush she had on him even though she was married. Kyle had no intention of showing any affection to her. These situations usually did not turn out well and especially when the one you are messing with was the one who wrote the checks. It would be absolutely the wrong move, and he was not looking for an affair. He has enough troubles on his plate already. She was not to become a lover when she was possibly part of a coup.

Well, what were the next few days going to be about? David thought as he and Kyle headed for the meeting in Dallas aboard a 757. Having Julie picking him up was exciting, especially with what him and Julie had discussed with plans to takeover of the business.

He had not seen her before, but they both told each other what they looked like, and they seemed okay with the descriptions. She was in her late twenties, brunette with a medium build.

“Sir, here is your cocktail,” said the flight attendant.

“We will be departing soon.”

“With this weather, I am sure I will be needing more,” Kyle said as he looked out the window after addressing the flight attendant.

The weather report was unbelievably bad in the Bay Area that morning, winds at fifty-mile-an-hour gust. This made him very uneasy, not like flying on a good day, and now this, he could not help himself to start thinking about all the bad flights he had had and how much he hate turbulence as he looked out the plane window. He always felt that the worst part of flying was the shaking of the aircraft, not knowing when it was going to stop. With the thoughts of a bad flight creeping into his head, he heard the passengers in front of him say that the Bay Bridge was being closed due to the high winds.

As Kyle was pondering on this new development, the captain came on the intercom to welcome the passengers and to warn them about the weather conditions and the rough ride they would experience until they would hit their flying altitude. This was not what he wanted to hear, but he looked out the window, watching a canvas blow across the tarmac with two workers chasing it.

“Maybe I should be one of them,” he thought and not the one sitting on this plane. Soon, the engines roared, seat belts fastened and tightened. They headed down the runway, Kyle’s mind went to where he did not want to go, he had a real fear that he would die in a plane crash, something he felt every time he got on a plane, wheels up and hope and pray. Well, it did not take long before it seemed like they were in the thick of things. They had just reached ten thousand feet, and they hit their first bad air, and the plane started to shake and then took a sudden fall as the plane was making its right turn, and it was so severe the pilot came on and said that he would talk them through this until they reached their cruising altitude, and hopefully, it would smooth out.

“Hold on to your seats,” the pilot said. “We are coming upon a big cell, and we are not able to get around it but don’t worry, we are flying an L-1011, and she is built to take this kind of weather.”

At that time, the plane fell, as if one were standing on the edge, and it disappeared below, falling, screams, babies crying, adults crying, luggage bins opening and contents flying.

Then, the pilot said, “Well, that was a dozy. We fell four thousand feet. Hold on!”

It was only seconds, and it did it again.

“Wow, that was another seven thousand feet, but we were still climbing.”

One must ask themselves when they find themselves in these kinds of situations, is it that damn important to get home?

Why did I not wait? Was the thought as Kyle was gripping the seat with all he had. This was not fun.

Everyone held their breath, just waiting for the plane to stop falling. Hopefully, it would.

This is the worst flight ever, Kyle thought, the worst he had ever been on. He had been trying to read Harold Robbin’s novel and wanting to get so deep into the book that he would not know he was on this damn plane. Then, out the window, cruising altitude, blue sky, smooth air, bring on the cocktails, they all we’re going to live. It took a while for Kyle to get over the flight and have a smile on his face again. He could not shake the thoughts and fear of those sudden fall one after the other. The train sure was sounding like a much better way to travel. Kyle looked over across the aisle to Dave and held his drink up.

David knew what he meant and cheered him back. They were just about to start their descent into Dallas airport and Kyle had booked one room for him and one for David. Julie was presumed to be staying with Kyle, and it was a good bet.

As they got off the plane with the worst flight ever, the limo was waiting for them to take them to the hotel.

Kyle had arranged for the limo driver to pick up Julie so that she could meet them at the plane. Coming down the stairs, Kyle could see a good-looking brunette wearing a dark-blue skirt with a white blouse and black high heels standing next to the limo. It put a smile on his face. As he walked to the limo, she started to walk toward him. She put her arms out as if to hug him but then walked past Kyle and went straight for David, grabbed his head, and laid a big kiss on his lips. This was not a good way to start this trip Kyle was thinking. He did not get the respect he thought he would from her.

“I have been waiting a long time to do that to you David.”

Kyle with a smug face said, “You must be Julie, we have spoken so many times?”

“Yes, I am Kyle, and I am glad to be here,” she said, smiling and looking pretty.

Kyle now stared at David, and it was not a good stare. David could see that his surprise of hooking up with Julie was not sitting right with Kyle. They walked to the limo, and Kyle opened the door for Julie.

David was next to get in. Kyle did not look happy.

“You and I will talk about the hotel, got it?” Kyle said.

David nodded and then got into the limo, and they sped off to the hotel.

Kyle was not able to trust his VP David or had to be guarded, or anyone, at this stage, and he now suspected him in the larger picture of collaborating with those who want to hurt this company. He did not want to believe it of David; they were too close he thought. Kyle would just have to hold on to his suspicions and keep a close eye on David. If David kept it up, he might not even have a job when he got back.

The trip went great and it was starting to get late in the day. The investor and franchisor both wanted in, and the visit to South Fork was successful, and the new offices would create another $150,000 a month to the business. For two guys who watch the show Dallas, every week, it was a thrill being in South Fork and take in all the sights they had seen in watching the show and being part of the fantasy.

However, closing another huge deal, this was even a greater event.

Kyle walked to the car at the ranch. “I don’t know about you, David, but I enjoyed going through the house and seeing what I saw during the show.” David, with a smile on his face, said, “I know what you mean.

“I especially enjoyed the balcony of the bedroom. It was bitchin’.”

“That was special,” Kyle mirrored.

Back at the hotel, David and Julie went up to their room, and Kyle stayed at the bar, finishing up his tequila and tonic while stressing over David. Julie and David packed up the next morning for their flight home. Kyle was to meet them in the lobby. David gave Julie the American Express card to check them out while he sat on the couch waiting for Kyle, reading the Dallas Times. When Julie was done checking out, she came over to David and kneeled next to him. He gave her a look and shrugged his shoulders as she just smiled at him as if to say, “It feels good.” Kyle came down and saw the two of them and walked over to and said, “What the hell are you doing? She now kneels when you are around?” David just smiled at him and said, “She is doing it on her own.”

If Kyle thought he was stressed over this before, he now had new reasons to be overly concerned. Anytime a controller in charge of millions of dollars is kneeling on the floor next to your VP is a sign of weakness. You better believe you have something to strongly worry about.

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