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Letter to the Prosecutor

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The main event takes place during a gala reception in London honoring the anniversary of the Carnagon family. Following Lord Carnagon’s formal speech, one of the guests, Sir Dawson, becomes noticeably ill and quickly passes away. In the circumstances, Lord Kaverdish begins his own investigation prior to the arrival of a detective from Scotland Yard. Aside from Charles, no one believed anything was amiss about the death of Sir Dawson. Undeterred, Kaverdish immediately begins collecting evidence and questioning witnesses. The case turns out to be woven with a number of apparently contradictory facts. Lord Kaverdish makes good progress in his investigation, however. It soon transpires that Sir Dawson was terminally ill, which begs the question of why someone would murder a terminally ill man? This presented a seemingly unsolvable dilemma, at least if the killer knew this fact. The talented detective manages to solve this conundrum, though, and Charles's longtime friend and poker partner Oliver Russell is most surprised on learning the motive for the murder, although he never doubted that Lord Kaverdish’s genius would uncover the truth.

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