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I know what you're thinking, how can I, Emily Goodwin, have a new family. It's quite simple really, I'm an orphan. This is the 3rd family I've been sent to this year. I became an orphan when I was left on the front porch of an orphanage. Don't feel sorry for me, I never knew my parents so I don't have an emotional attachment to them. *** What will Emily do when she finds the people who abandoned her? Will she be happy, sad, or angry? Find out in this book.

Mystery / Romance
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New family - Chapter 1

I know what you’re thinking, how can I, Emily Goodwin, have a new family. It’s quite simple really, I’m an orphan. This is the 3rd family I’ve been sent to this year. I became an orphan when I was left on the front porch of an orphanage. Don’t feel sorry for me, I never knew my parents so I don’t have an emotional attachment to them.


I’m sitting in Sam’s car, she’s my new foster parent. Maybe I can stay with her until my eighteenth birthday. Maybe she won’t give up on trying to help me. Maybe I won’t start acting out because my parents probably haven’t thought of their daughter for eighteen years. Maybe, just maybe.

We suddenly pulled up at a huge house and I didn’t realize that I fell asleep against the cold glass pane we humans call windows while we were driving. When Sam beckoned me out of the car, through the window I was formerly drooling on, I almost refused to get out because I knew I’d just end up with a new foster parent because of my behavior.

When I got out of her car to get my bags from the backseat, I didn’t see the note someone attached to my bag filled with my soccer equipment and my goalie equipment. I finally had all my bags in hand and I was walking to the front porch with an exhausted look on my face. I waited for Sam to unlock the door when I heard her say that the door is unlocked. I, not questioning the fact that the door is supposed to be locked when there’s no one there, walked in and put my bags at the closest open space on the floor.

I decided to explore the place I have to call “home” for the next while. Suddenly I heard a boy’s voice from a room I assumed is the dining room. With a curious look on my face, I ventured to the same room I heard the voice from.

What I saw next confused me, 2 boys at the dining tables. Not one of them noticed me until Sam called me, then all hell broke loose. With both of them turning their heads in my direction, all I could do was stand still, I didn’t move a muscle. With fear washing over my face, I didn’t realise that Sam was talking to me, until one of them walked in my direction, then all of my senses started flooding back.

I finally heard Sam’s questions that mostly consisted of “Are you okay, dear?“. I turned to her and said in a shaky voice, “Yes, why wouldn’t I be”. Sam stared at me with concern and started to explain everything to me.

“Those are my sons,” she said while pointing to the 2 boys, who were around the age of 15 or 16, “and they are in their sophomore year of high school. The one with glasses is Thomas and the other one is Dean.” I looked back at them and Dean started approaching me in a way that seemed like he was trying to seduce me. Key word, trying.

As Sam left the dining room, he started speaking to me, “Hey,” he said trying to deepen his voice, clearly still going through puberty. “Stop right there, buddy, I don’t think that your tricks will work on me” I said, crushing the tiny hopes and dreams he had of a future containing a relationship between him and I. Not realising there is someone else in the dining room, I was startled when I heard the faintest laugh from behind Dean.

“Sorry bro, there’s plenty more fish in the see, not that they’d fancy you.” Thomas said. That got a chuckle from me and an infuriated look from Dean. After witnessing Dean trying to fight Thomas, Sam came back into the dining room and beckoned me to her. “Let me show you your room”, she said as I followed her up the stairs. Coming to a stop in front of an open door, I walked in and saw that Sam already brought all my bags up.

“You didn’t have to bring the bags, I would’ve been fine bringing them up myself, “I told her with a sweet smile in my face. “No, it’s fine my dear. Oh, and I found this note attached to one of the bags”, she said with a small smile on her face while handing me the note. As she left, I stared at the piece of paper in my hand with curiosity. “Why would someone give me a note?” I thought to myself.

As Sam left the room, I put the note in a drawer of my nightstand, I started unpacking all my clothes and neatly placing my equipment in an open corner of the room. When I was finally done, I saw that the sun was setting and I heard Sam call us for dinner. When I got to the dining room, I saw Sam, Dean and Thomas sitting around the table. I sat next to Sam and we started eating dinner. Halfway through the meal, my curiosity started to bring questions to my thoughts. Where is their father? Why isn’t he here?

As if reading my mind, Sam began explaining his absence. “He passed away in a car accident when Dean and Thomas were 3 years old” An awkward silence lingered in the air as I looked at their sad facial expressions. “I’m so sorry” I said as I looked at them with the same facial expression, realising I don’t have a father either nor do I have a mother. I looked down at my food and pushed the remaining bits around in the plate with my mind racing with unanswered questions.

Sam cleared her throat, breaking the awkward silence, and asked if we wanted to watch a movie. I smiled sincerely and replied that I would love to but I need to catch up on much needed sleep. She understood and smiled, as if allowing me to go and sleep. As I walked to my room, my thoughts went back to the note in the drawer of my nightstand.

I got the note and opened it to read it, but as soon as I did, a small piece of paper fell and I bent down to pick it up. As I studied the picture, I recognised someone in the picture. As I frantically searched my backpack, I finally found the picture I was looking for. As I put the pictures side by side, I had a shocking realisation. It was a picture of me when I was a baby.

In shock, I picked up the note and finally read its contents. A name and a number were written on the paper. The name was Flynn. I stumbled back, no sensible explanation to the note came to mind. Deciding that I will think about it the next day, I changed into my pyjamas and went to sleep.

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