From life to death

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The hell-hole people call school - Chapter 2

Little did I know that I would be walking through Walmart with Sam, Dean and Thomas, getting my school supplies for my senior year. I thought that the Saturday before my first day of senior year, at the hell-hole people call school, would be spent in my room planning for the apocalypse of all the teenage zombies who didn’t get much sleep the night before.

As I was walking through Walmart with a bored expression on my sleep deprived face, slowly getting everything, I would need for the year ahead of me, I remembered that the soccer tryouts were on Tuesday and I started getting excited.

As my excitement started showing on my face, my thoughts were filled with the many things I am excited for this school year. Not seeing the people I already know, getting to meet new people, the new people I get to ignore, and maybe the fact that I can have a new start where they won’t know my “tragic” backstory.

Suddenly, my cart collided with something and I snapped out of my thoughts, seeing that I bumped into someone else’s cart. As I started to apologise immediately for my clumsiness and explaining that I was lost in thought, I heard someone laughing. When I looked at the person the laughter was coming from, I got lost in his ocean blue eyes, his perfect mouth parting from laughing showing his pearly white teeth, his soft blond hair and I couldn’t get myself to look away.

As I was staring at him it felt like time slowed down just for me to enjoy this moment a while longer, but like all happy dreams, it came to an end after he said it’s fine, flashing me those pearly whites once more and walking away. A feeling of sadness washed over me as his perfect figure got smaller as he walked further away from me.

I snapped out of my daze and continued getting everything I need and when I had everything, I met up with Sam who payed for her clothes, telling me I don’t have to. I thanked her and we both replied with a warm smile. When we finally got back, I asked Sam if I could practice soccer for a while because of the upcoming tryouts. She said yes while wearing a warmer smile than earlier. Suddenly Dean and Thomas asked if they could join me, and I said that they could join me anytime.

When I got my cleats (soccer shoes), gloves and my ball, the twins and I started passing the ball to each other for a small warm up before I started deflecting balls the twins kick in my direction. It was really fun and the twins and I had fun conversations, learning more about the other’s life and soccer skills. Dean was pretty good, but Thomas was a lot better than I thought he’d be because he didn’t look like the sporty type.


After we ate dinner, I went to shower and I then went to sleep, once again forgetting about the mysterious note and picture. My Sunday went by fast and the next thing I knew I was on my way to my new school. The twins helped me get to the office to get my class schedule.

When I finally had my schedule in hand, I started making my way down the corridors to my first class. While I was walking, I saw that the classes were all numbered in sequence, which made it easy to find my classes. I walked into my English class, suddenly feeling around 30 pairs of eyes on me. I looked at the classroom then at Mrs. Brown, telling her that I’m a new student.

She smiled warmly at me and asked me to introduce myself to the class. I looked at the class and started, “Hello, my name is Emily Goodwin and I just moved here from New York.” I said while smiling, and then my eyes got caught on someone in the class. It was the same person I bumped carts with in Walmart. I stared at him in disbelief, as he lifted his head and made eye contact with me.

An unfamiliar feeling erupted in my stomach, which was interrupted by the teacher telling a guy to raise his hand and telling me to go sit next to him. As I was walking to my seat, my eyes landed on the boy who raised his hand, his pitch-black hair, his stone-cold grey eyes, his black leather jacket and the glare he wore, but it all still made him attractive, yet scary.

An intimidated feeling mixed with the unfamiliar feeling in my stomach from both the Golden Boy and the Bad Boy in my presence. I swallowed nervously and the English class continued without a word being said between him and I. I kinda liked the silence, but the less we spoke the more my thoughts were clouded by him. His “Bad Boy” persona, the intimidation emitting from him and the way he glared at anyone who looks his way.


The sound of the bell rang in my ears as my Chemistry class ended, I made my way to the cafeteria. I paid for my food and made my way to where the twins were sitting, then I heard, “Hey, new girl, come here.” I turned around and saw a girl motioning me towards her table. Deciding I need at least one friend, I made my way over to the table. When I got to the table, she started talking again, “You’re Emily, right? I’m in your English class,” of course, I should’ve recognised her fiery copper hair earlier, “I’m Roxy, short for Roxanne. You can sit with me.” she continued, smiling. I smiled generously at her and sat next to her.

We started talking and we became friends, I’m glad to have made at least one today. After getting through the last 3 classes of the day, Sam came to pick the twins and I up from school. When we were in the car, Dean started talking, “Hey, Emily, why didn’t you sit with us today?”

“Hey man, was your fantasies born on a highway, cause that’s where most accidents happen” Thomas piped in, Sam and I chuckled as Dean looked like he wanted to kill Thomas. The drive home was spent talking and laughing at each other’s joke’s. We finally drove into the driveway.

After we ate dinner, I got ready for bed, and I remembered about the mysterious note and picture, and got it out of the drawer in my nightstand. I stared at the number and name. Flynn. Who do I know named Flynn? I decided to call the number and dialled it.

It rang for a few seconds, a few agonisingly long seconds, and I suddenly heard a voice on the other end. “Hello?” the voice said. I didn’t reply and the voice asked, “Are you there?“. My voice wavering, I asked, “Flynn?”

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