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Soccer tryouts - Chapter 3

I was totally nervous today because of two things, the soccer tryouts and the call from last night. When I finally convinced myself to get out of my safe haven, I got my soccer equipment and Sam took the twins and I to school. I put my equipment into my locker and went to my first class of the day, English.

When I sat down next to the boy, who I found out was Alec Garcia, a silence hung in the air between us. I never looked his way because I was scared I would receive a glare from him which would turn Medusa to stone.

I’ve learned quite a bit about this “Bad Boy” through gossip and Roxy, well mostly Roxy. He transferred here for Senior year as well. Nobody knows where he came from, nor do they know much about him. He keeps to himself and doesn’t fight with someone unless he has to, but then comes the strange part, he sometimes disappears from school or he doesn’t show up at all, but the teachers don’t pay any attention to it. It’s as if he has immunity in this school.

When my gaze wondered around the class, it landed on him. The “Golden Boy” of the school. Liam Wentworth, the boy every girl and every gay guy likes, no matter their preference. his perfect school record, athletic abilities and perfect features can make anyone swoon. Of course I’m a victim to its fury. Crushing a girl’s dream in seconds when he finds “the one”.

He suddenly looked my way and smiled. A nervous squeak left my lips and my face flushed a cherry red. Alec saw it and I heard a low amused chuckle from his way. I tried to glare at him but my flushed face didn’t help much so I just looked like a complete idiot. The rest of the day went by with my mind wandering off to the nerves that has built up in me.

It was finally time for the tryouts and I was excited yet nervous. I had my equipment with me and we stood out in the field. Next thing I knew, Liam came out onto the field with a clipboard and a whistle. I put two and two together and figured out that he was here to judge our performance and see who would be a good fit for the team.

The memory of what happened in English class came to mind and my face began to redden just like it did this morning. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice telling us what is going to happen and I started paying attention to what the voice is saying, “We are looking for the strongest players to make up the best team possible. We already know who the core team is, and we are looking for a few other players who can fit in, but there are a whole lot of other variables that come into play.” he said. “We are looking for speed, agility, dedication, intelligence, personality. We also wanna know if you are a problem player, coachable and do you have that little extra to bring to the team.”

We all nodded in response and the tryouts started. We started running around the field and stretching as our warm up. When we heard a loud whistle, we formed a line and started with tapping the ball, then dribbling the ball and we moved on to controlling the ball. We then all took shots with the ball and passed it to one another.


We ended with stretching to ensure the pain in our muscles are less. We heard another loud whistle and formed a group in front of Liam. “We still have to discuss a lot of what happened today, but we will announce when the results will be on the notice board in the main hall,” he said to us. “Thank you for trying out today and you all can leave now.”

I walked over to my bag and put all my equipment back in. I called Sam to pick me up and we went home. On the way we spoke about the tryouts and what happened at school that day. We finally pulled up onto the driveway and went inside. I went to take a shower in my bathroom and I changed into my pajamas. When I finally had all my clothes on my phone started to ring. I jumped in fright of it being the same person I called last night.

When I got my phone, I saw that it was only Roxy calling me. I answered and said, “Hello.” “Hey, do you wanna go shopping tomorrow?” she asked in an excited voice. “Sure, but I’ll have to ask Sam first. I’ll text you her answer” I told her. “Ok, I can’t wait.” she said. we both said goodbye and I made my way down for dinner.

At the dinner table I saw that Dean and Thomas were already seated and I started speaking to them. “Hey, do you guys do any sport?” “Yeah, I play lacrosse, but Dean is more of the geeky twin.” Dean said as Thomas glared a hole through his head. “Hey! At least I have brains, unlike you” Thomas said to Dean and it was Dean’s turn to glare. I laughed at their silly antics and went over to Sam to ask her about the shopping trip.

“Hey, Sam. Is it okay if I go shopping tomorrow with Roxy?” I asked her. “Sure, sweety. Just be home before 6.” I smiled at her and went to sit at the table. We ate and i went up to my room to finish my homework and I texted Roxy that I can go shopping tomorrow and I went to sleep.


When I woke up the next morning, I got ready for school and Sam drove us to school. I got out to find Roxy. I saw her standing at her locker and I made a beeline for her. “Hey, I can’t wait for the shopping today!” I told her. “Me neither. Hey, I think Liam’s coming this way.” she told me in a hushed tone. My eyes widened as I felt his presence behind me.

“Hey, weren’t you at the tryouts yesterday?” he asked as I turned to him. I smiled and said, “Yeah, I was. Why?” “You were really good; I’m guessing you were on the team at your previous school.” “Yeah...” I said as my cheeks reddened once more. “My names Liam” he said as he flashed me a warm smile. “I’m Emily” I said back a little shyly.

“I hope I will see you more around school, Emily” he said as he turned to walk away. “Yeah, me too” I said hastily to his retreating figure. As I turned back to Roxy, I saw a weird expression on her face. “What?” I asked. “I think my friend has a crush on the ‘Golden Boy’.” she said as we started walking down the hall to class.

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