The me I never was

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Well to sum this up, my story is, based off of opinion, because I it probably isn’t true, but my whole life as i’ve known it i’ve been overweight. So, someone like me trys to fit in a lot but me I think differently so i’m in to all kinds of bad stuff that god doesn’t approve. But because i’m overweight I could never have my life to the fullest. Because I if god answer my prayer I would just be able to do things that get me in trouble alot. And this idea comes from all the firls at my school that i admire an see apart of myself in that if i was skinny like i want to be that all of the bad personalities of them would be just in one person me and that isn’t good cause i feel i would make a lot of bad choices because it’s just who i am and that why god want answer my prayer cause it’s actual the best thing for me and that’s my opinion. Cause it’s probably not true and i just can’t be skinny even if my life was hell and i wanted more than life it’s self!

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Londyn Rogers
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Chapter 1 - The reborn

I'm Faye Michigan and I'm the worst student in Mrs. Haley's class. I'm a rebel and I love it.

It all started when I was an overweight 12-year-old in middle school with the most depressing and unexplainable life ever. So, I decided that it was time to end it and I did at the one place no one would look to find me. At a high school party on Boulevard street and so I committed suicide in the basement of the party house. However, it was quick and painless so if you were thinking about what dying felt like I don't have a clue.

Yet, that's not the end of my story somehow God said it wasn’t time for me to die yet. So, I was reborn, but with the cost of having the craving for human blood. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, ”a vampire.” Yep, that's what it turned out to be, also to be the first one at that. But, yet it's still was weird because vampires we're supposed to be only in fiction books. However, I guess killing myself, and not being reborn in a natural way might have put things out of order. Also, it probably has to do with being punished because I killed myself known I could have changed the world. I was actually smart in school in all but my life was a nightmare so I had to end it.

But now I had a craving for blood, and when I actually stop to look my body wasn’t overweight anymore so I had a benefit too so I could manage. I also was a nerd so I knew about vampire anyway, so all I had to do was figure out what I should feed off of before I die all over again. My life had just started and since no one knew I commit suicide it could be continued without all the awkwardness of my family thinking I killed myself.

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