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Olivia found out that her best friend died. Olivia saw her the day she died and told her to be cautious, but she didn't listen. Olivia is trying to find out who did this to her with the help of her roommate, Madison. They have a great adventure trying to find out who did this to her and why. During their investigation, they realize they don't know her as well as they thought. And the secrets are unbelievable.

Mystery / Adventure
Oceana Blue
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Chapter 1, The Bad News

- Now -


The worst thing imaginable just happened.

My lifetime best friend, Amara, died. She is gone. I don’t know what I will do without her in my life anymore. We did everything together. We went everywhere together. We were each other’s life. And now she is gone.

She helped me with all of my problems and I helped her with her problems. We were there for each other when we needed each other most and now I don’t have her. She can’t help me anymore. She isn’t here for me. She isn’t here at all.

We were supposed to graduate from college together. We were supposed to have the best time, be young, go out, have fun, and now it’s not possible. Our plans to live our lives are officially ruined. They are nonexistent. They died along with her.

“Liv. Hey, Liv. Wake up. We have to go.“, a voice wakes me.

It’s my roommate, Madison. We became friends in high school and we were roommates with Amara before she died. We all became really close by the time we graduated and we decided to be roommates when we figured out we all wanted to go to the same college.

“We have to go to Amara’s funeral. Get ready.”


It is pouring rain at the funeral. It is dark from the dark grey clouds. It smells like old cologne and fresh roses. Roses were Amara’s favorite. All of her family is here and I recognize every single person. Out of her friends, Madison and I are the only ones. I was expecting more people, but I guess most of her other family that doesn’t live here couldn’t come.

The voice of Amara’s mother snaps me out of thoughts. “I will miss Amara with all my heart.” I refrain from rolling my eyes at that made up sentence. Amara and her mom never got along but I am not sure why. Amara never mentioned it to me, but I understand why she won’t want to tell me. “She was the heart and soul of our family and she will never be forgotten. She made us who we are today and she has greatly impacted our lives. We will miss her dearly. Goodbye, Amara.”

Amara’s mother stepped back and there was a moment of complete silence. I feel like I should say something considering she was my best friend. I take a long deep breath and say, “If you don’t mind, I would like to say something.” Amara’s mother gestures me up to the front. “Amara and I have been best friends longer than I can remember. We always helped each other out with whatever no questions asked. She was my other half and I don’t know what I will do without her. I will miss you so much, Amara.”


After the funeral, Amara’s parents decided to invite her friends to their house so they can say their goodbyes. It is mostly people from school and some from camp. I don’t want to be here and be friendly to all of these people when my best friend died.

Everyone knows me so they keep coming up to me and saying, “I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you and Amara were very close.” We weren’t very close, we were the closest you can get. We were like sisters, but I don’t say anything.

Amara’s father stands up in the living room and starts to speak. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please? Thank you. I know you all were friends with Amara and I thank all of you for that. Every single person in this room has impacted her life and I am truly grateful. She appreciated everything you did for her and always will. I invited all of you here today to say goodbye to the greatest friend and daughter anyone could ask for. Thank you all for coming and have a great day.”


When we got back to the dorm, I immediately went to my room. It was a long day. I just saw my best friend get buried into the ground and leave me forever. That’s when it finally became real. She really is dead. She is gone.

I open my eyes and I see the bright sunlight shining through the window. Madison is probably still sleeping because she is a late sleeper. I decide to get dressed and get ready for the day after staying in bed for thirty minutes. I come out of my room and I see Madison on the couch.

“Oh good. You’re up.“, she says. “Why is that such a good thing?“, I ask. “Because we have to go to breakfast.” I don’t argue because I am pretty hungry. I just don’t know why she wants to go out for breakfast when we could have just eaten in the dorm.

On the car ride to the new breakfast place near us, she asks, “How have you been handling all of this?” “I don’t know how to handle it. I lost my best friend. She isn’t here anymore and now I don’t know what to do.” After that, there was silence for the rest of the car ride.

At breakfast, it is different between us. We are never this awkward around each other but I guess since Amara died, we have both been acting differently.

I finally break the silence and ask, “How are you handling all of this?” She looks at me with hurt in her eyes. After that look, I realize that I have been such a horrible friend to her. I haven’t been comforting her because I was too involved with myself. Amara was her friend, too. I immediately hug her and she asks, “What was that for?” “I am so sorry for being such a horrible friend to you. I have been shutting you out and getting too involved with myself that I was never there for you when you needed me the most.” “It’s okay. I understand. She was your best friend and you’re grieving. I would act the same if I was in your shoes” “That is no excuse for not being there.”


On the way up to the dorm room, we see the door has been left open. “Did you lock the door when we left?“, I ask. “Yes.“, she says frightened. We walk in and we find Amara’s boyfriend snooping around our stuff looking for something important. When he sees us he quickly runs out the door and never to be seen again.

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