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Chapter One

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out of the fridge and placed on the counter. You grab a bottle of apple juice and sit around the island to eat. The cold pizza reminding you of your cold heart. The heart that once held warmth and love. Now a block of ice encompassed in a shield of hatred....not for anyone....but yourself. The coolness of the liquid lingered in your throat, after taking a much needed sip. You sigh then finish up eating, your mind ever so slightly, drifting back to Karnal. A single tear escapes and slips from your eye but you quickly wipe it away. You shake your head to rid the thoughts of him and dump your pizza box and bottle in the rubbish bin.

You think to yourself that fresh air is much needed right now. You hurriedly grab your keys and slip on your sandals. You jog down the hallway to the elevator and you were about to press the down button, when another hand beat you to it. You slowly look at the brown hand, up to the brown arm, then to the beautiful brown face of this unknown person. She gives you a small smile and you return what you think was a grin but moreso a grimace. When the elevator doors open, you both enter and stand on opposite sides; you on the left, her on the right.

You look over and your mouth opens to say something but you slowly close it; having no idea what to say. The ride down the lobby was long as your apartment was on the 13th floor. Silence filled the air and you kept glancing at the mysterious woman on the other side. She caught you staring the fifth time and offers another small smile. This time you managed to give a proper smile. She offered her hand to you and says that her name is Hope. You shake her hand and tell her your name. She nods her head then faces front again. You copy her actions and wait for the elevator to arrive at the lobby. Three minutes later and it does. The doors ding open and you let her exit first. She gave you one last ounce over and smiles again. You gave a shy wave and watch her slender figure exit the building.

You got off the elevator and greet the receptionist and exit the building doors. You make it pass the parking lot then taking a left, the park soon comes into view. You visibly relax. You could hear the laughter of kids and your heart ached. Your mind drifting to Karnal once more. Again, you shake your head to rid the thoughts and make your way through the park gates, sighing as you do so.

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