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Chapter One

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You look around trying to locate your favourite spot; a bench underneath an oak tree, near the pond. You find it but you see that it's already occupied, by a couple shoving their tongues down each other's throats. You visibly gag and quickly turn around looking for a new spot to call for the next twenty minutes.

Sadly, you don't find one and continue to walk further inside the park. This part you're not too acquainted with, as you normally spend time near the entrance of the park. You mange to find a great spot, on the left side of the little brick bridge, which was also close to the pond and had a small stool sitting there.

When you've finished getting comfy on the little stool, you kick off your sandals and allow your toes feel the grass. Your eyes close as you do so; inhaling the fresh scent of nature, hearing little splashes of the pond, birds felt serene. You think to yourself that you should make this your new spot.

Unfortunately for you, that feeling was shortlived as you heard a group of dogs barking above you. You grudgingly got up and walked to the top of the bridge. There, you saw the same mysterious brown woman with a leash of 6 dogs making their way towards you. The brown lady struggled as she tried to get a firm grip on the leashes before the dogs escaped. You stifled a laugh and continue to watch in amusement.

When she nears you, you move out of the way but she stops. She gave you another one of her dazzling smiles, showcasing her gorgeous space front teeth. You give a closed lip smile then look down at your shoes. You hear her chuckle and somehow she manged to grab your hand and slip a piece of paper in it. Your eyes meet hers and for a moment you feel captivated....feeling yourself drowning in her beautiful pools of honey.

You blink twice when you realise that you're just staring and gave her grin and a nod. She offers the same but with a little laugh at the end and continues walking the dogs. You watch her retreating figure fade out into the trees then stare down at the piece of paper in your hand.

Her number was beautifully written in cursive, with her name at the bottom. You smile to yourself and go back to the wooden stool. You think to yourself that today would be a great day.

.......or would it

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