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Chapter Two

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You make your way back home and head to the kitchen to grab a drink. You decided on a bottle of water so you took it to the couch and started flicking through the different channels. Nothing peeked your interest so you turned to Netflix for some help.

Knock Knock

A knock at the door? Who could it be?

You peeped through the peephole to see who it was but your eye met wood. You chuckled to yourself when you remembered that you didn't have a peephole. You called out to see if the person on the other side would respond but they didn't. You quickly went to your kitchen drawer and grabbed a knife then made it back to the door. You opened it swiftly charging forward with the know..but was met with...nothing. You looked down the two halls on your left and right but there was no one there. Confused you were about to go step back inside when your foot touched something. You looked down and there it was..a white envelope lying on your welcome mat. You picked it up and brought it inside. You sat on the couch and ripped it open.

There was a letter and a small black plastic bag. You opened the letter and it read...

After years of searching I finally found you. God how I missed you. Your scent. Willpower. Your blood. I crave it. I crave you. And now....I can have you.

I know this may come as a shocker but....I know you miss me so this will all work out in your favour if you just cooperate with me this time.

My patience is running thin. After all these years, I might. Just. Snap. But only if you piss me off....again... which I doubt you won't. After all, we're lovers aren't we?

I've sent presents in the bag.

Enjoy my love.


Your blood ran cold when you're done reading. K found you. K really found you. With shaky fingers you open the paper bag, shrieked then flung the bag against across the wall. You start to hyperventilate, tears streaming down your face as you rush to your room and pulled a suitcase and immediately began packing.

Your mind drifts to the items in the bag; pieces of flesh....Karnal's flesh. Shit Shit Shit, you think to yourself. How did K ever find you. You feel angry thinking back to your past, filled with dark secrets and haunting memories. All you ever wanted was to live. Not an exciting life, nothing fancy.... just to exist.

But now, you fear for your life as you recall the letter in that stupid handwriting from your worst enemy.

When you're done packing you quickly shower and change into a new pair of grey sweats and a grey hoodie. You put on a black cap and your black kicks and threw your bag with all your important documents into your black travel bag and head for the door.

Wait...... Food.

You ran to your fridge and grab ten drinks, then went to your pantry and poured all your snacks into the bag. No way in hell are you leaving them, you think to yourself.

You open your freezer and stare at all the ice cream and other frozen dinners and sigh. Maybe you can just bring one ice cream? You nod then grabbed a small tub of pistachio ice cream and took a spoon from the drawer and you're ready to go.

Grabbing your keys from the table, you take one last look at your small apartment you called home for five years. A tear slipped but you quickly wiped it then stepped out into the hallway, locking your door.

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