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Chapter Two

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You stare out the window looking up at the blue sky then down to the trees now a blur as the bus drove on. You sink back in your seat and sigh.

After leaving the apartment you hopped on the nearest bus, to where? Who knows. As long as it's far away from the little town you called home for the past couple of a death trap.

You reach into your bag and pull out a bottle of grape juice and sipped it quietly as you looked around the bus. Empty.......just as your soul. You often question why you were ever brought into this world. Life would be much simpler as a rabbit...or a duck......a moose even. But no. You came into this world to be slapped in the face with the hardships of life, yours worse than what majority of people face in a lifetime.

What really is living if you're barely existing- just hardly holding on to the last strand of sanity you have left. You close your eyes and attempt to rest but was jerked awake as the bus came to a screeching halt.

"Last stop." The conductor spoke through the speakerphone.

You put on your travel bag then dragged your suitcase out the bus, saying nothing to the driver as you do so. You inhale deeply as you hop off, staring at the scene before you.

Trees. Mountains. Buildings. Lights.

....... stupid lights. Nothing but a sign of false hope.

You walk down a dirt path and continue to do so for eight minutes, till the buildings become larger and the lights brighter. You cross a park onto a sidewalk and was instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia.

You grip your suitcase tighter and run across the street without a care in the world. You finally come to a stop in front a huge white house- well compared to the other houses it was quite small. Nonetheless, you hesitantly make your way up the porch.

You raised your hand to knock but decided against it. Are you both mentally and emotionally prepared for what's behind this door... It's been seven years since you left, surely they'd still accept you..right?

You decided to knock but as your fist came into contact with the wood, it swung open...... strange.

You leave your things on the porch as you make your way inside; cautiously that is.

"Hello?" Your voice echoed throughout the house as you stepped further inside, taking note of the now chipped walls, dull lights, dust covered paintings and mud smudged floor.

Looks like this house has been abandoned for quite some time. If so....what happened to them.

Familiar with the arrangement of the house, you turn the corner to the sitting area but stop dead in your tracks at the scene before you

There's no way in hell this can be happening.......

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