The Phantom's Enigma

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“Just like my name, no one can identify who really I am. No one will recognize me for what really I am. Just like a shadow, I disappear without you realizing it” - Phantom ==== You can hide but you can’t escape the DEATH that is descend upon you. The person who’s identity is unknown to everyone even the existence itself you won’t believe unless you saw it within your own eyes. The name they feared the most and wishing to never crossed paths with this person however you’ll never knew that person is just in your surroundings and observing everything in silence. Can someone unlock the mysteries behind this person?

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“What do you think?” he asked me about the masterpiece he’s looking to it.“Well for me it’s good and also I’m not into arts so I don’t know how to describe the piece right in front of us” I just tell him about my thoughts about the painting because honestly speaking I’m not into arts and I don’t have any idea why he is so fascinate about it.

I just stare at the painting as well and I scratch the back of my head because it feels like he wants to say something about this and honestly speaking, there are times that he tells something that looks weird on it but I tried my best to catch up with him.

“The world is full of chaos and tragic events that we can’t ourselves can prevent it” he said out of the blue and I was startled about his statement so I look at him with a confuse look on my face because honestly speaking, he’s being weird today and I can’t help it but blame it to the painting whoever sent it to us.“What do you mean by that?” I asked him just to remind him that I’m not catching things on what he’s saying.

Arrgghh! I felt like my marbles inside my head jumbled because of his weird riddles and I’m not that dumb but not too smart either because I’m just above average and this guy is nothing making sense of anything around him.

He pointed his fingers in front of the painting and then again I can’t seems to understand him at all but for the Christ’s sake I followed where his fingers pointed at the painting in front of us and try to understand a thing. “You know what I don’t really understand what’s on your mind right now Jasper because from what I’m seeing in this painting is nothing but the colors of it” I said to him while my eyes are still glued at the painting and then I look up to him again only to find out he just shake his head as a sign of disappointed and then he pointed again his fingers in the painting and then I felt frustrated about it because of his attitude.

With no other choice I look at the painting once again and again but I can’t see anything special about it but still again, for his sake I’ll just go with the flow and look at it intently and try to understand it.

As I look intently at the painting and I just want to give up but then my eyes caught up a certain mark in the right side of the painting and I look at it again just to make sure that I’m not seeing things like him and I don’t want to become insane like him.

However, a minute of looking at the mark and this mark is really familiar to me and it struck to me like a lightning to comprehend on what Jasper’s thinking right now and I slowly look at him and only to be frightened because the way he smiles is not that smile that I knew about.

I felt shiver down on my spine because right now Jasper is smiling like a total maniac and I don’t know if I have the courage to ask what’s going on however I prepare myself and swallowed my saliva that’s going to come out and asked him carefully not to trigger anything. “J-jasper…W-what’s…t-this?” I asked him and making sure that I didn’t ask a stupid question because right now I confirm that Jasper is not on his right mind as of the moment.

Jasper looks at me with a smile but not his usual smile that I remember and right now I felt my legs turn into numb because of the way he smiles and look at me as if he found an interesting object that he wants to play with it.

I look again at the painting to figure it out just who the hell sent it to us? And it is addressed to Jasper in the first place? And also, why is ‘that mark’ in that painting in the first place? What is the hidden message on it?

I tried to reason it out and figure it out on why ‘they’ sent it to Jasper? But first of all, who really is Jasper?

“ Soon the world will be ours and we can create a better world than this one”

He suddenly said and I look at him again while he is still fascinating at the painting and I don’t know what happen to him. Awhile ago, he looks fine and nothing is wrong with him but upon receiving the delivery of this painting, it all changes.

I remember that upon receiving the painting, there is a letter attach on it and I look around to find that letter and when I spotted that letter in his desk, I look at him once again and then went to his desk to check the letter and read it immediately.

As I read the letter, my hands became numb and I almost crushed the letter upon reading it’s content and I feel like my spirits went away because of this. “So you have read the letter, Kira” I startled as he whisper it to my ears and I jumped out because I didn’t feel his footsteps when he went to my place. “What’s the meaning of this Jasper?” I asked him as I throw the letter at him and I demand an answer for it but a couple of minutes had passed but Jasper didn’t speak.

“A-are…you going back? J-just to fulfill this ridiculous project?!” I yelled at him because right now I don’t know if I can still trust him after reading these letters. I charge at him and he didn’t fight back as I punch his shoulders and said. “All this time that I’m with you, you are this…kind of a monster! You liar!” I yelled at him and let out my frustrations to him.

He catch one of my arms and I struggled it to free myself from this monster! I can’t believe that the person that I respected and admire the most turns out this kind of a mad person! This is a shame! “Let me go Jasper! You imbecile fool! Monster!” I yelled at my hearts content as I struggle for more to free myself to his clutches because right now I felt like vomiting as I remember the content of the letters that I have read.

I felt betrayed and at the same time, I fear for my life as well because I had discovered something that should not have. I never would have expected him to be working in that kind of environment and it’s against the law of nature! How could he?! Is he still human?!

“Stand still Kira if you don’t want to get hurt!” Jasper yelled and told me however, I look at him with a glare and disgust written in my face and I continue to struggle. “Jasper I said let go of me, you monster!” I continue to struggle with all my might however minutes passed as I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders and as I look at it, my eyes went wide when I saw the injection he’s injecting it to me and I felt my head dizzy however I make one last attempt to speak. “W-what…d-did…y-you…d-do…t-to…m-me…?” I manage to speak even though I felt my whole body became numb because of what he did to me.

As I’m about to lose consciousness, I heard Jasper speak for the last time. “I can’t let you ruin everything Kira but I can’t hurt you more. I love you and forgive me” he said and I want to speak more but I can’t keep up and my mind went blank.



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