The story of Ying himself.

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We all have known the story of Yin and Yang. But no one seems to remember the story of their great grand father Ying. So. I’ll tell you all the story. Once there was a man named Ying. Ying was said to have every power in existence itself. He was the great grand father of Yin and Yang. He even was said to have the power to have all powers. He fought for what was right in factual truth and not opinions and assumptions. He helped others when they needed it the most no matter the cost. Even if it cost him his life. He was said to be the kindest man anyone would have met. So kind that he would be kind to everyone he met at the same rate. He even had no favorites when it came to people. He one day got married to a women named Elizabeth. One day ad his newborn son was resting. He disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. As this story faded into history people forgot who Ying was. That is the end of the tale.

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