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Nights are not safe when the devils are out for hunting for their prey. One should know that they are not supposed to mess with the devils. They can be perilous. One is not supposed to steal from them, and they don't forgive thieves. They don't allow you to mess with their brains, neither do they allow you to steal their heart. You did both Desirée. And now its payback time.

Mystery / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Demon POV

Today was such a bad day. Nothing was going according to my plan. First, the project for which we have prepared for 3 months didn't go well and now my fucking car broke. Now, I have to take a taxi to visit the cemetery.

Today is the 12th death anniversary of my mom, the person who enlightened me at every step of my life. She was the only person who loved me dearly. And here, I fucking forgot the flowers in my car itself.

On the way to the cemetery, I saw a flower shop. The shop was small, not somewhere I usually buy things, but now it was my urgency.

When I entered the shop, I didn't found anyone on the counter. I was about to leave I heard a sweet melodious voice calling me. It was like my legs had their own mind.

I immediately turned and was awestruck by the beauty standing in front of me.

The beauty just captivated me with her piercing Green Eyes.

I came out of my trance when I heard her clearing her throat to get my attention. She smiled at me, and I return the same expression with enthusiasm.

She smiled at me, and I return the same expression with enthusiasm. Even I was shocked that I smiled. This is the first time I smiled at someone after 12 years.

Finally, the girl spoke, breaking the smiling competition.

"Sir, what flowers would you like to have".

"Ahh". Lillis will do, ya, I want a Garland of lilies and a bouquet of white roses."

She flashed me her infamous smile and started packing the flowers. She handed me the bouquet and garland and I give her my credit card for the payment.

This whole time, she didn't look at me, unlike other girls who would just die to get one look from me. I really wanted to know who she was, but I was in a rush so I had to leave her halfheartedly. But one thing that I noted in my mind is that I have to come back here for this beautiful angel. She had totally mesmerized me with her beauty and her smile and now I am eager to know her inside out and there is nothing that was going to stop me from doing that.

After a long time, I smiled because of someone, so there must be something about her which fucked up my mind and now I am fucking going to get her. With that, I left the shop.

Romano POV

What the fuck is wrong with Demon today. I know that today was his mother's death anniversary, so according to that, he should be sad.

But here he was smiling like an idiot in the middle of the meeting. Although I was happy that after a very long time I saw him smiling. But that was not a very professional behavior on his side.

Usually, I visit with him in the cemetery on his mother's death anniversary, but today there were back to back meetings, which required my attention. So he had to go alone.

He was out of my sight for merely 3 hours and now he was a completely different person. Like a totally different personality.

We both are now in my car heading to our house. Yes, we stay together.

Actually, we both were orphans and childhood best buddies.

At the age of eight, he got adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Hillingdon, and I was left alone in the orphanage.

But we never broke our friendship and soon when we graduated, we started our own business. Although I didn't have anything except for the college degree, he got a degree along with wealth, which was transferred to him by his mom.

And after 11 years finally, we are running a very successful company.

We started living together because I have nowhere to go and he had no purpose to go to his previous house after his mom's death. His father was rich by wealth but not by heart. He only accepted Demon because of his wife and after his wife's death he was generous enough to kick him out of his mansion. That time he didn't know that his wife has transferred her will to Demon.

The car came to a halt and still, this idiot is grinning. I smacked his head, after which he came out of his la-la-land.

I really have to get the thing out of his stomach, because this is pissing me off.

Finally, when we were at the dining table, I couldn't control my curiosity and asked him his reason for smiling like a maniac.

And he started blabbering with enthusiasm, while still being in his wonderland.

"Today I saw an angel. Her eyes, her lips, her smile, and her voice everything mesmerized me. She is so beautiful and innocent. If you see her, you will be shocked too. She is an epitome of beauty. "

He described her as if she was standing in front of him.

It intrigued me since I have never seen him so much fascinated by a girl. I have seen many models with perfect bodies and beautiful faces throw themselves on him, but they never fascinated him as much as this unknown florist.

And by the look, he is giving me I'm sure, he is planning something.

"Do you want to meet her? You too will be captivated by her beauty. I'm sure about that. How about us leave the office early tomorrow so that I can take you to that shop."He said, sounding all excited like a kid making plans.

I couldn't control my curiosity, so I agreed. Let's see what is that this girl has that has messed up with his mind.



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