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Evening activities are quickly interrupted for a small town by criminals with ill intentions. Eyes sift to the annual parade being held for the coming of spring. What could go wrong when nothing can get worse?

Mystery / Adventure
Yanka Cat
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Small House In Helm

the town of Helm was, quite a calm place. That’s why every 12 years they hold a special coming of spring parade right in the capital. It’s a chance to get out and celebrate the brand new year. However, if not planned properly, things can get out of hand.

We start in the middle of Helms capital, in a small, blue house. It blends in with all the other houses on its street. Its nothing interesting, all of the excitement is happing on the inside.

In side of small house, there is a family of three. One of the family members name is Ally, the other, her brother Justin. Why is this family so special? Well this year something very unfortunate- No, unfair, will happens to them. Luckily for you, you’ll get to watch it all unfold.

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