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Chapter 2- Golden Flowers and Breakfast

“ Ya know, when I was your age, they didn’t sell candy at the parade”, I sat next to Justin, “ all we did was walk”. Justin shrugged, I knew he wasn’t listening. Even if he was, he wouldn’t care.

“ Whatever Al, your just mad I get candy for free since I’m younger than you, besides your also old.”

ugh, just cause he’s in 4 grade doesn’t mean he’s better than me. He just likes being a brat, all because he’s the little one.

Thats why your shorter than your bedroom lamp, Mr. Candyman”, I got my backpack and headed to the door, “ I’d love to stay and chat but I have to get going, have fun at the doctors.”

“Nope, got cancelled. Mom has to work overtime so I have to go tomorrow after the parade.”

Like usual, moms always busy. I’m surprised she even has time to breathe.

I jump out the door to see my friend Anna waiting for me. “ Hey Al! Ready for the parade?”, she rushes over and hands me a envelope. “ What’s this? Hopefully not my report card”. Emma laughs. “ No, Silly, open it!”. I open the envelope slowly, revealing many yellow flowers and some stickers. “ It’s for the parade tomorrow, I heard that yellow flowers bring luck to those who’ve been gifted them.” Emma looks at her phone, “ we better get going before we’re late again.”

Me and her get on our bikes and head down the street to the school, the parade on both of our minds.

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