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Chapter 3- Hangout at the Blue House

As we arrive, were greeted by the ring of the late bell.

“ Fantastic”, I say, Emma looks around, “ Where is everybody? No lights are on in the building.” I check my phone, “ It’s, Monday right?” I look at the windows, “ Hey! There is someone inside! See? On the second floor.” I point at the figure near the window, “ It might be a janitor Ally, let’s go back to your house.”

We pick up our bikes and start to drive down the street, the school fading out of view. A idea pops into my mind. I ride a bit closer to Anna. “ Hey, if school wasn’t going on, why did the late bell ring?”. She looks at me like I just said she was a ghost, we turn onto my street and tie up our bikes to a pole.

I open the door, “ Justin? It’s me and Anna”, I look over and see him asleep on the couch. Just then, mom pulls in the driveway. She runs up to the house, “ Ally? Anna? Are you two okay? I just got a call from the school reporting a break in, I came home as soon as I could!”, Me and Anna turned pale, I swear I saw her shed a tear.

“ U-uh I’m gonna head home Al, see you at the parade”, se quickly got on her bike and waved goodbye, I watched as she disappeared down her street. “ Ally, dear, I’m glad your okay,” she reached over and gave me a hug. “ Me too mom”, it had been a while since I got a hug with such emotion from her. We stood there for a few more minutes until she had to go back to work. I waved goodbye as she drove away.

I went inside and flopped on the couch. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. I picked up my phone and called Anna, just so I could know I wasn’t going crazy. She picked up , “ Hey Anna, did you make it home okay?, I tapped my foot on the floor. “ Yeah, my dad told me more about the break in. Apparently during morning cleaning the alarm systems went off. So they canceled school until they could get cops involved and investigate more”, I was shook, i always thought of something like this happening on the news, but never at my own school. “ Wow, glad we were late huh?,” Anna let out a weak laugh, I knew jokes usually cheered her up, but not today. “ Ya know, I’m sure the cops will figure it out soon, they always do.” I told her. “ You’re right, theyll have this cleared up in no time, thanks Al.” I smiled, helping out friends is something I’m very good at. Just then Justin screamed, I looked up, “ Sorry Anna I have to go”

I rushed over to Justin, “ Whats wrong?,” He showed me his fist, he opened it and a tooth lay inside. “ Look what I did! Cool huh?”, he placed it on the table and layed back down. Within seconds he was asleep. I sighed. I layed my head back and soon drifted into slumber.

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