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My story is a fiction novel about love. It's told by myself as 1st person that is set in any place where I go. It follows about my extraordinary life and me who wants a warm sip of love because now, this body of mine is freezing with their orders that are numbing me with fake grin

Mystery / Fantasy
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Beginning of a diamond!!!

Hey dear world!!my self a simple girl, I am born in the month, when your naked eyes sees the bright things in sky. Being born in the state of miracle world my self is like the bundles of galaxies that are smiling far far away.Never thought my upcoming dark fantasies are like that my tears are constantly dried even when I want them.Is this what I call life.More pressure you got more sparkling you win.......My life is same as that of a diamond.who is more experienced one who live more or one who know how to live more...This life is not seasonal affective disorder because it is just a word, who is the real sad is not defined yet by anyone. It is just one thing that I ever sees in everyone getting that equally that are the two best friends Happiness and sadness...If I compare diamond as the thing that is impossible to break, I can but Can't...their is also a secret thing to break even if the whole universe became a hammer and that thing is a sweet smile..
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