Love till age's

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Untold goodbye

He is my first love.I meet him in my school.That time we were just friends but the love feelings in me were still alive. Later on after 4 yrs we were together with the blessings of almighty.But not more than 2 1/2 months my hands took my phone and started to type him" I am still young to be in relations, let's end up it now" he didn't utter even one word and said with sadness"ok if you want then it's ok with me" ...because he was too best & excellent, no one on earth loves me like him so I was afraid of his love, no one on earth was good to me like him so I was afraid of his goodness.He is too different to me in the whole universe.Now my last wish of life is to meet him, give a hug and then said a the untold goodbye by seeing in his eyes.And because I was wasting his time on these fucking relationships... That's why am not able to do the same but I was just wondering where, after the few months ago my grin fades away.Just one thing remains in me for him which is " love till ages"

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