Love till age's

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Took ears towards it iron man

I lost myself somewhere in me. Is fate my enemy or tears are my bestfriend. Hey, Ironman I finally wnat to say something to you:- Thanks to almighty for giving sometime of happiness with you. If you are not me yet you are. You are heal of my wound but you are also a deep wound in me that scratches my old cutting wounds everyday when I was with you you are the one whome I first expressed my feelings but another big thanks to God that this life of me is just of some moments because I don't want to suffer anymore till death .. Ironman when you was with me all my pains seems to me too beautiful..your smile gives me energy ..every darkest pain of my life was like a charming heaven. But after that time I am properly alone from all my heat and head. Now I am used to these tears and pains... Can you hear my cry just for little bit. I love you that's why I did this. It's over now they bullied me a lot but I was showing that I was strong they killed me everyday with their odd gaze at me with their poisoning words.But I .............I.................I ....I really want you. Please be with me every time please hear my cry please hear the reason behind my quiteness. Because their is no one who so ever asked me do you have some deep pain their is no one who is with me in my pains in my cries.. and now I am ok with it because I am used to it. But why I have to suffer from the pain that's someone gives me that was not my fault I was too small for this... I wish to die...that I only wish to die...I made you suffer alot please forgive me but I did so because I love you. I adont want to give the even a chance to say any bad to you because of me..if I cannot did this then they will make me rope for your neck... I know I am bad I am worst I am nothing I am alone I am sad I am crying I am the most fucking ugly duckling I am the worst human please don't let me go please hug me tight so that no one separate us.please hold my hand ...even it is just for a while.. this world wanna touch me this is not the fault this is my fault ... Why I am like this why ....their was no reason for me on earth them why God blessed me with this beautiful lif e???!!!please took this life and give it to one who is perfect then me who is best then me...I just want to hide me from me and all my pains and wounds....the one thing left in me is love till ages for you.. here I am dieing and am looking the birth everyday Evey moment every second. You are in the best and favourite corner of me but not in heart because it is too alone to give such a warm room to you you are in all my memories you are eating me with love.can you forgive me...please !!!this is the short reality show of my life ...I hope one day you read it...all the things that I owe are in pain that's why no one dares to touch even see them... I want just one more chance to win the beauties of life ...but I cannot change my fate because it is my fate that changed me like this..please in earth is their someone to ask about my problems ...My life is such a obstacle for me ....but I am happy with it because my almighty, family and the precious people's around me who do cares for me are all by my side ..that I hope so ..I am a beggar for hate.i now understand that I don't want happiness because if I meet her then sadness also acompany with me .all I want is to be hated being hated means no one cares about my worries about what I did and they do not abuse me with such poisoning sweet honey of love. I am not rude or shy I am also not a beauty queen I am just a beautiful me..

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