The ice cube

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There in a small village lived a house, that is totally cold. There were cold water and many ice cubes in the fridge. Nobody lived there because the house belonged to the ice cubes. Al of them were happy but one wasn’t and that ice cube was different from others because her body was heart shaped All the other houses were normal humans lived there. Nobody dared to go into the house with ice cubes, the villagers thought that the ice cubes would attack them by making them freezing cold. I know that you must be thinking how the villagers knew that they all were dangerous ? So, 3 years ago 2011 when my sister was born ( ICE CUBE SISTER ), a man named Einstein by the others ( villagers ), cuz he was smart in almost everything like - maths, inventing new things, biology, science, human bodies, as a doctor and last but not the least astrology. ( the study of universes. So as I was saying Einstein went into that house of cubes THEN, THE DOOR OPENED AUTOMATICALLY ( BY IT-SELF ) , AFTERWARDS HE WASN’T SCARED AT ALL CUZ HE THOUGHT THAT SOME OLD LADY OR MAN MIGHT BE IN THE HOUSE, BUT HE WAN’T SURE ABOUT THAT, ITS OK, HE STILL EXPLORED THE HOUSE AL THE VILLAGERS WERE STANDING OUTSUDE THE HOUSE SO THEY WAITED AND WAITED UNTIL THEY HEARD EINSTEIN SCREAM WITH SO MUCH PAIN. THAT WAS WHEN THE ICE CUBES HAD FROZEN HIM. AKL THE ICE CUBES WERE BAD EXCEPT THE HEART SHAPED ICE CUBE, HE DIDNT LOOK.

Mystery / Adventure
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