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Chapter 3

That same night, I think it was that exact same night if memory serves, that I woke freezing cold, for the first time anyway in that house. It was still summer, or maybe fall, but the autumns in West Texas are mostly warm to scorching. I shivered violently and uncontrollably it seemed. I attempted to warm myself beneath the sheet and flimsy bedspread by pulling my knees into my chin and balling myself into the fetal position which didn’t work much.

It was long after midnight, I am certain of that although I don’t recall the exact time if I ever knew, but the hour had the skittish feel of three AM: the darkness of the room was clear and resolute and almost seemed to ring with an intransigent and unapologetic tenor. I decided to go to my closet and scramble through until I found a jacket or sweater or something to wrap myself in... and so I sat up.

Something eerie caught my eye.

The bedroom I was moved into was the front corner of the house and it had a door that opened in from the hallway. There was a closet outside the door, between my room and the bedroom that my parents had taken, and at the end if that hallway was the bathroom. What one would see when looking down the hall, through the bathroom door and into the bathroom, was the bathroom sink. A medicine cabinet with a mirror on it was mounted above the sink- and there was a face in the mirror.

The bathroom had a small window in it facing the street. And I thought that perhaps the headlamps from a passing car had blasted through the trees and bushes and blasted something up on the mirror that sort of resembled a face. There seemed to be life in the eyes of the face and even though the face only remained in the mirror for a couple or three seconds, it appeared to be cognizant, that of something observant... not exactly alive... but not dead... and then it was gone.

I realized that my shivering had stopped. I was no longer cold; in fact the room seemed hot. I moved the sheet and bedspread away and realized then that one of the legs of my pajamas, the left leg, had been pulled up from my ankle to just below my knee. The sock on my right foot was almost off, scrunched around my foot just below my toes. My underwear seemed to have slipped down or been pulled down, inside my pjs which were still in perfect place exactly as they should be.

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