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Chapter 13

I would pass through puberty and then adolescence in the house that my parents bought out in the country. My baby sister would be born there and my parents’ marriage would finally begin to unravel, irrevocably. I would only see one apparition the entire time I lived there. Perhaps it was the hormonal change that puberty and then adolescence visited upon my body and brain.I would play sports and get interested in girls and become an Eagle Scout.

It was one, sort of clear night. The old house was way, way off in the country. No one lived around us. Our closest neighbor was about a mile. The trees in that part of Texas are mostly short, scrubby Mesquite. They sometimes grow in clumps or a copse but mostly they are solitary, thorny trees that stand off separate, apart and to themselves. I saw a ghost walking out in the mesquite that one night.

It was probably a hundred or a hundred and fifty yards from the house. There was a field that had been mostly cleared off... and then the edge of the sparse forest of mesquite. It was a very clean night, crystal clean. The moon was either full or had just started to wane and was bright in the clear West Texas, star filled sky.I awoke from my sleep for no apparent reason and went to my window.

The disenfranchised spirit materialized in the broken line of Mesquite at the edge of that scraggly, thorny forest. It was white, more or less, off white and it sort of had the shape of a man, or woman, the gender was indeterminate but human and it seemed to be wrapped in a sheet... tightly wrapped I suppose maybe like an old-school shroud.

It vanished. Then it emerged again... coalesced again... several feet or maybe yards from where it had disappeared. And then it dematerialized again and reappeared again a few feet away. It did this several times or maybe just a few, exactly the same way before it finally stopped. I have absolutely no idea what moment or moments of life was being repeated over and over again in that ectoplasmic glitch in the cosmic fabric of that night. And I would never learn because I would never see that particular specter again. And I would forget about it and never think of it again... until now.

The fact is- I would forget about ghosts and such, by and large completely and for the most part. I would not see ghosts at all anymore... that I was aware of... for a long time.

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