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Chapter 5

There is controversy as well as differing theories on whether or not two or more people can share the exact same hallucination during an LSD trip. There can be NO real doubt that an individual or at least certain individuals can be extremely susceptible to suggestion while under the influence of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

“See him too!” I shouted. “I see him too!”

“What?! What?!” Scotty Bob said. Turning and looking in the seat next to him.

He, if it was a he, had a round pink face with almost no nose, only a bump sans nostrils, and huge round eyes with enormous vertical blue slits like a cat’s. And teeth in the front like a beaver’s only sharp like an old school vampire, and Esperanto or a revenant or the “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”.

Phil screamed again, well it was more of a shout. “Oh my Sweet Jesus!”

He had turned his eyes back in the direction of the road we were on, wisely enough, so that he could drive without getting us killed. We had come to a crosswalk and there were these creatures, I guess is the only way I could describe them, cartoon but real life and they were sort of half circles only more oblong with a serrated bottom edge and they were flat with two eyes on the same side of their one dimensional... bodies/heads. And they were crossing the street but there was another, larger creature coming at them from the opposite direction. It was bright yellow and perfectly round and one dimensional and had a mouth that was wedge shaped like a perfect piece of pie and it stared gobbling down the other cartoon characters.

“Looks like characters from an arcade game or something.” Scotty Bob said.

“You can see that?” I said.

“Yeah.” He said. “I guess I am getting a contact high.”

We could not have known that what we were looking upon was Pac Man because it was not to be unleashed upon the public for another decade.

In fact, not long after that night upon which came the end of the world, Friday June 12th, 1970, Scotty Bob would be wandering through the salty mesquite and brackish prickly pear in the desert soil near the Pecos River when a revelation and vison worthy of Saint John the Divine on the Isle of Patmos would thundersmack him and he would cobble together an idea for a patent on a game idea called “Pie Hole” that was visualized made in the image of what we’d hallucinated that night. And years later when Pac Man became all the rage, Scotty Bob would insist that it was his idea first and that he had patented it before anyone else but alas, no one would believe him- and so and thusly would post-apocalyptic history be written.

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