The Girl in the Cemetery

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A girl left dead in the old cemetery, a body not in a coffin, no tombstones to share her name. Buried in the back, not known about, a child who lost her life.

Mystery / Action
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Once the glue of the family passes away, holidays just aren’t the same.

A young girl, calling out to her parents, lost in crowd, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks.
“Hey little one” a gruff voice side, turning her head, eyes heavy from worry.
“Are you lost?” He asked once her attention was to him. Slowly nodding her head she asked one simple question.

“Do you know where my mommy is?” Never talk to strangers, was her moms biggest rule. But in her young mind filled with panic, and soft yes from the mans lips. She went with the one who lied, not knowing it would be the last her family saw of her.

A little girl, no older then two, gone from one mistake. A chose she would have never made that day if her mom was there.

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