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The Undiscovered Truth

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Life is good when you don't face sudden changes. But when big decisions are made and trouble follows, then you might find a mountain out of a molehill.

Mystery / Romance
Rose Feltson
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Chapter 1

The sun was high up in the sky. It was almost noon and the day was getting hotter and hotter. It was probably the hottest day of the month. In the peaceful city, there was a place where loud shouts could be heard from the neighbourhood park. There was no one in the park besides the teens. Among the teens playing, there was only one girl among the boys. But from the looks of the game, it seemed that the girl is a better player than most boys. The girl was tall and have a lithe form. She seemed ready to score another goal.

Another girl, around the same age as the teens playing, was sitting just on the outskirts of the playing field. She was reading a book and also trying to keep up with the game by glancing towards the field every few seconds.

A sudden loud cheering from the field startled the girl and she hurriedly stood up and looked over. Understanding the situation, she started to jump up and down.

“Eat your words, losers.... yahoo...go CHARLOTTE....”

The called Charlotte looked at the other girl with large grin on her face. The boys on the Charlotte’s team surround her and patted her on the back and shoulder. Charlotte held up a hand and the boys around her stopped talking.

She walked over to the other team and said in a very smug voice, “Next time, think twice before taunting me.”

She gave them one last mocking smile before turning around and going straight to the other girl who was watching the whole thing silently.

“I really don’t get it why they try to pick up a fight with you even though they get kicked in their asses every time.” The other girl said as Charlotte got closer.

Charlotte sighed.

“I know, Scar. It’s so tiring. How can anyone be so dumb to not get the hint the first time?! If you hadn’t stopped me , then I would’ve made sure that he....” Charlotte was waving her hands around as she vented angrily.

“Ok. Calm down. Calm down. It won’t do you any good to get angry now that its over....” Scarlette was trying to appease Charlotte.

“Let’s go home now. It’s pretty late now. Mom’s gonna skin us alive if we sit for lunch all dirty and sweaty.” Both girls laughed.

Charlotte bid the boys goodbye as she and Scarlette made their way home. Scarlette and Charlotte Matthew were sisters. More like twins. Scarlette was a few months older than Charlotte. 10 months to be exact. Even though they were not look alike and both had different personalities but the way they acted around each other made people believe that they are twins. Scarlette was now 18 and Charlotte 17. Scarlette finished high school and was applying for college this summer while Charlotte had one more year to finish school and she always ranted about this fact.

“Oh, how I wish we were in the same class. At least, I wouldn’t have stuck behind alone at the school. Its gonna be so boring this year without you.” Charlotte started her usual whining.

“At least, you’re still free to do whatever you want. WHICH I don’t have.” Scarlette grumbled angrily.

“I still can’t believe that Dad did this to me, Char. Am I his daughter or a pig for slaughter?!!” Her voice raising slightly.

“Woah woah, Scar, calm down. Dad hadn’t done anything yet. He just stated his decision. Besides, it’s not like its happening now or in a month. We have time. We’ll think of something. Don’t worry.” Scarlette took deep breaths to calm her anger and panic.

They reached home and quietly entered the house not wanting to alert their mother. They knew she would start nagging if she saw them. They made their way upstairs but suddenly froze at the voice behind them.

“Stop right there, young ladies.”

The girls slowly turned around to see their mother looking at them from the base of the stairs. She had a stern look on her face. Kelly Matthew was a loving mother. But she knew if she wanted to control her two wayward daughters then she would have to act strict. But truth to be told, she liked that her daughters still had the playfulness of their childhood. Though they were more mature than their age but they did not hold the same footprints that emotional upheaval that teens of their age go through. They were strong but they were stronger together and they know what they were doing. That’s why their parents let them have the freedom they had.

“Where have you two been? Did you see the time?!”

“We’re sorry, mom. It was all my fault.” Charlotte replied in a small voice looking down.

“Mom, it wasn’t Charlotte’s fault. Anthony Moore and his goons were taunting Charlotte again for playing football with the boys. So, before things get out of hand I suggested they play one round. And Charlotte won, as usual. That is why we are late.”

Kelly listened to her and sighed. What could she say to them when they just defended themselves?!

“Ok, then. Go to your room and shower quickly. I’m serving lunch in 15 minutes.”

Both girls nodded and quickly went to their room.

The Matthew family lived in two storeyed house with big attic but it wasn’t counted as a floor. The ground floor contained two bedrooms ( one master bedroom and another guest room ), living room, drawing room, a kitchen with dining room attached and a study room where Charlie, Scarlette and Charlotte’s father, worked.

The second floor had two bedrooms but as Charlotte and Scarlette wanted to stay in the same room, so the second bedroom was turned into a library and study combined. There is a bathroom at the end of the hallway and a storage room on the opposite end. Inside the storage room was a ceiling hanging staircase leading up to the attic room. Though Scarlette and Charlotte’s room also had a door to the attic that only they used.

They were a small happy family living in quiet neighbourhood. Everyone knew them as a decent and respectable family. And that was true. The family of four lived here for almost 17 years now and never had any type problems.

Charlie Matthew loved his family very much so did his family. His daughters were like the most precious jewels to him. And he could do anything for them. Their family relationships were very good too and all of them loved to spend family time the most. Such was their family bonds.

After 20 minutes both girls were downstairs in the kitchen. Lunch was as usual except for no conversation passed between Scarlette and her father. She was angry at him but more upset than angry. And as such, Charlotte and Kelly kept talking about whatnot so to avoid the obvious awkward tension. After lunch Scarlette and Charlotte went upstairs in the library to stay there till dinner. Charlie retreated to his study where he was before lunch. Kelly went to the living room to watch some TV before she needed to go make dinner.

“Mr. Hill called and it has been decided that we’d meet them at their residence on 15th of upcoming month. And that’s where the occasion is going to take place.”

They were having dinner when Charlie decided to make the announcement. The whole table was silent after Charlie’s announcement. The awkward silence was broken by the loud scraping of chair on the floor as Scarlette stood up.

“Mom, I’m not hungry anymore. I’m going to bed.” With that, Scarlette left her almost full plate and the room.

After a few seconds, a loud thump of door closing was heard. No one said anything for a few moments. Charlotte slowly stood up.

“Dont worry, Dad. She’ll come around. I’m done too.” Charlotte left too.

Charlie looked at his wife. “Am I doing the wrong thing, Kelly? She doesn’t even look at me anymore.”

Kelly sighed, “I don’t know. I really don’t. All I know is that what you’re doing is for the sake of YOUR daughter and her safety. Don’t you worry so much. Everything will be alright, honey.”

Charlotte entered their room and didn’t see Scarlette in the room. Then she heard the sound of water running from the bathroom across the hall. She sat down on the lower bunk bed. She sighed and rubbed her temple with her fingers. It’s gonna be difficult to convince her.

Their room was quite big and spacious. Along the wall where the door stood, queen sized bunk beds was lined up vertical to that wall. Beside the bed, along the futher side of the west wall, stood two desk beside one another. On the wall opposite to the door was a huge window with a big enough window seat for two.

On the east side, at the far end is door to a walk-in-closet. Beside that, was a small sitting room. I find the sitting room with low round coffee table surrounded by a few bean bags. Further inside along the whole back wall was bookshelf packed to the brim with books. On the walls either side of the bookshelf are painting hanging around.

Charlotte heard the door of the bathroom open and close and after a few seconds Scarlette appeared on the doorway. Both of them got ready for bed silently. They laid on their beds. Charlotte on the upper bunk and Scarlette on the lower. They were both staring at their respective ceiling. No sleep in their eyes. A few minutes passed and Charlotte sighed.

Now or never. She thought and took a deep breath feeling as if she was going to a war. Which was partially true as both sisters were stubborn as hell.

Charlotte turned to her side and moved her head looking down at Scarlette over the edge of her bed.

“Scar, are you asleep?”
“No. Why?”
“Are you hungry? You didn’t finish your dinner.”
“No. I’m not hungry.”

Charlotte sighed.
“Why aren’t you talking to dad?”

“I don’t want to.” Scarlette said in a clipped tone.

“Don’t you think you are being unreasonable now? ”

Scarlette did not say anything. Charlotte got down from her bed. Seeing this, Scarlette sat up and leaned against the wall. Charlotte sat beside her. After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Charlotte said,

“You are a logical girl. Then why are you doing this, Scarlette? It’s been three days. You never went not talking to dad for so many days. The most you ever gave him a silent treatment was an hour. And this is saying something, Scarlette.”

Charlotte only called her by her full name when she was frustrated or angry with her. And saying it twice was a bad thing. Scarlette sighed and answered.

“I don’t know. I just....I just can’t come in terms with the fact that I’m gonna get married to a stranger and my engagement is next month and I have no say in it. I know that dad has his own reasons. But this is my life. And marriage is a big decision. I just can’t forgive the fact that he would come to a decision about me without even discussing it with me. It seems so unfair.”

“I get it. But still you can’t punish dad like that. If you don’t want to say anything to him, at the very least look at him and listen when he’s talking to you.”

“Ok. I’ll try. But if this is going to happen then I need some time before I can talk with him about this topic.”

“That’s fine. That’s all I’m asking.”

Charlotte let out a relieved sigh feeling as if she own a battle.

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