Hotel Eclipse

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Hotel Eclipse is a 10 star hotel situated in the midst of the forest of Shillong. The speciality of this hotel is that the person who is alive cannot visit this hotel nor they can see it. In short this hotel is only for dead people (Hotel of Spirits). Its the hotel that only caters to ghosts. Its the place for the souls that are wandering and cannot rest in peace after their death.             One day a 22 year old alive man gets attracted to this hotel and decides to visit there. Now what will happen if a alive man gets entered into the hotel of dead? How could this man see this hotel being alive?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Hotel Eclipse


(Hotel of Spirits)


Hotel Eclipse is a 10 star hotel situated in the midst of the forest of Shillong. The speciality of this hotel is that the person who is alive cannot visit this hotel nor they can see it. In short this hotel is only for dead people (Hotel of Spirits). Its the hotel that only caters to ghosts. Its the place for the souls that are wandering and cannot rest in peace after their death.

One day a 22 year old alive man gets attracted to this hotel and decides to visit there.

Now what will happen if a alive man gets entered into the hotel of dead? How could this man see this hotel being alive?


David Wilson is the Man who is alive and the one who is able to see Hotel Eclipse (hotel of spirits).He is an unemployed 22 year old adult. He has a very hurting past as his parents died in an car accident when he was just 15 years old. Ever since that time he's living alone.

Mr John the receptionist of Hotel Eclipse. He has been dead since past 20 years and is working as an receptionist there. He couldn't rest in peace because he was been murdered on the day of his birthday.

Mrs James is a wandering soul since past 18 years. She died in the age of 50. She manages all the cleanliness and food management of all the rooms in Hotel Eclipse. The reason she cannot go to her afterlife is because of her deep grudge on her divorced husband who is still alive and living peacefully.

Lewis and Frandy are the waiters who serves all the guests Hotel Eclipse. These are 2 twin brothers who died in bus accident. They are 19 year old youngest souls in Hotel Eclipse.

Yugen best friend of David. The only person david is close to is yugen.. Yugen and David have been together since their college days. He is an employed person.


(the day before david entered hotel eclipse)

(Usually at the end of the month yugen and david would go and have drinks together) .

David : (in a drunken state) yuugeennn ! Wowww so finallyyy you are employed too... Ahaha cheerss... You know whatt I gave 2 interviews today but I don't think they are going select me as an employee there!!

Yugen : Whattt? Why? Why are you so negativee when it comes to job? This time surely you will get job markk my wordssszz okay? Cheersss.. Ah okay its late now we have been drinking since 2 hours my mom will kill me... Buddyyy I will get going. Take care.

David : Yugenn you already high? We just completed half bottlee come on mann!! Ah anyways even I am getting headache I too should leave now. You are lucky your mom is waiting there's nobody waiting for me so I will spent some time with mother nature... Byeee buddyy go safe. Tataa.

Yugen : (Sighing) What again you going in that haunted forest? Why do you go there whenever you are drunkkk? Go home and rest brother... That forest road is really creepy...!

David : (laughing) Ahh don't worry I love spending time there walking through the road of that forest...I am not scared even a bit... Later I will head to my house anyway... Okay see you tomorrow bbyeee!

Yugen : Okay as you wish! Byee buddy

(David in the drunken state heads towards the forest road and starts walking alone)

He keeps on walking alongside through the forest.
And suddenly comes across a huge hotel which was
the hotel of dead and that's HOTEL ECLIPSE! He rubs his eyes to see more clearly as he thinks he is too much drunk to see a hotel here!

He is now almost sober and is shocked to see one unseen huge hotel in front of him which he never saw till date.

(Whenever he was drunk he used to take a walk in this forest but never once he saw this hotel...!)

David : (to himself) Whatttt is this? It looks like a Grand Mansion! Woahhh! But it's a hotel... Hotel Eclipse? First time I am hearing this name! Did this hotel ever existed before? Should I go and take a look or should I return....?! Ahhh I have an headache...Did I drink too much today? Unless I don't go and see myself I won't be able to sleep in peace. Okay so here I go!

David enters the hotel and the moment he enters there he sees hotel receptionist welcoming him...
(Mr John is welcoming David and suddenly he is interrupted by Mrs James and...)

Mrs James : (quietly murmurs in the ears of Mr John) Sir, why are you welcoming that person? You should not allow any living soul enter this place....look carefully you can see his heart beating. But Wait!... If he's alive how could he enter this hotel... This hotel is not visible to any alive then... How??

Mr John : Don't you remember? Lunar Eclipse is on the way... And as of every year we need one human being in order to sacrifice its life in the possession of deity... This time we won't need to search of any human because already this guy entered here. Its good right? We don't have to take extra efforts to find one (happily)

Mrs James : Yes I understand that's true but still in my 18 years of experience I never saw a human being himself coming in here to sacrifice his own life... Mr John I don't feel this right!

(they continue talking and David is flabbergasted by seeing the interior of the hotel and he can't stop himself from exploring more and moreee.)

Then he interrupts Mr John and Mrs James and he asks

David : Hello Ma'am, Hello Sir....Sorry to interrupt... But I am really curious about this hotel. Was this hotel located in this midst of forest since long back? Because this is first time I am seeing! How much does this hotel costs for per person?

Mrs John : Hello Sir!! ... Actually you are our special guest. You can live here till lunar eclipse for free. We welcome you sir in Hotel Eclipse.

Mrs James : Yes sir... Please Check in... As you are our special guest you will be given all sorts of things you would need for your comfort zone. We have a special room for our special guest... Please proceed sir!

(David feels weird as this Grand 10 star hotel is allowing him to stay for free till Lunar Eclipse (almost for next 2 days) but he was so happy that he couldn't deny the fact that he really wants to stay there and couldn't let go this awesome offer... So he decided to stay there for 2 days..)

David : (to Mrs James) Ma'am so what's my room number? I need to get keys from reception first right?

Mrs James : Don't worry I already have the keys of your room. 501 is your room number and it is on 3rd floor of this hotel.

David : What? Third floor?... Okayyy...!!
(to himself) Ahh I feel like I am dreaming... Am I seriously dreaming or aa... uhmm whatever... Wowww... As I see more of this hotel... I am more in love with it.

(Mrs James and David are heading on 3rd floor towards room 501)

Mrs James : Sir this is 3rd floor hallway... Take these keys of your room 501 and now you may go and relax. If you need anything please give a call from hotel's telephone. (with great hospitality).I will take my leave now.

David : Okay thank you ma'am...! I will proceed towards my room.
(to himself) Woahh seriously I am visiting such a grand Hotel for the first time in my entire life. I am just so happy.....!

(David is walking through the hallway towards his room)

This is where the special guests are given special treatment until the lunar eclipse... This room is the only room in entire hotel in which a human alive person can stay.... The speciality of this room is... The person who enters this room once starts forgetting all his life memories... (his all memories of being a human being are faded. One can hardly remember his own name)
The guest who stay in this room can stay for free until the lunar moon... Until then they are treated as the king (they receive a very royal treatment) but they have to pay the price by giving their soul or in short sacrifice their own life in order to keep this hotel's existence for decades and centuries. That's the reason whenever there is upcoming lunar eclipse this hotel searches for a living soul in order to live and increase its own lifespan. In short Hotel Eclipse feeds on the souls of human being on the day of lunar eclipse to stay alive and serve wandering souls until their afterlife.

"There is not a single thing which is free in this world. The world is all about give and take."

David still has no idea what is happening with him. He has no idea that the free luxurious life which he is enjoying now... He will have to pay its price later with his own life or soul.

David is spending his time enjoying the luxurious life in hotel. Eating all the delicious stuffs there which he never had until date. And suddenly there is a knock knock on his door...

David : Who's there? (opens the door) who are you guys? I didn't order anything though!

Lewis : Yes Sir... you didn't but as you are our special guest this is a cake prepared specially for you... for your welcome party.

Frandy : Please feel free to enjoy this cake.. It's all yours. By the way Sir didn't you go to the beach here?
I mean there's not a single guest who doesn't visit there on their stay here.

David : What? A beach? Where is beach here? As far as I know there is no beach in this city. Wait.. does this hotel has its own beach?

Lewis and Frandy : Yes sir!... Today weather is really good... We think you must go and spend some time there enjoying the cool and cozy breeze there. Specially at the time of evening the beach seems more beautiful as there is sunset. If you want to go.. Its located at the backside of this hotel... We can lead you there!

David : Woww ! Would love to go and enjoy there at this instant. Please lead me there.

(Lewis and Frandy lead David to the hotel's Beach)

David after seeing the beach..

David : Oh My Gawddd!!.. How can a beach seem so beautiful... I am really mesmerized.. Ah I am just in love with this place. Wish I could bring my parents and yugen here. They too would love here. This hotel is worth visiting... Uhmm
But heyyy Lewis...wait I have a question before you go.

How come I don't see any other guest on this beach except me ? Beach is always filled with people all over but its totally empty why so?

Lewis and Frandy : (ignoring him) Sorry Sir we need to go now...guests are waiting for us. Please ask Mrs James about this. Okay sir we will take our leave now.

David : Why did they act so weird when I asked them? But seriously since I have come here I didn't see a single guest except me! Truly weird.... Ah whatever but now I must enjoy this cool breeze!

(It's already been 2 days... Today is the day of lunar eclipse and David is still not aware of what is coming for him. Exactly at 12am the Grim Reaper of Hotel Eclipse would come and take away his soul.)

David goes back into his room as he's bit tired and he takes a nap... During his nap he gets a vision of future david dying in that hotel.... and soon he wakes up with great fear in his eyes. Now he is finally getting scared of that place.

It's 10pm and David tries get out of his room he is very much scared and shivering as he has seen his death vision during his nap. The moment he opens the door... He's shocked and frightened to see all the hotel staff members standing outside his door. And they don't seem normal people as he saw them at first... Because now they look more like ghosts... All of sudden the hotel seem to be haunted more than beautiful. He asks them to let him go but they just keep smiling and say...

"Sir please calm down. You think you lived here for free but sir you have already given up your memories as to makeup the cost for your hotel room and now its time to give your soul to this hotel".

" Sir you will be remembered forever here by all our guests and all the staff members and don't worry you too will become a part of this hotel as your soul will reside here."

David : Please let me go.... Please I beg of you.... Please its my request... Pleaseeee Ma'am... Mrs James please let me go.... Mr John please... (crying and sobbing badly)

Mrs John : Sir its already 11:50... Get yourself ready now Grim Reaper is on his way. Please calm down we will not hurt you... Consider yourself lucky to be a part of this hotel.

Mrs James : Sir even if we let you out there you are going to die someday and most worst thing is nobody will remember you... But here you are not dying you are going to be alive for decades and centuries.

(Grim Reaper arrives)

Grim Reaper : Who's that lucky human being this time? Mrs James and Mr John did you bring all the required stuffs I need?

Mrs James and Mr John : The lucky guy is David Wilson this time. And Yes everything is ready just we are waiting for Mr Wilson (the Owner of Hotel Eclipse). Mr Wilson would be arriving soon let's wait for him yet 6 min is left to go.

Mr Wilson : Helllooo My lovely staff!!!! Today's great day for us and for our hotel. I was stuck in some work so I came late... Anyways did you find an alive being?

Mrs James : Yes we didn't even need to find one this time because he came here by himself!... Mr Wilson Welcome sir...Today's day is really best day of this year. We already have a special guest here. This is Mr David Wilson 22 year old.

David : Papa?... Papaaaaa its you.... Its my dad.... Papaaaa... I missed you papaa... I never imagined I could ever get chance to meet you again papaaa. Papaa are you alive or dead? But you died in car accident when I was 15 years old right?
(crying and sobbing badly) how am I able to see you dad?

Mr Wilson : David?... My son! What are you doing here?... Son get out of here.... Gooo get outtttt sonn... Run as fast as possible....gooo! This place is not for people who are alive get out son.
(And Mr Wilson throws him away from Hotel Eclipse)

Mrs James and Mr John : Mr Wilson... He can't go sir he's already decided as our special guest... Sir you can't do this... Even if its your son... If you let him go where would we find another alive person this fast?
And if we don't find one our hotel won't be able to stay alive till next lunar eclipse. Please sir don't let him go...!

Mr Wilson : Shut up you guys he's my son I cannot kill my only family in front of my own eyes. It's okay... Since it's been many years anyways I guess this would be end year of our Hotel Eclipse...! Instead take someone else fast as possible.
(Mr Wilson leaves)

Mrs James and Mr John : Ohh Mr John now I get it why this guy came here... Because he's the son of the owner of this hotel that's (Mr Wilson) and that's the reason he could see this hotel and he came here all by himself. They had connection so that's why this was possible. Mr Wilson died and has been owner of this place as he too couldn't go to his afterlife because he couldn't leave his son alone by himself in this world.

Grim Reaper : And the most shocking thing is even if we kill him we can never take his soul... Because Mr Wilson is already stuck here his own blood can't give soul to lunar eclipse as he himself is the founder of the hotel Eclipse and hence after Mr Wilson the new owner of this hotel would be Mr David Wilson....! And it was said the day Mr Wilson's son will come here... He would be the real owner of Hotel Eclipse and Mr Wilson can peacefully go to his afterlife.

Mrs James and Mr John : That means now the new owner of this hotel would be Mr David Wilson. Unbelievable!

(Finally David is set free from Hotel Eclipse and the moment he gets out of the hotel he regains his all memories but forgets about the hotel and everything related to the hotel)

David is confused what is he doing there at this time... He doesn't remember anything about the hotel or about the 2 days he spent there or he met his Dad.... But suddenly he starts feeling weird.

David heads back to his house and go to sleep. Next morning as he wakes up in his house suddenly a vision of his dad appears in front of his eyes for about 2seconds... And those 2 seconds helps David to regain all of his remaining memories about the hotel. But David doesn't pay much attention and goes in kitchen to make coffee. As he thinks it was just a nightmare!....And suddenly there a sound of doorbell with a knock knock.

David opens the door and he sees two old people standing outside... And they tell him

"Congratulations! You finally got a job and we are here to take you with us the place where you actually belong"

David : What? Did I pass my interview? Seriously?

Mrs James and Mr John : Yes now you are the Owner of Hotel Eclipse. Please take care of our hotel and our guests....

David : What Hotel Eclipse? Owner? Sorry but I am not getting anything...! As I didn't give interview related to hotel job.

Mrs James and Mr John : Sir we will be waiting for you... Now we will take our leave... We are sure you will remember your place and soon you would come back... Bye sir! Take care!

(David is thinking what exactly are they saying and still trying to figure out what's going on...! And who were they! )

David goes and checks his mobile and he has 30 missed calls from yugen... He calls back yugen but he couldn't reach to him... And there's again sound of doorbell... He opens the door and it's Yugen's mother saying...!

"Yugen died yesterday night (crying sobbing badly)... His dead body was found in a forest today morning."

And that's when David starts remembering each and everything... And then he realises that he was saved from offering his own soul... But the soul they took instead of him was Yugen's soul...! (David starts crying helplessly).

Because of David's foolish mistake of entering that hotel he lost his dearest friend... But he also became the new owner of the same hotel and that's HOTEL ECLIPSE.

"There is not a single thing which is free in this world. The world is all about give and take."


- By Shruti Narkhede.

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