Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 10 - Takahashi Aimi's death

[Third person’s POV]:

A woman with raven hair leaned against a dirty and dark alley wall, the garbage everywhere around. This street was different than the one where the girl died.

She wore a black cape, and a hoodie from the mantle covered her face. Her hair consisted of a cheek length forelock over the left side of her countenance. On top of her hair was an ahoge. The woman’s eyes appeared to be grey because of the shadow.

She took a book labeled ‘Ways not to die’ out of her pocket, opening it.

Inside she eyed photos of people, and some crossed with a red marker. Under every picture were some notes, saying information regarding them.

The woman flipped the pages angrily until she reached her page and crossed the photo with a red marker. The picture revealed an attractive girl with light brown hair and bangs. Her hair was long, and her eyes dark brown.

She looked to be around seventeen years old and under the picture appeared a note: ‘Attends Nightland High School.’ Word ‘attends’ became crossed with a red marker, and the person corrected - ‘attended.’

“Good job,” she mumbled for herself, as her grin got bigger. “Even though because of her, one person died. A person working for me, just like all the others. But I don’t care, who would? I have a ton of people working for me.”

“Goddammit!” she cursed as she realized one bookmark from her book fell on the ground. She ignored it and flipped the pages again.

“Where is it, holy portions of bacon?” she mumbled, frowning.

“Aha!” the woman finally seemed to find it. On this page were a lot of empty spots, yet some photos showed too. In one place lay a picture of a probably fifteen-year-old female with medium-dark brown hair. The hair also included bangs with the forelock, and it was trimmed split ends dyed in emerald green. Her eyes were bluish-green. The photo of her was crossed twice with a red marker with words: ‘KILL IMMEDIATELY!’

Under the note, she saw more information regarding the victim. Next to it lay another picture of a girl with short white hair, bangs, and cheek length size forelock, covering the left side of her face. Her eyes were light blue with a bit of violet in them.

She grinned with a sinister smile. “Sakura Kurumi, you will be next.”

Then she laughed maniacally. “I tried to kill you a few times already, but now I will succeed, I’m sure of it. Now I need to know where you are and kill you immediately, personally.”

She closed her book and slowly raised her head, with a sinister smile. She exited the street, not looking back.


Police cars covered the street where the victim is. The police took photos and picked up evidence, while a yellow safety band wrapped the alley’s entrance.

She seemed to be seventeen years old, attending Nightland High School, the same Kurumi and Pablo attended. The police couldn’t find any footsteps, nothing. But what they found was the ax - and they tried to investigate whose fingerprints covered it. They found out and figured the footprints belonged to the person lying a few meters away from the female.

The ax belongs to the person who killed her and now lay dead at the same place. The question became, one or two more people showed at the scene, who were they? And how come their footsteps continued and then suddenly disappeared?


[Kurumi’s POV]:

I woke up to my phone ringing as I set the alarm clock on the phone, realizing this is smarter than to buy a new watch.

I gasped, springing from my bed, breathing heavily. What kind of... nightmare was that? I don’t know. I remember walking and suddenly finding myself in an alley. And something behind me, an ax? Or a knife? I don’t know!

I do remember I’ve met a boy yesterday, though, and beat up his bullies. That’s all. I probably shouldn’t have taken these pills; I’ve read they can cause hallucinations and nightmares.

I got up with my hair messy like always. “I should get going if I want to be on time for my breakfast, maybe a shower, and brushing my hair and teeth. Also, not missing my train.”

I walked straight to the kitchen, still trembling a little. Today I wore a black shirt and blue pants along with cute white fluffy slippers. I cooked myself a miso soup, white rice, scrambled egg, and of course, sausages. I loved sausages, every kind of sausage, being able to eat them for almost any food.

I ate all of my breakfast, getting dressed, and headed to school calmly.

At least I won’t be late today! And how about Pablo? How is he? Where does he live? Oh yeah, Sanazawa Street. I hope he is a real friend. He is so cute...

I shook my head. “No.” this time, my words became spoken out loud. Some people gazed at me dashing to the train station. “W-What did I think about?”


I was sitting in a half-empty room, knowing others should come soon. I noticed a newspaper on my desk. “Huh?”

“Read it.” a boy sitting at the last desk said. “It’s pretty sad. I’m sure the teacher will mention it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, trembling as I remembered a horrible event from the past. I very quickly shook my head. Forget!

“You’ll see,” he responded gloomily. Gulping, I picked up one of the newspapers, examining it with shaking hands. The article said:

A seventeen-year-old Takahashi Aimi who attended Nightland High school got murdered yesterday in an alley...

My heart almost jumped out of my chest. Dropping the newspaper on my desk, I thought I’ll vomit breakfast.

“Are you okay?” A girl beside the boy asked.

“Yeah, I just...” I couldn’t finish the sentence and ran to the bathroom, where I locked myself inside a stall.

Taking a deep breath, I rocked myself back and forth. Why does this make me upset? I am acting weird again, aren’t I? I didn’t know her. I wish someone could hug me.

Nevertheless, no one entered the room, and I stopped rocking, hugging my knees tighter. Tears soaked my cheeks, remembering something again.

Walls covered in blood, and a body was lying in the puddle of blood in a dark alley.

“No!” I sobbed desperately. “I don’t want to remember this! Stop!”

Shaking my head sharply, I placed hands on my ears. “Pull yourself together; it’s okay. It’s... fine.”

I unlocked the bathroom stall, took a deep breath, walked to the sink, and washed off my tears and snot. I dried my hands with paper and left the bathroom with a fake smile.

[Pablo’s POV]:

I sprung from my bed, my heart almost jumping out of my ribs. Cold sweat filled my face. For a second, I thought the creature is behind me. Trying to get up, I slipped and almost fell on the ground. I sat, breathing heavily and gazing at my sweaty hands.

The blistering feeling of paranoia returned. Of course, it is always there.

I undressed from my blue pajamas, shorts, and a white shirt, getting dressed in a navy blue gakuran, Japanese uniform for boys usually black or my color. It has got a high rigid collar and golden brass buttons.

I gulped, walking out of the room. Kurumi’s rolling head showed in my mind again. “No, please...”

Shaking my head, I threw breakfast and a pill in myself, leaving the house.

“Hola!” I greeted Kurumi in class. She sat at a desk next to me, staring at our teacher’s desk absentmindedly.

“Oh, hi!” she said quickly and smiled at me, happy to see me. I could feel something wrong today. Kurumi resembled someone upset and recently cried.



“Did something happen?”

“N-no.” she stammered.

“Well, you certainly look upset you.”

“Yeah, it’s just... nothing.”

“Doesn’t seem.”

“How can you even tell? Maybe I did,” she mumbled, “could I... get a hug?”

I was surprised and puzzled, but reached out to Kurumi and gave her a warm hug.


“We’re going to receive our tests from math today, I guess,” I said after we pulled from each other.

“Oh no, I’m sure I will get a bad grade.”

“Don’t worry; it can be a good grade, too,” I responded, knowing I could’ve said it better.

“I doubt that.”

The teacher came back with the tests, and Kurumi got 68%, meaning ‘C’ - satisfactory. I had 86%, meaning ‘A’ - very good.

Kurumi bit her nails; however, I was feeling satisfied with myself. I’ve realized more than half of the class already knows the female is dead; yet, the teacher did not mention anything.

My classmates seemed more upset as they found out. The teacher is having a strange look on his countenance and refusing to say anything. We continued math class with everyone in silence. I remembered I saw the dead body.

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