Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 11 - Kurumi's unusual behavior

[Pablo’s POV]:

I called the police. Will they track my address? Take me to the police station and interrogate? I haven’t told them who I am! Oh god, what will I do? I’m anxious. And why does Kurumi seem suddenly happy? Perhaps she just dislikes hearing regarding death.

“How is it having a dog?” Kurumi asked me suddenly.

“Oh? Having a dog is awesome! It comforts you whenever you’re sad, licks your face, and is always happy to see you. It truly is a man’s best friend.”

“I wish I could have a dog.” she dreamed. “I love small cute dogs. They resemble fluffy balls of love.”

“Fluffy balls of love?” Unable to help myself, I burst into laughter.

“What is so funny? I think it’s accurate, at least for Pomeranians.”

“Yeah, sure, sure.” I agreed, chuckling. “Maybe I could show you Marshmallow sometime personally.”

“Sure!” Kurumi’s eyes enlightened for a second before she spaced out again.


“O-oh, I apologize, I just spaced out... Did you just call me Ku?”

“Oh, sorry, Kurumi.”

“No, it’s okay; you can call me that too if you want.”

“Okay, I guess.”

At the lunch break, we walked outside and sat on a bench.

“Hey, Ku.”


“Do you know Legend of the Breeze?” How would she react if I told her about my experience? Or she already knows. And the strangest thing is she showed after Person in the shadows, which means... Could it mean she is the Person? But shouldn’t she save me as the Person only? No way. And still, why is she this strong? I don’t honestly know her, and something is off.

“No. What’s it about?”

Everyone in Nightland knows the legend, and this is strange. Is she pretending to lie, or does she not know?

“Actually, it was mentioned somewhere. I don’t know what it exactly is, though.”

“Legend of the Breeze is a mythical legend, telling us regarding another world – a parallel world, where live people with superpowers. They resemble

humans but don’t have to be humans at all. Humans and they are identical. Those with superpowers are called “Saviors,” as it is said they save people.”

“It sounds interesting.” Kurumi agreed pensively. “Do you know more?”

“Well, not that much. I know we have a few saviors; dark, light, fire, water, and others yet to be discovered. I know an event happened in the other world, opening portals to our world. It’s much more complicated and mysterious than I can explain.”

I remembered the dead body of the girl and trembled again. The girl died, and our teacher hasn’t announced anything. She doesn’t attend our lessons, nevertheless shouldn’t it still be mentioned? Why is the school hiding it when everyone knows? Can’t we at least have a funeral, like a regular school? What is happening here?

“What are you thinking about?” Kurumi asked, now observing my profile for a while.

“Oh nothing, it’s just... do you remember how you accompanied me to the subway?”


“Well... I left my randoseru in the dark street.”

“What dark street?” Kurumi seemed confused.

“You don’t remember? The one you beat up these gangsters in!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t recall. All I remember is only a nightmare of being in an alley.”

I’ve felt surprised. Why does she not remember? And yet, it doesn’t seem like she’s lying. “Well, I dropped my bag there and had to return.”

“Is that the reason you almost came late?”

“No! I always come at this time. The thing is... I saw the body... I walked in the dark street to get my bag and in a blood puddle lay –”

Her eyes opened wide, and she resembles a terrified animal. I stopped talking immediately. “Are you okay?”

She jerked, and a smile flashed on her face. “Y-Yes.”

“I’m sorry if I upset you.”

Kurumi paid no attention to my apology, making an unpleasant silence occur.

“Do you want a hug?”

She only glared at me, and I realized I unintentionally messed up again. “Hey, I apologize, okay! My intentions weren’t to upset you!”

Kurumi only smiled slightly. “Whatever.”

Why does she suddenly behave like this? What happened? I am confused. Did she witness something like I did, or why the overreaction? No way. Why? Or is there a different reason? Yeah, obviously. Possibly she knew Takahashi Aimi.


Two weeks passed. I noticed Kurumi avoids personal questions anytime I asked her anything personal.

“Where do your parents live?”

Kurumi only yanked and averted her eyes at the window she sat next to. “It’s a pretty nice day today, don’t you think?

“Where did you live before?”

“Far away.”

“In which city?”

“This soya milk is perfect; wanna taste it?”

“No, thanks.”

October arrived, and our school finally decided to talk regarding Takahashi Aimi. The girl was popular; a lot of people knew her. The loss made them upset. This time the teacher came into our class and announced the girl's death nevertheless everyone already knew.

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