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Chapter 12 - Kurumi visits Pablo's place

[Pablo’s POV]:

“I have unfortunate news class.” the teacher announced, “one student from our school became a victim of a murder.” He appeared deadly serious. “Thus –”

However, a student interrupted him disrespectfully. “She died like two weeks ago; why didn’t you say anything, teacher?” Another one mumbled in agreement, and others nodded.

The teacher stayed silent. “We had our reasons.”

“What a lame excuse!” a student objected, and others agreed. The teacher continued referencing to the girl with everyone in deadly silence.

I inconspicuously watched Kurumi. Her head is leaning against her desk with watery eyes. How come the loss affects her this much? She must be somehow involved.

I quietly asked her later. “You knew her, right?”

Kurumi, instead of responding, shook her head. “I-It’s not it. I just d-dislike this atmosphere.”

“Maybe going outside will make you feel better.”

Kurumi nodded, and I took her hand as we entered outside together.

“I’m sorry,” Kurumi said. “I’m sensitive to these topics, that’s all. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Nah, you’re not bothering.”


“Yeah. It’s not bothering me at all.”

She nodded. “Sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, Ku.”

Kurumi smiled. “You’re very nice to me.”

“Friends are there to hold each other’s back.” I grinned at her too. “Your words.”

Another two weeks passed, and another month arrived – November. School calmed down stopped talking about the dead girl, although some of her friends fell into depression.

A few groups continued analyzing the topics because it was the first student to die in our school. They wondered who will be next. Meanwhile, during the lunch break, I taught Kurumi math and explained things.

I thought of inviting her to my place. Then, maybe she’d feel happier! I want her to be satisfied. Since my sister has a day off today, the girls could meet. Who knows, perhaps they will become friends?

“Ku?” I addressed her. She averted her gaze and smirked, hiding a picture she drew with a pencil by the palm of her hand. I hesitated but ended up asking her. “Would... you like to come over today at my place?”

Kurumi seemed surprised before a smile raised on her face. “Sure!” she hugged me, and this time I was surprised. “Thanks a lot!”

“For what?”

“Inviting me to your place.”

“No problem, you don’t have to thank me.”


[Kurumi’s POV]:

I sat on a bench, waiting for Pablo, knowing he should come soon. I was happy, excited, and a little nervous. Our lessons were finally over, which made me even more excited. I got up as I saw him exiting the school building. We strolled through the gates together, and out of the blue, a person spoke. “Hi! Oh, you must be Kurumi.”

I almost jumped and faced the voice. “It’s sad you two didn’t even notice me.”

The voice belonged to a shorter girl than me; she genuinely smiled at me.

“Who are you?” I questioned in confusion.

“I’m Nakajima Mizuki, Pabs’ older sister. He mentioned you.” she simpered.



Her hair was long dark brown, in an everyday straight hairstyle with bangs. Her skin was tanned, eyes in chestnut color, eyelashes long, and she wore a white off-shoulder sweater, black skirt, white and black striped knee socks, and on her neck hung a plain black choker with a silver circle.

She appeared short and younger than she was. I felt pleased and satisfied, knowing someone is finally shorter than me. I blinked in surprise, hearing my friend mentioned me.

He blushed and frowned at his sister, whispering.

I watched their quiet conversation. “I envy you have a sibling. I’m a single child, and I’ve always wanted one.”

This interrupted them from their conversation. She faced Kurumi.

“Having a sibling can be hell. However, it’s nice too sometimes.”

“I guess, never had one.”

“You look sad. Well, don’t worry, it’s going to be okay! If you don’t have siblings, you have friends.”

“Well, yeppers, I didn’t have them in a long time, too, though.”

She hugged me suddenly, and in surprise, I repeated the hug. “Better?”

“Thank you.”

We pulled from each other. “You seem very young, kinda on sixteen... I thought you’re the same age or younger sister.”

Mizuki pulled a long face, resembling a person who ate a bowl of lemons.

“A lot of people say this, and it triggers me.”


“Nah, it’s okay.”

All three of us walked to the subway and took the same train. She sat between Pablo and me. “Can I call you Mizuki?”

“You can call me Miz if you want.”

“Okay, Miz.”

We strolled throughout a few streets till we stood in front of Nakajima’s house. The building was white with a brown roof and two floors. In front of it appeared a yard. To enter the property, we had to open gates from bamboo. On the yard was a cut lawn with a few toys lying around. At the corner of the building, I also noticed a dog house, which appeared empty.

Mizuki unlocked the door and held them for us to enter.

“You have a beautiful house,” I mentioned, observing the place, and she smiled. “Thank you!”

Pablo’s sister faced her brother and me in the yard. “Well, I’ll leave both of you here since I have some work to do.” she winked at her brother and entered the hallway, leaving the door unlocked.

“So, uh, this is our place, I guess,” He told me, frowning because of his sibling’s response.

“I know.”

“Yeah, I guess I’ll show you around.”

A very fluffy light yellow ball appeared. I almost lost balance, seeing a small pink tongue sticking out of its mouth, and the eyes of the dog were bright, filled with happiness.

The pet’s head wedge-shaped, and ears are cutely small. Its tail quickly wagged, and its paws stood on my knees.

I gasped. “Oh my god, oh my... IT’S SO DAMN CUTE! HOLY SLICES OF BACON! IT’S SO CUTE!”

I gently picked the small fluffy pet up and hugged it, burying my face in its fluffy fur, and it licked my cheek.

“It’s Marshmallow, and he is male. He seems to like you!”

“Marshmallow? He is as cute as one! Even cuter! I love him!” Marshmallow seemed to love me too. I know marshmallows are food, but can’t be food cute also?

I placed him back on the ground, and he made cute barking sounds, galloping around playfully.

“Your dog is amazing!”

“Thanks! I’m flattered.”

We entered the apartment and found ourselves in a hallway with a light brown wooden floor and white-colored walls. We slipped into different slippers, making our shoes gently arranged, facing the door. I was still wearing seifuku and Pablo gakuran.

Both of us exited the hallway, entering the dining room combined with the kitchen and living room, a classic Japanese apartment.

As we walked in, the first thing we saw was a light wooden dining table with six chairs in the middle of the area, made from the same material.

On the opposite left side stood the kitchen area. In the right corner of the room, we could see a fridge, and about a meter and a half away from it stood kitchen counters.

Besides, the kitchen area was stairs. On the opposite right side of the table was the living room area with a black sofa having a few pillows, and facing a television, standing on a chest of drawers.

In the middle of the tv and sofa lay a fluffy white rug. I also noticed a gaming console beside the tv.

The floor seemed wooden and light brown, the walls continuing to be white. A lot of light illuminated the area through windows.

A little girl with medium-dark brown hair and hazel eyes showed downstairs.

“Meet Mai, my annoying little sister.” Pablo introduced her.

“I’m not annoying! And I can introduce myself on my own.” Mai said indignantly.

Imshivered. Mai... The name reminds me of the tragedy and how close the name is... It’s just painful to hear. Especially if Mai resembles her a bit...

I could feel my eyes uncontrollably filling with tears. The siblings fixed me with a stare. “Are you okay?” she asked, sounding worried.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that I remembered something. Sorry.” I made up a lie.

“I remembered watching a video of a guy saving a homeless cat!” my friend with his sibling exchanged expressions.

“Oh, these!” Mizuki smiled, “no wonder you were tearing up. These videos sure are sad!”

I wiped my tears. “Yeah.” then I became aware of Pablo’s stare.

Fear forced me to avoid eye contact with him. What if he read something from my expression? He mustn’t know anything. They must not know anything.

If they found out what I did in my past, I’m sure they’ll hate me. When they see the real me, they will hate and abandon me. That’s why I mustn’t tell them personal information, especially not telling Pablo any of it. He would hate me if he knew, wouldn’t he?

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