Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 15 - Legend of the Breeze

[Third person’s POV]:

The police found another body near the place where the girl from the Nightland High school died. The new dead body was also a corpse of a girl. She had a younger sister, who died a year and a half ago, slaughtered by a mysterious killer.

His identity never got found. And now, the cops found fingerprints on the weapon, a knife. And the footprints lead to nowhere as if the person who killed this girl never existed. Perhaps, did the mysterious murderer have a twin? And how come they had no leads? Probably, was the human supernatural? Could he have superpowers?

The Legend of the Breeze said here on Earth are people who are from a different world. Could someone actually be from a parallel world and come on their own? No, too much Sci-fi and unrealistic. This doesn’t exist, of course.

The policeman shook his head. He had olive skin and was bald. On his head, he wore a police hat. He thought about the legend’s parts, called paragraphs. He examined the body and collected the evidence. The policemen remembered researching the event yesterday, surprised with what he read:


Legend of the Breeze is a mysterious story referring to the alternative world. On Earth, in a few cities in Japan, are portals into a dissimilar world, where live people with superpowers, the World of Aihara. The title got lost in translation over the years. It consists of two parts:


The two main species in this world are called “Dark and Wind Saviors” by humans. Alternative types are Water and Fire saviors and Aiharan devils.

The two big races lived in harmony before Dark and Wind Saviors declared a war.

Both types had superpowers they used against each other, resulting in a disaster in the World of Aihara. A tsunami came, volcanoes erupted, earthquakes occurred.

The god of the world got angry at his people, making portals to Earth open suddenly. The races fell in the gateways, which could open anywhere at any time. People lived in fear; families were torn apart.

To save the people of their world, a couple volunteered to enter the strange portals into the unknown world—Heather the Dark Savior and Akio the Wind Savior. The two types hated each other; them being a couple was scarce.

Not knowing if they ever returned, Akio and Heather entered the place and learned how to live on the planet. They fell in love with the planet, deciding to spend more time there. Eventually, Heather gave birth to a child.

The child would be the one who gets to hold one of three legendary weapons. Inherit the magical gun, which makes precisely as significant damage as the holder of it wants. Legend says, if a person gets all the weapons, they become invincible.

Nevertheless, something happened to Heather and Akio. They never returned to the World of Aihara.


A book about the event existed before it became forever lost. The book contained everything, how to open and close the portals. After a while, the portals closed, and the people of Aihara never returned home.

Humans fell on Aihara didn’t make it in a very different world, getting killed or experimented with.

On Earth, the species were tormented and experimented on as well. This situation made them hide and disguise, live as humans. They looked human; humans were scared they still are here. And they had no idea what the types are capable of doing. If something looks human but isn’t, there is always a reason to worry.

The puzzle pieces became lost; the story started being confusing through the years; some people believed it, and some not. Everything supernatural started being compared to the tale. Evidence of the alternative world existing disappeared.


[Mai’s POV]:

The clock showed 10 am, and I decided to go to the kitchen. And at the moment I go cooking, anything terrible happens. Mizuki was cutting someone’s flowers in their garden, and Pablo went on a walk with Marshmallow to the park. I wanted to cook a meal. I liked cooking a lot, suppressing the fact I can’t cook at all.

I’ll practice! Then one day, I’ll surely become a great chef! It’s my dream, after all. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty; my siblings always told me not to cook, especially if home alone. If I’ll be careful enough, nobody is going to notice anything, right? Maybe I’ll even get praised!

I took the pan from the drawer underneath the counter, placing it on a stove. Taking a cookbook, I flipped a few pages. “Hmmm... What should I cook or bake? I thought baking would be cool. Wouldn’t it be hard, though?”

I used some flour from the cabinet and bowl, placing the pan on the counter, and poured some powder into it. I shuffled and stirred the flour with a spatula but accidentally capsized the pot, and it fell on the floor. I sighed. Why do I have to be so clumsy all the time?! Cleaning the floor and spilling some more in the bowl, I carefully stirred it. “There! Looking good.”

However, I clumsily threw all the ingredients in the bowl but couldn’t bake no matter how much I tried. Parts kept falling from my hands; I just gave up, eyeing the bowl. “I’ll leave it like this, I guess..” I couldn’t put it in the oven anyway due to accidentally pouring too much sugar and too many salts.

I tried to cook a dissimilar meal instead and looked at the pan on the stove, untouched. I reached my hand to it; nevertheless, suddenly, the pot was on fire, making me scream. “WHAT THE HELL?!” I turned to the fire extinguisher and tried to touch it, but the fire extinguisher appeared in blaze too. “What’s happening?!”

Flames quickly expanded, and I backed up, scared. What’s going on?! Why are they suddenly on fire?!

“SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!” I quickly ran to the window and opened it so that the apartment wouldn’t be gas. Then I reached for a cup and filled it with water, throwing the water on the blaze, it was no use, though, and my eyes filled with tears.


[Pablo’s POV]:

I returned home from the walk and heard my sister’s scream for help. “MAI?!”

I ran to the room, seeing it in flames. “PLEASE HELP ME!” she screamed, and I froze, eyeing this scene. “ WHAT DID WE TELL YOU REGARDING COOKING?!”

“I’M SORRY!” she screamed back, and I ran to the bathroom, getting a bucket, which I quickly filled with water from the shower. I rushed back inside and threw the water from the bucket; still, it looked like it won’t be enough. Wanting to call the firefighters, I saw flames blocking the way, realizing it’s not possible. We were trapped, and the only escape became getting from the kitchen and jumping through a window.

The window was a few steps from the room, and to get there, we would have to jump on counters. The kitchen counters light up, too; thus, we couldn’t do anything. I stepped two steps backward and bumped into my sibling. “Pabs?” she sounded scared, and I felt frightened as well. Both of us panicked and screamed.

We started coughing from the gas and covered our mouths. There was nothing left to do. My sibling collapsed on the floor, being here a longer time than me.

“MAI! MAI!” I screamed, but only inhaled more of the gas and fell on the floor with a hollow thud, next to her.


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