Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 18 - Gangsters' revenge

[Kurumi’s POV]:

I couldn’t talk. Shinshu was right. This is why I became scared of telling Pablo my past, although I could throw the burden out of my chest.

“I agree.” I forced myself to smile. “All bullies should die, even the ones who don’t bully anymore. Because they have made terrible mistakes.”

“Exactly! Glad you understand it.” My friend smiled at me, not knowing anything. “Especially Fujioka with Hamasaki. I desire to burn them alive. And – oh look, we’re here already! That’s nice. I can finally receive my double cheeseburger.”

His smile is cute. I was sadder than before. Nevertheless, he would hate me. I must throw feelings out of my way.

I desired to also enjoy a cheeseburger and be the most satisfied human on Earth, just for existing as he did. But that wasn’t my life, and it will probably never be.

“Hue! Hue!” the devil yelled in my ear, almost making me jump out of my chair. A while ago, she was dancing behind Pablo, who didn’t seem to notice anything is different. He only cared regarding his food. In my case, I only ordered fries and a cup of water.

“Boooring! Why do you even care about this guy?” she asked again. “Screw him. How about your ex? How’s he doing? Guess bad. Of course, he hates you.”

“Shut up,” I whispered angrily.

“Oh, oh, did I hit the spot? Aww. Not that I’d feel bad. He deserved it because he treated you like a piece of sh–”

“Yes. Can you shut up for a second? I’m trying to eat.” I mumbled, with fries sticking out of my mouth, which made Pablo laugh.

“You resemble a walrus.”

Shinshu grabbed a French fry, dipped it in a hot sauce, and began drawing with it on his face.

I stared at him. Beside me sat Mizuki with Mai, who mentioned clothes. He stared back at me, not noticing the mustache Shinshu drew or the new eyebrows.

“Nice!” wings appeared out of her back as she flapped them in the air. “Improved your boyfriend’s face.”

“He’s not my...” I sensed my countenance becoming red.

“Time to go!” Mizuki announced. “Are you done, Ku? There’s still a lot of fries.”

“Can I eat them?” Pablo begged. I couldn’t take his face earnestly. Others refused to pay attention to it. Maybe they didn’t see what I saw.


I had no idea where are we walking, nor did I care. Again, nothing mattered. The feeling returned; it always does.

I noticed we stood in front of the glass with kittens. They were everywhere, and puppies too.

Our group walked up to a room where we can play with the kittens. Feeling sad and empty, maybe the kittens would cheer me up. Shinshu wasn’t helping with her constant notes of my past and ex.

“You know, Kikuchi Keichii, he was a jerk. I looked at your boyfriend and thought that he is one, but Keichii was the real jerk.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. And not a jerk.”

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the blindest of them all? You.”

“Very funny.”

A kitten sniffed my fingers, and I caressed it carefully. Two people came in a couple. I glanced at them. How would it be like having a boyfriend who’d take you here? I want to be loved. Will someone ever fall in love with me? I hope. Keiichi wasn’t in love with me. Just lust. He only wanted one thing from me, even tried to obtain it by force... And then he gave me the silent treatment because I didn’t give him what he wanted.


“Hey, don’t you want to spend the night with me?” he smiled at me.

“Spend the night?!” I repeated in surprise. “Um, isn’t it too soon? We barely know each other.”

“No, it’s a great opportunity to become intimate, get to know each other better.”

I was insecure. “Do you have protection?”

“We don’t need that.” his smile grew bigger.

“But, Keichii...”

We were sitting on his bed, and he pushed me, so I fell in it. I screamed as this was too sudden. He stood above me. “Don’t worry... It won’t hurt. Just don’t tell anyone.”

He held my hands; I became unable to move them and began wildly struggling. “KEICHII! NO! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!”

He refused to listen and began slowly pulling my shirt down. I couldn’t take it anymore and kicked him. “LET ME GO!”

“OW! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!” He looked very frustrated. “YOU LITTLE –”


I got up and pushed him with tears in my eyes. I pulled my shirt back, and he grabbed my arm. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?”

“LET ME GO!” I yelled and kicked him in his groins. He tried to hit me but missed it. I ran out of the room and cried while running to grandpa’s place, my new home.


The kitten purred and jumped on my chest, curling up there. I felt sick and tense.

“You want to console me?”

Animals are sometimes better than humans. With people, you don’t know who to trust. Who will stab you in the back... Animals are different.

“I remember Christmas will arrive soon.” I heard Mizuki saying, pulling me away from the apathy once we left the room filled with kittens.

“Oh, you’re right. I forgot how fast time goes by. I’m getting excited! I always liked Christmas.” Pablo said excitedly.

“Yeah, Christmas is nice!” Mai agreed.

“How about you, Ku? Are you okay? You were kinda quiet.”

“Oh, I’m fine.” I put on a fake smile. I should be happy; nevertheless, I’m not.

“Of course, you’re not.” The devil reminded me. “You never celebrate anything, boring person.”

Another thing we had to agree with. Christmas is going to suck. We never celebrated Christmas. I wanted to, though, had nobody to celebrate with. Some families were getting excited and visiting their acquaintances and siblings, while I knew the whole Christmas I would spend alone. So it was my birthday. Nobody cared about it, only the one who gave me this choker. The only person who honestly cared. And at present she was gone forever. Almost everything reminded me of the person I’ve lost.

Every holiday, Christmas, Valentine, Birthday, didn’t mean anything. Mom refused to care. People always stop caring regarding me after a while, like they used to. It breaks my heart.

“Hey, Ku I think I saw something cool there, follow me.”

I looked at Pablo in surprise, yet, followed him to a section with dog food. “What did you find?” I asked as we stop a few meters away from others.

“Are you really okay? You are quiet and don’t seem happy. I’m worried.”

“Yeah. I was just in sad thoughts and all. They keep showing on my mind.”

“Well, if you say so.” Pablo answered, “Just so you know, you can always talk to me.”

“Mhm,” I responded with a neutral expression.

Nothing unusual happened after this. We strolled and talked, and I stopped caring. By midnight, we returned to Pablo and Mizuki’s house.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

“No problem. Make sure to visit again anytime.”

I hugged all the siblings, until walking to the train station, through streets illuminated by lamps. Not noticing where I am strolling. And that turned out to be a big mistake.

For safety reasons and mostly because I wanted, I walked in large crowds, unlike Pablo, who instead went the way with no people. Yet, not today. Today, everything was different. First, the separate jar, now Shinshu, not shutting up. Because of her, I didn’t hear the footsteps behind myself. Yet I had a hunch something is wrong and turned around. Suddenly, someone pushed me, and I crashed into a wall. “Uh!”

“Here you are.” a familiar voice said. I saw stars above my head and averted my eyes at the person. It appeared to be a gangster, surrounded by more gangsters.

I remembered defeating them all of a sudden, except at the moment they multiplied, and I gulped. Does a short sixteen-year-old girl have a chance against seven tall, muscly guys, if she’s not in her rage mode?

“Ooh! Will they be your next victims? Killer’s victim.” Shinshu smirked.

“You’re the girl who caused many of us to go to the hospital. And some got carried to the police station and arrested.” He smirked. “This is our revenge, girl.”

I started yelling and kicked him; however, somebody punched me in the head, and I crashed into the wall by my head, yelling louder for help. A terrible pain occurred; I remembered feeling something similar before. I felt disoriented and received a blackout for a second.

“How does the karma feel?”

“It feels nice. It’s something you deserve for your sins.” my imaginary companion laughed.

“STOP SCREAMING!” one of them yelled, and another gangster covered my mouth with his hand. I opened my eyes wide, paralyzed, and in the next second, sank my teeth in his hand. He screamed, and one gangster placed a knife’s blade on my neck. “You scream, you die,” he smirked as he saw me opening my mouth.

“You deserve to die as your boyfriend said. Why don’t you scream? Scream, scream, scream...”

I firstly gazed at him, secondly at the devil, and then trembled, closing my mouth. It hurt terribly, and my eyes filled with tears. Even if I beat them up before, I knew I’m trapped now. They used the moment of surprise, the same as I did before. And at this moment it was me who was unable to do anything.

“What should we do with her?”

“Well, she’s a girl.” said the gangster, who held the knife. “We can beat her up, but there are more things you can do with girls.” he had a terrifying smile on his lips.

“Oh, right! Why not enjoy some fun?” The fifth gangster agreed.

“Strip her.” Their leader said, locking eyes with me and enjoying the terrified look in them. I knew what’s going to happen.

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