Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 19 - Satou Atsuko's death

[Kurumi’s POV]:

No! They can’t! They will... rape me, all of them at me like the soldiers in Nanking. They will destroy my body, or I will die. They’ll kill me. I don’t want this! I’d instead get stabbed by the knife. Should I... risk?

“Die... Let them kill you... Isn’t that what you want?”

The gangster on the left side, who covered my mouth with his hand, began pulling my top down. I kicked the gangster on the right side, and he screamed, the knife fell from his hand, and I removed myself from the other one. Before escaping, the rest of the gangsters surrounded me, and I began yelling my lungs out.

I pulled up my top and kicked them, knowing I have no chance. They attacked me, and I closed my eyes in fear. The gangsters held me tight; I couldn’t move and understood they would soon undress me completely and do the deed, who knows after this beat me up or murder me. Shinshu only watched the scene with a terrifying grin on her face.

I opened my eyes a little, seeing a metal rod behind the gangsters. It hit a few of them, and the other ones turned around, screaming in surprise. It was dark; I couldn’t see who the person is. All I knew, in the other second, all of the gangsters lay unconscious on the ground, and the person disappeared. My feet swept off; I sweated and gulped. I quickly picked up my randoseru, which fell out of my shoulder, walked out of the street, and heard the footsteps again, having the flashback.

I yelled, running as fast as my legs carried me, hearing someone’s steps behind, probably Shinshu’s. I held my chest because I didn’t wear a sports bra, and this hurt. After some time, I finally found myself in the street illuminated by the lamps, breathing heavily.

I sat on the ground, panting and sobbing. It’ll be fine...

Once I caught my breath, I continued running until I reached my house with Shinshu laughing the whole time.

My head wouldn’t stop hurting; thankfully, my bangs covered the injury. I continued placing ice bags on it to reduce the pain. Shinshu’s voice wouldn’t disappear from my head.

[Third person’s POV]:

The police examined the next victim of murder yesterday, a female. They recognized who it belonged to today. Her name is revealed to be “Satou Atsuko.”

This girl had a younger sister, who lost her life tragically. Why did the murderer come almost two years later appeared still unknown? Nor did the police know why females are getting slaughtered in this street.

A female cop handled the situation, now rummaging through papers on her desk.

“Gosh. Where it is?” she asked herself. “I’ve already searched through a few; nevertheless, I haven’t found what I am looking for.” something finally caught her attention, and she picked the paper up. “This is it.”

It is related to the person who died yesterday. “Satou Atsuko.” she read. “Twenty two years old. Her younger sibling got murdered; her name was... Satou Mei.”

The female cop wrote words in her notes. “The Satou family. This must’ve been harsh. I need more information. Huh? What’s this?” The cop noticed a paper under another ton of documents and examined it. “Another female came into sight with Mei’s passing away.” The female cop frowned. “A thirteen-year-old victim who soon turned fourteen. That’s terrible. What is her name?”

She asked herself again, looking for additional information related to this case.


[Kurumi’s POV]:

“Another girl died yesterday.” noted a student with black hair, “they put it in the news.”

“What? Another one from our class?” questioned Yua.

“No. But for some reason, they killed near the place or in the same street? I’m not sure.”

“Pretty sure the near street.”

I stared at a window, where Shinshu sat with a lollipop in her mouth. She noticed my stare and winked at me. And at that moment, I realized what the girls said. I thought it couldn’t get worse... I sat at my desk, next to Pablo’s.

I liked sitting at this place as I could be close to him. I also hoped I could cheat on tests by looking at what he wrote, however, unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy, and I couldn’t, as sometimes Pablo had his hand there. Even if I did look, He wrote, more likely scratched numbers and words worse than a cat, the text became unreadable.

“Can I see the newspaper?” Pablo requested.

“Oh, sure,” she said in surprise and handed him the newspaper. He examined it. “Satou.” he read, “Satou... Atsuko.”

“What do you think, Ku? Why did the murderer choose her next?” He looked at me.

My eyes were wide open while I stared into the space in panic.

I froze, sensing intense fear, and started shaking, having a feeling I must run from this. Everything began spinning, and my chest hurt. I stood up from my seat quickly, almost capsizing the chair. Pablo stared at me in surprise. I ran as fast as possible from the classroom, resembling someone getting chased by a bear. Not just an ordinary bear, a bear holding a machine gun.

[Pablo’s POV]:

“Kurumi!” I shouted; however, she already disappeared.

“Huh? What’s wrong with her? I see that Sakura started acting strange. Yet, you did too. You’re not much easily irritated.”

“Yeah. She surely changed you. I wonder why you behaved so strangely.”

Her note angered me; Yua acted as if nothing happened. They avoided me when I needed their help and support the most; nobody cared. And because Kurumi helped me, others refused to talk with her.

“Hm,” I answered, bothered by Yua and her friends. “Get out.”


“Get out,” I growled.

“Fine, geez. Forget I said anything.” Naomi left, and I returned to the article.

Atsuko passed away a year and a half ago. They both seem to have the same murderer; however, they received no result when cops examined the fingerprints. Satou Atsuko showed in this city to visit someone.

Why did the murderer come to slaughter the older sibling is unknown. The younger sister of Atsuko is named Satou Mei and became brutally stabbed. She passed away, only thirteen to fourteen years old. The police found out there showed a witness, a thirteen-year-old girl, who almost became a victim too. The article didn’t reveal her name.

“Huh. Satou Mei.” I remembered Kurumi’s face while reading the name of the victim’s older sibling – Atsuko. Kurumi acted strangely, just hearing someone was killed. She looked so disheartened. I frowned and recalled the moment.


I quietly asked her after the class when the teacher announced the demise of the student. “You knew her, right?”

Kurumi quickly shook her head. “I-It’s related to something else. I just d-dislike this atmosphere.”

[Pablo’s POV]:

That’s what she said. “It’s related to something else.” could this be it? Satou Atsuko? Kurumi also seemed shocked as I mentioned the dead body.

I returned my attention to the article. The witness was a girl between thirteen to fourteen years old when Mei was killed, meaning she was finishing junior high school.

She mentioned her junior high school. Kurumi also said she dislikes killing games and preferred guns over knives. The person ended Mei with a knife. Could the witness be Kurumi? It made sense at this time! I gulped, not knowing what to say. It bothered me; I couldn’t be sure if my theory is correct.

Possibly not; I shouldn’t think of the worst at first. I felt sorry for her anyway. If she is the witness, it meant she saw Mei getting stabbed to death. What relationship did they have? Were they close, or did Kurumi didn’t like hearing people she knew passed away? Perhaps she disliked hearing about death at all?

So, if Kurumi witnessed such a terrible scene, then the demise of Atsuko reminds her of the traumatic event. Speaking of Kurumi, where is she? I became absent-minded and forgot she ran off.

She hasn’t returned yet, and I hoped she is okay, feeling further worried than usual, after putting things together like a puzzle and making the theory. Wait, aren’t I missing something? I gazed back at the paper more carefully than before. The witness almost received death too. Does this mean someone ran a knife through Kurumi?

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