Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 2 - A beginning of friendship

I couldn't have anything to eat because of Naomi. Acting salty offended the girls, and they left me alone. The boy stole my attention. I must find more information regarding him. Such as, where did he disappear at the lunch break?

"You keep observing him." Naomi groaned, "why can't you listen to Yua's advice?"

"I see no reason why I should avoid him." I objected.

"He is involved with two bad people, who drink, smoke, vape, maybe even rape girls. Plus a gang," she smirked. "Do you want to have anything similar to that? Be raped, forced into taking drugs? Into their gang?

"No... And he takes them?"

"Pretty sure he does. Vapes, smokes, I heard he molested a girl! Avoid him."

I had no idea Yua's words were nasty rumors she just made, and everyone believed them. It made me doubt.

I gazed in his direction. But, he seemed lonely and surprised as I first spoke with him. Of course, he feels alone if everyone avoids him. And how can I know Yua is telling the truth?

I understood what the guy's words meant. "Just because a person appears nice at first doesn't necessarily mean they're your friends or that they'll be nice later on."

I'll try to follow him, see where he's going... And maybe, the two of us will become friends. I also have been lonely.

I sauntered up to the male again, ignoring Yua and Naomi's faces full of disgust. "We warned you, why do you...?"

He twitched, setting up an expressionless face. I knew he heard them, and it probably hurt him.

"Hey –"

"Go back to your friends." he glared at me, rising.

"But, I wanted to talk with you..."

"You're just saying that." he brushed me off. "You don't mean it."

"Yes, go back to us. Why would you want to talk with... him?" Naomi frowned at me.

"You don't have to tell me what I can do and what not," I complained angrily. "Who are you? My mom? Who said I have to believe you?"

I haven't noticed him leaving the classroom. My words left Naomi with Yua speechless. I quickly followed him, careful not to make much noise.

He strolled downstairs, a floor below me. I dashed after him, almost bumping in the students and knocking one girl on the stairs. Wait! Please wait!

I could barely catch my breath, unable to scream the words. The guy and I found ourselves outside.

He walked up to two tall, muscular guys standing under a sakura tree. I hid behind one quickly too. On the school's garden grew many trees, including bushes and benches for students. I moved and glimpsed the scene, hearing their voices.

Did I notice a tall, muscular male with red hair, black eyes, and probably a cigarette in his mouth? Or an electric cigarette? Lollipop? I can't tell.

Beside him stood a taller and muscular boy with blond hair and probably black eyes. At least I'm not the only one with the wrong hair color. Are they the guys he's involved with?

"Great. Thought you wouldn't come." Redhead smirked. "Then it would be worse for you. Weren't you supposed to do us a favor?"

"And you didn't." Blond frowned. "You know what happens now..."

"I couldn't listen to your request! I had no idea where to find them... I couldn't. I can't get my family in trouble."

"You already did, scumbag." The redhead kicked him, walking closer. Their noses almost touched. "You were supposed to find the rest of our guys. Steal some weed hidden in a cigarette box and then sell it. Wasn't that a good enough deal?! If we left you alone afterward?"

"I am no drug dealer! I'd get myself and my family to jail –"

Ginger lifted him by a collar of his shirt. "I warned you." were his words before he winced with him and dropped him on the ground. The boy was in shock, lost his balance once he landed on his feet, and fell to the ground. With a closer look, I have realized the boy badly fell on his leg. Is he able to walk, even?

I've already seen enough and walked away from my hideout. "YOU!"

The three guys eyeballed me in surprise, the one on the ground with fear. Nevertheless, I wasn't about to hurt him.


Gingerhead looked me dead in the eye, and the Blond smirked. "I haven't seen you before. You must be new."

I made my way closer to him, and so did he, pushing me against the tree. Not seeing this coming, I frowned at him. "We'd beat you up; however, you're a girl... Even better. We can enjoy some fun."

He held my shoulders tightly and pinned one of my legs with his knee. The Ginger came closer, lustfully looking me up and down, his eyes stopping on my vast bust.

The boy behind them got up, limping, and punched the blond male from the side. "OW! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, NAKAJIMA?!"

"Hamasaki!" The male with red hair shouted in shock. I kicked him in the crotch, causing him to bend over. "YOU BITCH!"

"OH YEAH? SAYS A DUMB MOTHERFUCKER WHO LETS HIMSELF GET BEATEN UP?" Nakajima punched him from the other side.

"This is for what you did," he said with disgust and hatred. The male with red hair fell to the ground. Before the Blond named Hamasaki could do anything, I also kicked him in the crotch, more than I kicked the previous boy. "I HOPE YOUR BALLS WILL HAVE TO GET AMPUTATED AFTER THIS!"

Hamasaki groaned and lost balance. "Fujioka and Hamasaki... Can't wait what will people say as they'll see you like this." Nakajima smirked; I could see he didn't put much pressure on his leg.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, worried. "Your leg appears a bit..."

"I'm ok. Worry about them, not me. Kick Fujioka for me."

I realized Fujioka is the one with red hair and gladly listened to Nakajima's request. "And Hamasaki too. Thrice."

I did as he said, both of us mocking the guys. When they tried to get up, they got kicked in the crotch again. Thrice.

"I think it's fine for now." Nakajima smiled at me. His smile is cute.

"Why did you help me?" I asked a while later, as we sat on a bench.

"You seemed lonely. I know how's it like being lonely. You were right regarding these words." I gazed up at a sakura tree above them.

"You'll get revenged, though, and it will be my fault," Nakajima said gloomily.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. What's your name, by the way?"

"Nakajima, Pablo. You're Sakura Kurumi, right?"

"Yes. Can I call you, Pablo?"

"I... I guess?" his reaction made me laugh. "Not a Japanese name."

"I know. I'm hafu." (half Japanese).

"Cool! I thought you don't look exactly Japanese. What's your other half?"

"Spanish. And what now?" he answered.

"What? I guess they should stop bothering you now."

"No. They will come back worse than before. I'm fine now."

"How did it happen that they... bullied you? Why?" I asked.

"It's a long story..."

"Would you like to talk about it?"

He sighed, "No. But you seem to want to be friends with me. People avoid me; you didn't... You seemed to care genuinely. So, I guess... I'll tell you the latest months of what happened. Not everything."

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