Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 22 - Contemplation

[Kurumi's POV]:

On Friday, Pablo offered me to visit his place. I agreed, not having anything else to do. I enjoyed spending time with him. The latest days weather was gloomy. It rained a lot with unpleasing wind. The weather may have been gloomy, yet Pablo and I felt happy.

I made sure to take pills now, Shinshu stopped appearing. And can appear in any second... Something I have no control over.

I'm a bit scared to visit Pablo's place because of Mizuki. She should know too. I need to tell them my whole past; I don't know why or when...

"Do you know the answer, Mrs. Sakura?"

"Huh?" I became lost in my thoughts in the history class. I raised my head and averted my eyes at the teacher. Some students slept, and some watched me. The teacher waited for my answer, impatiently.

Pablo wrote something and raised a paper. The teacher walked over to close the window beside his desk. I eyed the paper he showed, seeing the answer. My gaze fell back on the teacher. He returned to the blackboard and watched me. I said the date Pablo wrote on the piece of paper.

The teacher continued teaching, and I started paying attention, making notes.

"Pablo?" I finally asked him during the lunch break.

"Yes, Ku?"

"If I told Mizuki, how do you think she would react?" Pablo observed me pensively for a while before responding. "She will definitely give you an honest, positive answer. Miz is very supportive and nice."

"Yeah, don't worry about it." Pablo smiled, "I'm sure Miz wouldn't bite you. I know, I live with her for sixteen years after all. Anyway about that, can you help me with something from history? I suck."

"No, you don't."

"I suck, and I know it. just not good at history and stuff."

"And what do you want to help with?"

"The lesson we learned at the latest."

"Oh! This is my favorite. Listen, here's how it goes..."

I tested him, holding his exercise book, and had trouble reading what he wrote, sighing, and taking out my own exercise book instead. I haven't even noticed Pablo using this opportunity to glance at me.

"What's the date?" I asked him, and now he noticed I'm watching him impatiently.

"Uh... Can you repeat the question?"

I frowned at him, repeating the question. "How many times will I repeat the question?"

"Sorry, history is boring."

"No, it's not!"

He shrugged. "For me, it is. I can't keep paying attention."

As I noticed, the subjects I liked Pablo found tedious. While being very passionate about geography, history, politics, art, and other languages, he'd prefer math. I wasn't sure if he's interested in me mentioning Mona Lisa. The only artist he found cool was Picasso, as they shared the same name. I liked him because he was a communist.

I also admired literature. Meanwhile, Pablo loved math, technology, physics, science, and computer science. Numbers made the perfect sense to him, unlike me, who, on the other hand, hated these subjects.

"Do you understand now?" I asked him again, done explaining the lesson passionately.

"Uh, I guess..."

"So is that yes or no?" I frowned again, unhappy he's not paying attention.

"I think yes, I guess." he hesitated and answered. The tone of his voice sounded insecure, and I sighed. "I can't tell if you really understand."

"I think I do."

He answered some of my questions correctly and some incorrectly. Pablo looked annoyed when anyone corrected him and interrupted me from talking in the middle. "Okay, I think I understand now."

"Mizuki's going to be either home already or will come later, so you'll be able to tell her," he said instead.

I nodded. This made me feel a little nervous, or is it excitement? I shared a sausage from my bento with Pablo, and he gave me a rice ball.

I hugged him for the rice ball, and he tried to pull away, which was almost impossible. Pablo sighed, hugging back.

We suffered school for two more hours, in which I talked about the Czech Republic.

"And in Czechia, they have..."

"What's Czechia and the Czech Republic?"

"You never heard about it? They're the same country! It's a country in Europe! Central Europe. Near Germany."

"Never knew it existed." he shook his head, and I continued talking. It seemed that a few minutes of Czechia were already enough for him.

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