Legend of the Breeze (vol1)- Person in the shadows

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Chapter 6 - Gangsters

[Pablo's POV/PRESENT]:

She stared at me in shock, unsure what to say. I could see the whole time I talked; she listened and got lost in the story, forgetting where we are and why we are here.

“Wow,” she said, speechless. “I... what... what happened after that? And you had... the courage to tell this to a stranger, I.. wow. I mean...”

I smiled slightly. “Well, it’s a lot, I agree. it’s been annoying me.”

“I had no idea you were going through this; I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be. Not your fault,” I waved my hand.

“If I can ask, it’s fine; if not, what happened following?”

“Ah, sorry for ignoring that question.” I apologized.

“No, don’t be.” Kurumi grinned.


Something wrapped arms around me, pulling me back. I refused, struggling and trying to jump, but we both lost balance and fell into the room. Mizuki sobbed, and I did too.

“Why would you... Why?! Please! We love you!”

I faced her, and she hugged me. “Please, don’t kill yourself. Please, don’t! We’re sorry! For everything!”

I only sobbed as the tears rolled down my cheeks and placed my head on Mizuki’s shoulder.

“Well, get you help, it’ll be fine, I promise.” she caressed his back. “But please live.”


Kurumi wiped her eyes. “Your story made me emotional...”

“No, don’t cry because of me! I wasn’t tending to hurt you! I –!”

“You didn’t hurt me. The fact someone treated you like this did. They aren’t people, but monsters.”

“I guess.” I shrugged.

“I don’t tend to be annoying, but can I ask one more question?”


“Why did they still annoy you at the moment?”

“Oh, they? Well, once it happened, my sister found help and everyone was shocked. They put bars on my window, so I can’t jump. And I got homeschooled, now I came to the school, though, the same thing happened.”

“I thought they would get expelled for this!”

“No justice, they only became suspended. Besides, they lied a lot and threatened me if I tell the truth.”

“I hate them; I hate them with passion! How can humans be such monsters?”

“Sometimes, they are. And do you know what’s worse? You’ll be revenged, and it’s gonna be my fault!”

“No, they will not. You saw we beat them up, right? People are just scared of them, which boosts their ego. So they think they can do anything they imagine. Besides, we’re friends, right?” Kurumi gazed upon a sakura tree above them.

“I guess,” I repeated, insecure about what to respond.

“And wait for a second... How long are we here?”

“Uh... maybe half an hour? No idea...”

“This means the bell already rang, and we’re gonna be late!” she grabbed my hand and began running towards the building. “Come! Come!”

“Hey! Hey! Not this fast!”

Yet, she continued running anyway. “Kurumi! Hey! I can’t run fast! My leg, ow!”

Kurumi finally dropped my hand. “Oh, they hurt you. Shouldn’t we visit the nurse’s office first?”

“No, I’ll be ok.” I refused.

“And can I get some food?”

I only smiled instead of giving her a proper answer.

We arrived late. And the teacher frowned at us as we opened the door. Kurumi And I apologized and sat at our desks. The teacher shook his head and sighed, returning to the blackboard.

I threw a riceball at Kurumi’s desk inconspicuously. She placed it in her mouth quickly, smiling at me. Naomi and Yua’s faces became green in disgust.

“I realize why you hate Naomi with Yua! I didn’t know Yua is such a bitch and a liar. I also understood what do you mean by what you said.” Kurumi told me at another break.

“Yeah, I suppose. I’m not sure what I saw on her.”

“And we are friends from today!”

“I suppose so? Having a friend like you would make me happy.”

Kurumi hugged me suddenly, and I blushed. “Huh?!”

“I’ve wanted to give you a hug after everything I’ve heard; I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I, uh...” Blushing, I patted her on the back until she pulled away from me.

“Are you signed in any clubs?” Kurumi asked.

“No, you?”


“I see.” Kurumi grinned. “Are you hungry?”

“I guess, yes.”

We walked together downstairs as we finished cleaning the classroom. Our lessons were finally over, and we exited the class, stopping in front of our lockers. We traded the shoes for a different pair until walking outside.

Kurumi saw I’m following her. “We have the same train? You can sit next to me!”

“I... I suppose so?” I asked in surprise.


I sat beside Kurumi on the train. “Where do you live?”

She pulled a long face, probably not wanting to answer. “In a small apartment. It’s probably about twenty minutes from school if you use the train. It’s a pretty nice building, and I am glad that I moved in there.”

“Those are probably the new apartments. I’ve read about them in one catalog.”

Kurumi nodded. “Yeppers.”

“How does it look inside?” I asked with genuine interest.

“Pretty nice; I have big windows with a great view. I can show you sometime when we’ll go to my place if you want to sometime.”

I blushed slightly, imagining visiting a girl’s apartment. “Do you live with your family?”

It took her a while to answer. In her eyes appeared sadness, only for a few seconds.

“No, alone. And where do you live?”

“Sanazawa Street. Number block fourteen.” in Japan, it is unusual for a street to have a name. Only historical streets do, though. Kurumi probably never heard about this one being ancient.

“And you said you are hafu earlier...”

“Oh? Yeah. Japanese-Spanish. I suck at languages, though; I can only speak Spanish as dad taught me from a young age. My dad is Spanish, and he married a Japanese woman. Then my mom lost her job, and our parents sent my sister and me to our grandparents in Spain.”

“Oh! I have to get off at this stop.”

“Okay.” I regret she has to go. This day seems to be over so fast. I’ve never seen this female before; however, I wish she could just stay. Can’t we talk a bit longer?

“I’d rather stay.”

“What for?”

“I don’t feel like getting off.” Kurumi wagged on her seat. “Yet, I must leave. Well, see you tomorrow!” she shot me a genuine smile and surprised me again with a hug.

“See ya!” I answered, watching her walk away. She sure is an interesting person. Does this signify I’ve finally made a friend? She wouldn’t help me if she didn’t care. I have a bad feeling; this is only a dream, too beautiful to be true.

I jumped off at my stop, continuing the way home. Nevertheless, I spaced out and entered a dark alley accidentally. Someone blocked the way, and I realized I’m in trouble. Raising my head very slowly, I gazed up at the person.

The person appeared tall and dressed in a grey sweatshirt. I couldn’t see in the person’s face; it must’ve been a guy. His hoodie hid the eyes, and from his mouth, hung a cigarette, making him look badass.

No doubt... this must be a gangster, and I am very screwed. I froze as there showed more of them from the shadow, seeming very unfriendly.

“Give us money!” said a gangster beside the one with the cigarette (the one who had a cigarette stood in the middle), another bandit beside the one in the center held a metal rod.

“Wait, isn’t this that guy?”

“What guy?”

“Hamasaki’s punching bag.”

The middle member walked toward me. He lifted me by the collar of the uniform. I dropped the bag I held and yelled.

The leader clenched my neck. I’ve never been choked before, and the gangster continued adding pressure. I yelled until I couldn’t anymore, gasping for air. I kept kicking him, my injured leg hurting even more. I punched him, also scratching his face with my nails. Yet, he refused to let go.

“You told the girl about Hamasaki and Fujioka’s training. You wanted to avoid us, didn’t you? Well, you deserved getting beaten up, mostly for your stupidness. You hired her to help you, so they wouldn’t be able to beat you up anymore. She almost killed Hamasaki. They never put you at the edge of life, so why would you do that to them?”

What kind of stupid logic is that? They beat me up so many times, and before, I can’t count. Why the hell would I hire someone? And Kurumi did not almost kill him. They’re dramatizing things. Oh, they put me on the edge of death. Because of them, I’ve almost committed suicide. They could’ve also damaged my inner organs! Why always me? First, I leave a girl waiting, even if it’s the opposite, then I hurt a female by giving her a chance, and suddenly I’m murdering his brother.

I realized the leader has to be Hamasaki’s brother, as Fujioka mentioned, and he is pissed. His words sounded as if I hired a professional at martial arts. I felt like passing out soon because he held my neck very tightly, and I was unable to breathe. Other members just stood there, watching the scene and waiting for their leader’s commands. I didn’t imagine my death this way. I thought I’ll slit my wrists, overdose, or jump out of the window. Nonetheless, maybe I’ll be reborn and start again. My life won’t be messed up anymore. So this is how I’ll die.

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