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First Off And Once Begun

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Mrs. Henry and her new job, laid in waste, in wake of another job.

Mystery / Romance
Gayla Lyn Leach
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First Off And Once Begun chapter #1

The irony of the day seemed to add up to nothing. Nothing but the squeaky house treating the newly out of work Mrs. Henry to a new day. With butter and bread on the table the classifieds could wait a few seconds longer. But the ad staring at Mrs. Henry seemed to choose her instead. So after her snack Mrs. Henry went down there to apply.

It was weird. Like they already knew her. Before the add was placed. Seemed like a relative had recietly worked there briefly and had just died. But assuredly Henry Whistle immidently hired Mrs. Henry out of respect of her distant relative who had been a fan of her for about two months before he died. His name was Henry Haydad.

Strangely enough that was the talk where she had just recently been payed off to a store closing due to the pandamic. There was talk of a news story that a recent death had campaigned the stores interest in professional marketing. That the store thrived extensively on professional sales as a bidder.

"This was just lovely," Mrs. Henry explained about the irony of the situation. "The store didn't make enough for only restricted incomes but the products were not accessible to mainstream incomes. This makes it a great mergible deal." Said Mrs. Henry when she took the job. Too bad the relative was a pandemic death himself. The store sine had been declared sanitary once again. New many times it has been declared sanitary is the problem.

"The problem is not in the store." Came deleted to Mrs. Henry's conscience. But she chose to ignore it. " The promlem is not the store." Came out loud from the clock as it sang to her. "The name," then the cat clock clicked off as if to break.

The store seemed like her house now. Squeaky and old compared to the new request. Then she noticed the ad that stared at her had a bed on it to force her to work for them. This relative that had died got sick of the janitor who did not disinfect here either. And this was a fan of her deal making. As if to begin killing the entire family.

This was alerted to the FBI and she was given a acceptable job.

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