The Mystery of the Gibsons family

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The Story is about the Gibsons family who planned a family trip and when this long-awaited trip was held, it was what made a tragic impact on the lives of Emily and Emerald Gibson. This story leads the adventurous and mysterious lives of the family as move along their trip taking into account the things said by the vengeful spirit.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

The Gibson family went to the ocean-site seeing places in summer vacations. Both the children were excited about this trip and waited for their summer vacations. Finally, their wait was over as their summer vacations came. The family packed their bags and checked all their needed essentials and left for their destination at 9:00 am on the morning of Saturday.

Emily Gibson and Emerald Gibson both the children were both excited on their way to their destination. On the way they got lost and asked a person for directions to get back on their way, at first the person looked weird to them but they had no other option because there was no one else from who they could seek help. they didn't even have the thought that they were actually seeking help from a person who died a long ago and now his spirit is leading them to a way from where they can never come back. The spirit told them that this was the shortest way to their destination and they should prefer this route as night was also falling.

The Gibson family believed the spirit thought of him as a local person who knows this place well. They agreed to take the route that the spirit told them and started their journey to their destination. As they moved they saw that the man went from whom they asked the direction. As they moved down the road Emily began to realize that something was not right the road looked creepy and there was no sign of any living thing anywhere, She told her father that something feels not right as she was saying this and her father was saying that it's just her imagination suddenly a woman in a white gown appeared in front of their car out of nowhere and crash landed in front of the car and it looked like the car ran over her.

Emily screamed after seeing this and her father suddenly stopped the car and went outside to see the woman but there was no sign of her anywhere. Mr.Gibson hopped back into the car and started driving again as they were moving on their way they met an old woman who gave them a warning not to go further. They thought of her as some psycho woman who is uttering irrelevant stories but when she asked them about their destination, she surprisingly said this route doesn't go to their destination but Mr.Gibson told her that a man on their way told them that this was the shortest route. She asked about the appearance of the man and when Mr.Gibson told her about the appearance to their surprise the woman said that this man died a few months back in this village due to some dreadful disease.

They were shocked hearing it, on the other hand, they didn't believe the old woman and her warnings not to go further instead they moved onward to the route. The Woman was not psycho instead the Gibson family didn't know that the person who had led them on that route was a vengeful spirit who had died because of a dreadful disease and became vengeful because no one in that village had helped him in any way to save his life and now he roamed around and led the visitors to a route that never led to their destination and they would never find their route back as well.

This time it was the Gibson family that was going to become victims of the vengeful spirit as they moved forward suddenly Mr. Gibson saw something from the forest jump right in front of their car once again this time it made a dreadful sound and scared the whole Gibson family.

They were tired as they were traveling since morning and were never reaching their destination and now the night was falling and there was no sign of anything around that area no restrooms, no hotels nor were there any signs of people. It was just a creepy road that had no signs of traffic. after sometime they saw a large hotel from a distance and the children shouted with excitement that there was some sign of staying anywhere. when they reached the hotel what they saw made them feel more creepier and suddenly Emily screamed to there astonishemnet they saw something that made suddenly made them thought of the old women sayings......:0

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